The Diary of Morris Oaks
By Zack Bouis

I was born and raised in the Rogue Isles.

Mostly Port Oakes, hardly ever had to leave there, I think because it was dangerous enough where we were already. My family, we was never interested in leaving and going to Paragon City, like a few other peoples that I knew.

My daddy’s job was in Port Oakes. He was a member of the Rogue Isles Police Department or RIP. I never liked that nickname. Sorta reminded you what the life expectancy was on that job. My daddy never had much of a problem with it though. He had gotten into the force cause his daddy before him was a cop and his daddy before him and it goes all the way back since before Lord Recluse set up shop here.

My grandad would say that our family helped build Port Oakes, and that some great ancestor changed the family name to Oaks so that we’d always have our roots here.

My daddy would sometimes take me out of bed early in the morning, with the sun just coming up, and we’d take the ladder onto the roof where we’d sit and look at all the snakes lying on the rooftops nearby.

That’s how I learned how to shoot. Me and my daddy with some hunting rifles, sitting on the roof, taking shots at the snakes that we could set our sights on. We lived dockside, the only place in Oakes where the snakes would hang out. It was this kinda day that I’d like to remember about living in Oakes; taking potshots at snakes, spending time with my daddy, and learning how to shoot, one thing that really mattered when you lived around here.

Now my daddy knew how to shoot too, and he was good for it when Lost would start to wander a little too close to the house. He worked on the streets mostly, rounding up Hellions, making sure those punks knew that this wasn’t Paragon City, and he was no Paragon City cop. Every now and then some men wearing purple suits and hats would come to the house. They never stayed long and I always had to stay upstairs when they came but I never wanted to leave my daddy alone with them. He told me that they came about work, and it wasn’t until I was much older until I learned that RIP are known for being corrupt. But in the Rogue Isles with Lord Recluse as the mayor and as the king, corruption was legal.

I never went to school much, mostly cause there just aren’t a lot of schools around Dockside. But my grandma learned me enough to get by anyway.

I palled around with the local kids some, but I never had any real close friends, probably because my daddy was RIP. I know that there was one kid, Joey, who stopped talking to me when his dad took a job at a casino run by the Marcone’s.
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