Run In
By Soboscribe (owner & operator of Surge Pack)

A man frantically runs through a darkened alley as if the Devil himself was after him. His name is Ken Cunningham and until about a minute ago he was set to make the deal of his lifetime. Ken stumbled into some plans for a prototype weapon when he car jacked a wealthy looking business man as an initiation for the Freakshow. Ken looks over his shoulder to see if he is being pursued and crashes into a full trash can. He trips and lands in a puddle of dirty water. "Legs, need to upgrade the legs next," Ken thinks.

As Ken climbs to his feet he reflects on his failed and miserable life. He thinks of all the teachers that failed him by trying to make him work hard at school work. His parents who just werenít there to cater to him and all the jobs he lost that never paid him what he was worth. "This was going to put me on top with Freakshow then those schoolyard super heroes from Team Hero had to show up," says Ken to himself.

Team Hero, a group of teenage meta-humans that were brought together by philanthropist R.J. Bronski in order to train the next generation of superheroes. Ken mentally recaps the Freakshow meeting. He was just about to hand over the plans when he is knocked flat from behind. "Yeah, that bouncing bimbo Bubble Girl started it. She was causing all kinds of confusion for the boys bouncing around and sending the guys flying like ten pins." Bubble Girl who has the ability to inflate her body into a ball like shape and bounce due to her super durable skin. She is a gifted mathematician that can mentally calculate angles and vectors of trajectory to give her perfect aim and direction in her bouncing initiated the assault.

"Then that mountain of muscle, Saberstar had to get into the act." Saberstar has the ability of flight as well as super strength and limited invulnerability, lands in the middle of the chaos and grabs Kenís cyber-arm. "Iíll take the plans, cyber-bum. Oops, sorry I donít know my own strength," says Saberstar as he crushes Kens robotic arm in his fist, breaking it off.

"That cost me big time to have that arm installed you steroid stupor-hero." Ken thinks to himself back in the alley as he looks down at the stump of mangled metal and hanging wires that used to be his left arm. A shadow passes over Ken and he bolts. He frantically scans the rooftops to see who or what passed over him. Ken rounds a corner and glances over his shoulder. He runs head on into a firm red wall that feels and gives like rubber. He is thrown back by the recoil of what he just ran into and smashes onto the hard surface of the alley. As he looks up he sees two silhouettes caused by the back lighting of the streetlight.

One, a near seven foot form of solid muscle and a five foot ball. As Ken clears his head he sees the ball transform into a teenage girl. "Heck of a first date, huh Bubble Girl." "If all our dates are this much fun Saberstar, I think we should go steady." "Here let me give you a hand, well your hand at least," jokes Saberstar as he wraps the severed cyber-arm of Kenís around his body trapping his one arm and legs. "There, all wrapped up for a Police pick-up," laughs Bubble Girl. Ken now has two more names to add to his list of failures.


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