Birth of Voltech
By: T.W.

Part 2

Mike struggled to open his eyes. His whole body ached and moving caused pain to shoot threw his body. He wasn’t dead, death didn’t hurt this much. When he opened his eyes the first thing he noticed was the sky. The Rikti ship had gone and the sun was setting. Mike looked around, wincing in pain as he moved his neck.

He was pinned to the ground by several of the wooden beams that made the basement roof. Luckily, the beams had fallen in such a way that they did not crush him entirely. The basement itself was nonexistent; Mike was in nothing more than an eight foot whole in the ground.

Using his shoulders Mike crawled from under the beams. His clothes were ripped to shreds, but otherwise still mostly intact. His body was a bloody mess, scratches all over, though miraculously nothing was broken. Mike was able to crawl out of the hole he was in despite the pain. He leaned against a concrete slab sticking out above the ground. He leaned over and spat a mouthful of blood.

The whole city in every direction was gone. The place was bare, dirt collecting in mounds everywhere. In the uneven earth stuck pieces of concrete and metal beams. Some structures, those that were tall enough to not be buried, still held pieces of the structure sticking out of the ground. To his left a car was vertically sticking out of the ground, hood first. Far ahead of him the roads coming into the city slanted into the crater the city had become, pieces of asphalt still intact.

Mike leaned his head back for awhile. Anger seethed within him. His sadness at the loss of his parents was quickly buried by anger towards the Rikti. He didn’t know why he survived, didn’t care. All he knew was he was alive and that he hated the Rikti, he hated his life, he hated the damn military that didn’t think his city was worth protecting.

Mike remembered his father talking about the crash of a Rikti ship. He was going to go to that site and see how many Rikti he could make suffer before he died. A lot he hoped. The sirens behind him gave the incentive necessary to get him moving; slowly he began painfully walking to Paragon City.


Mike stared at the soldier in front of him with murderous hatred. The soldier however, returned his stare and repeated what he had told Mike. “I said,” He began with irritation in his voice, “no, unauthorized personnel are allowed into The Rikti Crash Site.”

“Then authorize me.” Mike said threw gritted teeth. The soldier only laughed and told him to leave. Only when a second guard came up did Mike turn away.

 Without family or a city to return to Mike wandered the streets of Paragon City. Still wearing tattered clothes he looked like a bum. In a way he was. Walking around he passed a vendor selling hotdogs. The smell caught his attention in an instant. His stomach growled in anticipation. He had no money, but he walked towards the vendor anyway.

As he wondered how he was going to pay, or go about asking for something free. The man in front of him dropped his wallet when he missed his back pocket after buying. No one around him noticed the leather wallet. He casually picked it up, being subtle so no one noticed what he had picked up. He took the money and dropped the wallet.


Mike breathed easily as he waited for the trams to arrive. 4:57; the 5:00 trains would soon pull in unloading the business men and women, pockets full of money. Mike had adapted a casual look, black jeans with a white T-shirt covered with a clean, black leather jacket.

The trams arrived; Mike slid his sunglasses over his face. The sunglasses, which he had found in his pocket a few days after his arrival to Paragon City, were an invaluable tool. Touching the controls on the side, Mike switched the glasses to illuminate the wallets and Rolexes pouring out of the train with the people.

He walked right into the crowd, against the flow of traffic. To everyone else he was just someone trying to catch the train. What people didn’t know was that with every bump he took more than that person’s personal space. After he withdrew the money he dropped the wallet so that someone might find it and turn it in.

One man, who walked with a carelessness Mike noted in an instant, brushed passed him. Mike tipped his hand causing the suitcase he carried to fall. Mike hurried to grab it, sputtering apologies as he returned it. The man assured him there was no harm done and shook Mike’s offered hand. In the motion of shaking his hand, Mike slipped his gold watch from the man’s wrist to his own. When he walked away the man didn’t notice the missing piece.

He had been living the life of a pickpocket for nine months now. He was never hungry; the only thing he lacked was a place to sleep. Why no one else took up this life was a mystery to him. He found it so easy and had become an expert at reading people to see how easily they would allow him to walk away from them with their money.


Three months later, after a year of homeless life. Mike sat in an alley, resting after a days work in the streets of paragon. He kept moving around so no one could track him down or recognize him. The only problem was in moving around he invaded gang territory. A group of Hellion walked his way, clearly not noticing him.

All Hellions looked the same, torn jeans, cut-up white shirts bearing the mark of the devil just like their red sleeveless vests. Tattoo’s adorned their arms in the likeness of skulls, fire and other pictures of hell. The Hellion in the lead had a bandana covering the lower half of his face. The other two had demon faces and carried shotguns.

Apparently, Mike wasn’t as invisible as he had wished. The lead Hellion stopped in front of him and kicked him in the ribs. “What the hell?” Mike asked standing up. The cold steel of a revolvers barrel touched his fore head.

“Quiet smart guy,” the Hellion sneered, “you’re in our territory; try anything funny and you won’t be smart no more when I blow your brains out.”

The Hellion searched the inside pocket of Mike’s jacket with his left hand. His right, still holding the gun, didn’t move at all. The Hellion withdrew the tens and twenties from Mike’s pocket. He didn’t care; he could get it all back in one run. What the Hellion did next crossed the line. He reached up and grabbed Mike’s glasses from the top of his head and slid them on his face.

“Hey! Those are mine.” Mike said.

The Hellion waved the gun back and forth menacingly. “What are you going to do ‘bout it?”

The Hellion swayed his gun to the right. Mike’s hand lashed out knocking the gun farther to the right. The Hellion fired, the bullet shot over Mike’s shoulder. Being in his right hand the push left him wide open for a shot. Mike punched the man solidly in the chest.

Sparks shot out as the fist collided. The hellion flew back with the added force of electricity. The glasses however came off his face and Mike grabbed them out of the air before they fell. His arms were covered in white electrical energy. Mike didn’t have time to think about what was happening; there were still two Hellions left.

Moving off of instinct (and the example of some heroes he had seen) Mike placed both fists in front of him aiming at the nearest Hellion. The electricity did exactly as he planned. Launching from his curled fingers with such power Mike had to put his foot behind him to maintain balance.

The electric bolt hit the Hellion’s shot gun. Sparks flew off it and electricity jumped from the metal to his hand. The Hellion yelped and dropped his weapon. Suddenly unarmed he ran. Mike didn’t let him get far. With another electrical attack, this one with only one outstretched hand, the Hellion fell.

The second Hellion stared at Voltech, his scared expression hidden behind the evil façade of the demonic face. He trembled slightly, dropped his gun and ran full tilt down the alley. Mike contemplated another ranged attack but the Hellion was already pretty far and he didn’t exactly have control over his new found powers.

Mike closed his eyes, his sensei in tae kwon do had always taught him that taking the time to focus is more powerful then any attack. A new world opened for Mike. Everything around him buzzed with the intensity of living electricity. He could feel the electrons around him, sensing the ground the beneath his feet, the walls on both side of him and most of all, the Hellion running. He could sense the Hellion’s running, the electron disturbance as the air molecules moved out of his way to compensate for him.

“No one runs from me.” Mike muttered eyes still closed. He stretched out his palm towards the Hellion. He could sense that also, his hand in front of him. It was like seeing in electrical currents. The electrons that moved out of the Hellion’s way moved around him. His way was immediately barred by electricity which quickly leapt to the Hellion’s body.

The Hellion convulsed from the sudden power. When the cage dissipated and the electricity dropped its hold the Hellion was allowed to collapse. Mikes eyes were open. He didn’t need to close his eyes to witness his new sense. They worked hand and hand with his vision. Another troop of Hellions was sensed behind him. Mike turned, electricity wrapping around his arms. The Hellions had no time to react before he rushed them.


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