Birth of Voltech
By: T.W.

Part 1

The night before the Rikti attack
4:30 p.m.

Michael noisily closed the door behind him to announce his presence. The hard wood floor caused the sound to echo threw the richly furnished house. Michael’s mom should be home from her shift as a part time doctor; his dad though wouldn’t come home till later.

Michael walked into the kitchen and set his backpack down by the leg of their dinner table. His Mom, Sarah Wallis, was busy in the kitchen cooking something that smelled delicious. “I’m home.” He said casually as he sat on a barstool facing a piece of counter that jutted out to enclose the tiled area.

“By the way you slammed the door I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors didn’t know you were home also.” She was being sarcastic, something she only did when she had a good day at work. She looked up and smiled as Michael. “So how was school?” she asked.

“Good.” Michael answered. He had just turned 14 a few months ago and was a freshman in high school. Much had happened at school, but he didn’t tell his parents any of it. How could he bring himself to tell his doctor mother and lawyer father that there was a trouble maker behind the straight A’s and B’s students they see.

“That’s good,” his mother said. There was a brief pause as she checked whatever was in the oven.

“I’m going to go work on my homework.” Michael grabbed his backpack and ran up the stairs.

“Of course you’ll be working on homework.” Sarah said under her breath.

She knew Mike’s habits better than anyone. As soon as he entered his neat and tidy room, he dropped his backpack and went into his walk-in closet. This was his work place. Mike moved all the batteries, tools and pieces of metal welded to certain shapes from the small desk. He sat and reached into a drawer bringing out a small box. He opened it and took out a pair of sunglasses.

Setting the Sunglasses on the table he began to cut it in half with a fine laser. When all was split, lenses and all, Mike began taking small pieces of circuitry and fitting them into the hollow spots between the plastic. In the lenses he fit small enhancers that allowed him to see in any light dimness. Next were the responders for the different tasks the glasses could accomplish. Zoom in; zoom out, X-ray, ultra violet, heat signatures, energy signatures, movement detectors. The tiny wires and circuit boards took months for Mike to perfect from prototype stage. Finally finished, after almost a year of working on them every night he was finished. The door closed downstairs, his father was home. Mike put the glasses back in the case and the case into his backpack.


At the dinner table, Mike stayed silent and listened to his parents talk. “It’s so sad, all these Rikti attacks.” His father, Shane, was saying, “I got news today that a small Air Force base was destroyed yesterday, and only two children survived the attack. Then, later today, I get the news that a Rikti ship crashed in a part of Paragon City. The city is now hammering the Government for funds to allow them to build what they call ‘War Walls.’”

“Paragon City?” Sarah gasped, “But that isn’t that far from here. Do you think the Rikti could come here?”

Shane’s eyes glanced at Mike, “I doubt it, they seem to be attacking large cities and military bases. Don’t worry, were perfectly safe in this little town.”

The day before the Rikti attack
12:10 p.m.

The bell rang for lunch. On the way to his locker Mike saw one of the seniors talking to a freshman. The guy, Josh was his name, had a fistful of a freshman’s shirt and the other fist was poised to strike.

“I’m starting a gang,” Josh told the freshman, “and you better be paying us some protection money or I’ll beat you so bad your parents won’t recognize you.” His fist opened as he expected payment. Getting a five dollar bill, Josh dropped the freshman and scanned the students for someone else to threaten.

He spied Mike, watching the senior with distaste. He stomped till he was standing eye to eye with him. Mike was six foot and 155 pounds, lean but slightly muscular. “You,” the bully sneered, “you think you’re so tough.” he opened his hand, “hurry up rich boy I don’t have all day.”

Mike’s fist collided with Josh’s jaw with a smack. He fell to the cement, out on impact. Mike was rarely messed with; it wasn’t only the reputation of his parents that frightened people but also Mike himself. His parents had insisted he take a martial arts class and Mike was glad he did.

The rest of the day he was left alone. He was called to the office and handed a detention for his “uncivil behavior” after lunch. At his last period class one of the guys he knew was going to trick the teacher with a shocking pen he brought to school. Michael persuaded the boy to give it to him. Using a paperclip and a few staples, he created a small tazer. He placed the metal prongs on the teacher’s chair. When he sat he jumped up as it pricked by a thousand needles. When he jumped his legs bumped the underside of the desk knocking it over onto the floor. Mike was sent to the office again.

The evening of the Rikti attack
5:00 pm

Mike walked home with two yellow detention slips in his hand. Wonderful Mike, he thought to himself, now try and hide your reckless behavior from your parents. Your dad is going to hang you. Mike continued walking brooding silently in anger.

Suddenly he began to hear a faint hum as if a subwoofer was nearby. Mike stopped and cocked his head to listen. The hum grew increasingly louder. Dogs began to bark, loose object began to shake and slowly travel across where they were resting. A box of tools fell from a nearby roof. The noise, which was easy to ignore at first, now caught everyone’s attention. Slowly a dark shape began to move across the sky above the small city.

A Rikti ship, as seen in the news pictures, hovered above slowly. Large and round the ship was a rough surfaced with pieces of metal unevenly put together to make the hull. Blue lights dotted the underside and a large half sphere jutted out from the middle of the bottom. The hum was now a deafening bass; the ship slowly blocked the sun casting the city into darkness. People ran in chaotic mobs, windows all over cracked and shattered. Running people fell as the shaking ground dropped from beneath their feet.

The ship was no longer lit by the sun and its blue lights illuminated the ships bottom and the city. Mike shook himself from awe and began running for his house. Half way there he took the box containing his glasses out of his backpack and dropped the pack to lighten the load. Lights in houses, as well as streetlights and anything else electrical flickered and went out. The center sphere grew brighter as tendrils of blue energy were absorbed from the ship and the city below into it.

When Mike reached his house he found his mother and father eagerly awaiting him. They immediately headed for the basement. Above the city the half sphere glowed like a blue sun. Suddenly a huge beam of energy shot from the center. The beam collided with the city’s center spreading across the street. Anything in the ray’s way was reduced to nothing. Buildings were ripped apart and tougher pieces were thrown hundreds of feet. The roads and sidewalks were ripped to shreds as the devastating weapon traveled threw the city at incredible speed.

In the house, Mike was the first to reach the basement door. Sensing that there was no time left, Shane Wallis pushed his son and wife ahead of him into the basement. Mike made it. He tumbled down the stairs just as the beam hit. The blinding blue energy flooded the open basement. Mike was hit and was thrown around the small room as waves of pain shot threw him. He blacked out.
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