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Crey Industries’ Revenge
“You Have Failed?”

By Eli J. Litzelman

    Damp lights flickered at different intervals. The only consistent light was from the computers. Besides the wind, the only sounds were the typing of keyboards and the worried voice of the only non-scientist in the room.
    “Heroes aren’t the easiest people to kill, you know,” he said dryly into his microphone.
    A woman answered on the other line, “You have failed?”
    “Like I said…”
    “You are to make no mistakes.”
    He didn’t respond.
    “You will eliminate him. I hope, for your sake, you won’t make anymore mistakes.” She hung up immediately.
    He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. With a groan he started typing madly at the computer in front of him, planning his next attempt.


    It was early morning and RoboZon was just getting up from his sleep. His eyes hurt from forgetting to turn his visual sensors off. He pushed the button on the side of his head and, with a yawn, headed to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator he heaved a sigh as he thought about going to a restaurant and eating eggs and sausage. But he couldn’t: his budget wouldn’t allow it. Besides, no restaurants were open this early in the morning. He picked out some oatmeal and sat down to eat.
    After a “scrumptious” breakfast he decided to fly to Atlas Plaza and hang out with a few of his associates. Reaching to his shelf, he retrieved his accessories and put them on. He started toward the door when he realized something: he didn’t have a door. Shaking his head he picked up a phone book and browsed through it until he found what he was looking for. He called the shop. The Hispanic man who answered said it was no problem to put in a new door and seemed thrilled to find he was talking to a “real live hero.” He was so thrilled that he even said the door would be free.
    RoboZon chuckled as he left his apartment. Then he saw it: Atlas. The amazing statue made in the memory of the superhero Atlas. Behind the figure, the blue glow of the force-field walls reminded RoboZon about how we fight the same crime that he did. RoboZon gave a half smile.
    Just then his sensors went on full alert. In response, he jerked to the side - but not quick enough. A long projectile hit his right shoulder sending him spinning toward the ground. He braced himself for the landing. All of his air expended from his lips as he smashed into the earth. As he slid, the screech of metal against pavement was deafening. He ground to a stop and stood up. Looking down to see what hit him he saw… an arrow?
    He pulled it out and looked at it. But it was something beyond the arrow that took hold of his attention. Three Tsoo stepped out of a shadow.
    “What?” RoboZon said in shock.
    Why were the Tsoo in Atlas Park, and why did they single him out so easily? No matter.
    The attack was sudden. The middle Tsoo unleashed a handful of arrows and the other two leaped toward the hero, one drawing a katana. RoboZon leaned way back to avoid the arrows. He then put his left hand on the ground and extended both feet, hitting the two melee Tsoo. The Tsoo staggered back then rushed forward. RoboZon had already pushed down with his left hand and was standing on his feet. He advanced on the criminals lashing out with the arrow he still held in his hand and deftly avoiding another flying projectile. He then threw his own arrow like a javelin toward the man with the bow. The Tsoo was caught completely off-guard and learned his final lesson on awareness. Using the propulsion from the throw, RoboZon went into a handstand and extended his legs into a Y, hitting the remaining Tsoo. In rage, the Tsoo on the right of RoboZon swung his sword. But the hero was still continuing forward. He landed on his back and sprung upward toward the swordsman. The katana was still directly over the hero and he grasped it from the enforcer. RoboZon was now in mid-air over the Tsoo. He felt the lightness of the sword that he held. He flipped it over in his hand pointed it down. Then, with a jerk, he swung the sword between his legs. The sword arced down into the back of the enforcer. The hero spun a half circle and landed. The Tsoo in front of him fell over to reveal the final enforcer.
    The Tsoo stared at the hero and at his fallen comrades. He then put his hands together in front of his chest and took a slight bow from the waist. RoboZon did the same. Both then launched through the air toward each other. They made and blocked several blows each before landing on the ground. The battle raged on with such intensity and preciseness that a martial arts master would have been impressed.
    Finally, RoboZon got in a foothold. He had performed a roundhouse kick. The Tsoo caught the kick and thrust it in the other direction. The hero used the momentum to raise his other foot into another roundhouse. The enforcer didn’t move fast enough. The spikes on RoboZon’s foot struck the villain in the face. The enforcer howled in rage and tried to hit the hero, but RoboZon ducked. Using his right foot, the metal master swept the Tsoo’s remaining leg from under him. He then placed his right foot on the ground and came up with his left hitting his target in mid-air. The enforcer went up a few feet then crashed down to the pavement.
    RoboZon kneeled by his would-be assailant. “Next time they attack me, tell them to bring more units.”
    The Tsoo smiled slightly and then coughed. “I will, and I *gasp* must congratulate you on your fighting.”
    “You didn’t do so bad yourself.” RoboZon smiled. “Now, there’s the business of who hired you.”
    “That would be Crey Industries.”
    “How do you know that?”
    “The man who hired me was guarded by two other men. I recognized their technology.” The Tsoo looked up at the hero. “Our leaders were curious as to what Crey Industries was up to, so they sent me to investigate. I didn’t get very far, but I did see that same kind of equipment.”
    “Is there anything else I should know?”
    “I will not tell you any more. You have earned what I have told you. Now I must go.”
    The enforcer swung his foot upwards. But RoboZon was prepared for such a move and blocked it with his elbow. He then swung his fist down into the Tsoo knocking him out.
    He walked out into the middle of the street and waved down a police car. The car stopped and RoboZon pointed to the three Tsoo lying on the ground. The police first stared at the villains and then turned to look at the hero: he was nowhere to be seen.

Crey Industries’ Revenge
Arrows of Ramesses

By Eli J. Litzelman

    A certain cloud of dread filled the air. The kind of dread that comes from memories - the memories that you really wish you could erase. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t you that made them happen, it still nags on you. That was the dread that hung in the air around RoboZon as he flew to Atlas Plaza.
    He landed on the plaza and looked around. He sought an old friend for counsel. His mentor usually stood at the foot of Atlas listening and discussing, but he wasn’t there today.
    RoboZon sighed and called him.
    “Hey, this is RoboZon. Whatcha’ doing?”
    “Doing Circle of Thorns mission. What is it you want?”
    “It’s just something small. Could you meet me in Pocket D in an hour?”
    “Yes, I will.”
    “I’ll see you there.”
    “Yes, you will,” replied Archer of Ramesses.
    In exactly one hour RoboZon stepped through the door into Pocket D. He walked around the corner to see the elevator. Archer of Ramesses sat in front of it. Upon seeing RoboZon, he placed his hands on the ground, lifted himself up, pulled his legs from under him, moved into a handstand, bent his waist, put his feet on the ground, and stood up. Without a word he turned, put his hand on the scanner, and stepped back to let RoboZon use it. RoboZon let the scanner read the microscopic attachment he’d put on his hand. They both entered the elevator.
    When they got off, RoboZon walked to the bar.
    “Can I get you something, RoboZon?” asked the barkeep.
    RoboZon pointed at a nearby bottle and said, “Just a small.”
    “And how about your friend there?”
    Archer declined and found their seat; RoboZon soon joined him with his drink. Close by, the dance floor moved with heroes and villains, alike, as they danced under DJ Zero.
    RoboZon fastened his air filter back after taking his drink. “I need you to help me with something.”
    “Your past, you speak of?”
    “How did you know?”
    Archer smiled. “Every time you refer to ‘something’ you mean your past. After all those years you’d expect me to learn something. What is it that you want?”
    “Crey Industries has come back.”
    “Mentally or physically?”
    Archer leaned forward. “Enter Crey Industries immediately, we must, in order to stop these assignation attempts.”
    “First, how did you know about the assignation attempts? And second, ‘we’?”
    “How else would Crey Industries proceed physically? And why would you call me here unless you wanted to go in with support?”
    RoboZon shrugged: he’d come to the right man. “Do you have a plan?”
    “So far, only one.”
    Even through the helmet you could tell RoboZon was smiling. “Speak.”

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