Xtreme Factor #3
By: Steven Scheibal

Dark Intentions: Pt. 3

X-Ternal laid Ms. Kindle down behind him and poised himself for battle. The two larger zombies unleashed a toxic beam from their cannons, directed at X-Ternal. He used his telekinesis to redirect the toxic blasts back at the other zombies. Mortificators and Reapers were transformed into Cadavers.
Dear, god…what has Vahzilok created?” X-Ternal thought to himself.
The gigantic zombies both charged X-Ternal. He telekinetically jumped into the air and front flipped out of the way. Then he ripped apart their backs with his telekinesis. But X-Ternal had not realized that there were still other zombies. Soon the Cadavers started to grab X-Ternal from the back and made him fall down. They started to attack at his flesh but then the two larger zombies appeared, towering above X-Ternal. The other zombies held him down and Dr. Vahzilok walked in between the larger abominations.
“Well well well,” Vahzilok said, “Look ‘oo we ‘ave ‘ere. Thought you’d escape did ya’? Well, I don’ think that’s going to ‘appen, govner.”
Vahzilok pulled out a green vile from his pocket. He opened it and poured it onto X-Ternal’s wounds. X-Ternal screamed out in agony as the green fluid made its way through his veins. After the agony came a great exhaustion. X-Ternal saw only darkness for a long time.
“Hello?” X-Ternal heard a voice that he had not heard before.
“You awake yet?” another voice chimed in.
“He’s got to be alive,” said yet another voice, “He’s breathing.”
“Uhh…” X-Ternal finally spat out.
“Hey he is awake!”
“What’s your name?”
“Who are you all?” X-Ternal asked.
“I’m called Tropic,” one said.
“Call me Big Puerto Rico,” another said.
“I’m Static Mark,” the last one introduced himself.
“I’m X-Ternal,” Aaron said. “I’m the leader of Hero Corps’ Xtreme Faction. Where are we?”
“Vahzilok’s cells. I assume we’re all meant to be turned, but he hasn’t come in here since he dropped you off. I think he’s going to kill us,” Tropic said.
“Turned?,” X-Ternal was quite puzzled.
“Turned into his zombies. He’s a madman. We all managed to escape the immediate threat of being zombies, but since we gave him trouble he’s going to kill us. I guess you have him some grief too?” Big PR asked.
“I tried to escape…me and…oh god, he’s got Kindle!”

A very distasteful, green fluid entered Ms. Kindle’s eyes as she awoke in the tube. She immediately shut them and found she could breath. There was some sort of breathing device attached to her mouth and allowed her to transfer the oxygen from the fluid to her body. She started to feel around to see where she was; her hands did not get far before she found the glass encasing that kept her contained. She was about to punch through it before she heard someone open the door.
“’Ello missy,” Vahzilok said to Ms. Kindle.
“Where am I?” she asked, not directly at Vahzilok but more as a question to herself.
“You, missy, are in my lab. You are to become one of my newest soldiers. You’ll be so very pow’ful. Won’t that be nice?”
“Let me go!” she yelled at him.
“I don’t fink tha’s gonna ‘appen. Shall we begin phase one of the process?”
“What are you talking about, freak?”
“You, li’lle lady, are goin’ to be one of the newest additions to my super soldier program. It’s quite extraordinary, really.”
Vahzilok walked over to his desk and picked up a small tube with glowing green liquid inside of it. He put it out to show Kindle and turned it around in his hand.
“See this li’lle flask? Do you know wha’s inside of it?”
Ms. Kindle was silent, though the fury in her eyes spoke for themselves.
“It’s my new serum. I call it green cream. It’s more like slime, but the name rhymes quite nicely. This stuff is goin’ be inside of you.”
Kindle’s eyes widened and she scratched at the glass tube.
“This is going to transform you…transform you into my greatest and most beautiful warrior ever,” Vahzilok smiled and put the vile back on his desk.
“Let me go!!” Kindle shouted through the glass.
“Let’s begin, eh?”
Ms. Kindle started to bang her fists on the glass tube, but found she could not break it. Soon afterwards, Vahzilok walked over to a control panel, pressed a few buttons, and turned around back at Ms. Kindle, smiling. Kindle’s pores opened slightly and sucked the green liquid in to her bloodstream. When she screamed, the device allowing her to breathe and talk underwater slipped off and she swallowed the liquid. Vahzilok turned around and wrote some things on a piece of paper and turned back around to observe Kindle. The banging became softer and further apart. Then the banging stopped. All the green liquid was gone and Ms. Kindle laid on the bottom of the now empty glass tube.
“Glorious,” Vahzilok said to himself as he retrieved Ms. Kindle’s limp body from the container. He carried her to a metallic table and laid her down.
“Now, lovely, you’re going’ to be turned.”

“This is Chillbain, secondary field-officer for Xtreme Faction reporting to HQ,” Chillbain spoke into his Hero Corps. head-set communicator.
“Go on, Chillbain,” the receiver replied.
“We’ve lost our field-leader, X-Ternal, and Ultimate Faction member, Ms. Kindle. Requesting reinforcements, we’ve dug up some information about Dr. Vahzilok and believe he is directly responsible for their capture,” Chillbain spoke.
“Request granted, however you will only receive interim Faction members. All other Factions are on missions.”
“All of them? Are you sure-“
“They’ll arrive shortly.”
Chillbain’s communicator automatically shut off. Nathan tapped his communicator repeatedly, attempting to turn it back on, but nothing happened.
“Everything O.K.?” Skyburn, third in command to Xtreme Faction, asked his troubled teammate.
“They’re giving us interns, Ryan,” Chillbain said, clenching his fists and looking at the dirty, bloodstained tile floor.
“Interns? Isn’t anyone else-“
“No, they’re all occupied,” Chillbain said look at the ceiling.
“That’s very odd,” Skyburn replied.
“Yer tellin’ me,” Nathan spoke as he walked over to the rusted iron door and pushed it open, escaping the dark laboratory.
Skyburn followed his co-leader through the door, followed by the kinetically charged Hot Spot, invincible Bullet, gravitationally powered Orbit, the blinding man known as Luminary, and the living energy called Power-Pac.
Chillbain stormed down the hallway, Vahzilok’s files in hand, headed for the exit. He was not happy with the fact that interns were their backup, especially since Supreme Faction had just come back from a mission earlier that day. Intern heroes never knew how battle was and would panic, Chillbain knew from experience. Ever since Blacksmith entered the picture nothing was the same…
“Nate, wait up!” Skyburn yelled to his friend. “Do we really need to go back to headquarters because of this?”
“I’m going to wait for the interns at the gate. They won’t know how to get to our position. No one has trained them sufficiently to use their GPS tracking systems yet. They’re useless, Ryan.”
“They’re better than nothing-“
“No, they’re not. If we were alone, we’d be able to implement our strategic formations with ease. Interns don’t know our strategies and they just get in the way. What if one of them dies? What if more than one dies? When they join the picture, it’s just more loss on our side,” Nate said storming off down the corridors.
“You make a good point, but this will be good experience for them,” Skyburn replied, trailing his leader.
“Not if they die, or if we die.”
“We’re not going to die, Chill. We’re trained professionals. Xtreme Faction. We’re the best of the best, even though Supreme Faction is the Hero Corps. poster team, you know as well as I do that we’re the best. These interns will be in good hands.”
“I hope so, Ryan. I hope so.”
Chillbain continued down the slimed-covered corridors to the exit in order to meet his interns and brief them on the situation; Vahzilok was capturing heroes and changing them into zombies.

“They found out,” a mysterious man in the shadows told his contact, Vahzilok.
“Whuh?” Vahzilok asked in amazement.
“Xtreme Faction, they know.”
“Well we’ll just ‘ave to put a stop to that then, won’t we?” Vahzilok said with a smirk.
“They will not be easy to take down,” the shadowed man spoke.
“Now that I’ve got one o’ theirs, they’ll ‘ave no choice,” said Vahzilok as he looked back at Ms. Kindle on an operating table.
“Don’t make any mistakes, Vahzilok. Your success is crucial to the completion of our operation,” the man said.
“No worries, mate. I’ll make sure they don’t win.”
Vahzilok shook the man’s hand and closed the door, walking back to Ms. Kindle’s body.
“Don’t worry, luv, you won’t feel a fing,” Vahzilok said as he picked up a needle with an amber fluid in it and injected the poisonous liquid into Kindle’s shoulder.

Chillbain crept up to the edge of the wall, peering around the corner to see if there were any Vahzilok zombies lurking about. There were not, so Chillbain signaled his team to move along and around the corner. Chillbain rounded the corner in front of his team and all of the sudden hit something solid. Solid and invisible.
“What the-“
Zombies started appearing before the heroes’ eyes, all around them. Chillbain formed two ice-swords in his hands and was about to cut one zombie into two pieces when he realized that these zombies were actually heroes.
“They’re not Vahz! They’re heroes! Don’t kill them!” Chillbain said as he swiped one of the Zombheroes legs with his ice-swords. He ran past the fallen zombhero and kicked another one in the mid-section and sent it flying into a brick wall.
Skyburn equipped himself with his handy-dandy M4-A1 and took aim. He shot three zombheroes in the knees, attempting to literally shatter their kneecaps and render them immobile. However, one of the zombheroes re-grew its kneecaps almost instantly, something he did not anticipate. He threw his assault rifle down on the ground and took a boxing stance. The zombhero lunged at Skyburn, baring its sharp teeth. By then, Skyburn had activated his newly invented energy cuffs and his fists were surrounded by a pinkish energy. His energized fists disintegrated part of the zombhero’s jaw when they made contact. The powerful Vahzilok zombie flipped backwards and into the slime-covered, brick walls.
“They have powers! Don’t hold back!” Skyburn shouted as he swung his energy fists into the face of a deformed mutant-zombie.
“Little late, Sky!” Power-Pac said as the slits in his forearm retracted, allowing part of his energy body to flow out and produce powerful energy blasts that sent a few zombheroes flying backwards.
Out of the shadows, a zombhero baring claws jumped out and slashed Power-Pac’s containment armor. Power-Pac’s body began to seep from the slash marks created by the zombhero’s attack. Through the torn armor, Power-Pac’s body exploded into the clawed zombhero and into the air. The zombhero, or what was left of it, fell to the ground with a disturbing splat. Power-Pac suffered a much different fate. The armor continued to leek it’s contained hero from the cuts and soon, fell to the ground completely empty. Power-Pac’s body had dispersed.
Hot Spot charged his entire body with powerful kinetic energy to match the rocky exterior of the zombhero before him. Unlocking the kinetic energy around himself, he flew at the boulder-like zombhero and slammed into its chest. Sparks flew from the collision and Hot Spot was repelled. The hero fell into the sludge and his powers were put out.
“Aw hell…” Hot Spot mumbled to himself as the rocky zombhero drew its foot above his head.
The zombhero dropped its foot and slammed it on the ground with a splat. Green sludge spewed from its collision with the ground. It looked down to see his kill and…there was nothing. It looked behind its shoulder and saw a kinetically charged fist heading for its head. Hot Spot struck the zombhero’s jaw with his powerful fist, followed by an uppercut to the jaw, three pummels to the zombhero’s midsection, and a final energy blast through its shoulder. It fell to the ground in agony its green blood flowed from it’s bloodies face and shoulder to the sludge of the sewer.
Chillbain and Luminary combined their powers to blind multiple zombheroes at a time without blinding their allies. Chillbain created three ice crystals and Luminary projected his blinding lights into the frozen crystals to aim the light fragments into the eyes of the unsuspecting zombheroes. Chillbain the impaled one of the larger, tank-like zombheroes with three large ice shards and nailed it to the brick wall.
“That all of them?” Chillbain asked the group, looking around and surveying the damage.
“Wait…where’s Power-Pac?” Bullet asked, darting down from the other end of the corridor covered in green blood.
“Oh no…” Skyburn quietly spoke as he read the findings on his energy cuffs. There was an abnormal shift in the energy field.
“What?” Luminary questioned, moving closer to Skyburn and becoming anxious.
“He’s gone,” Chillbain said when he picked up the deflated and empty containment suit of the deceased hero.

To be continued in Xtreme Factor #4!
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