Part 1: The Sin

It was a beautiful spring day in Paragon City. A perfect day to have brought the kids to the park, thought Nancy Weiss, mother of four year old Becky and two year old Joey. But young children donít really appreciate peaceful, sunny days. Their concerns are more immediate.

ďItís mineĒ little Becky shouted as she snatched the piece of candy from her little brother.

Ripped from her natural bliss, Nancy assumes her motherly role.

ďBecka, you have a whole bag of candy, canít you share with your brother?Ē she tries to reason.

But itís too late. Though Becky is too young to understand right from wrong, good from evil, sheís old enough to know she wants the candy all to herself. Sheís old enough to be greedy.

Just that simply a sin is born. Oh, itís a tiny sin to be sure: a naÔve, innocent young girl wanting a piece of candy all to herself; a teeny, tiny sin, why, no more than a drop of water in the ocean. A ghastly drop of water that falls to the ground, penetrates the surface, sinks deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth on its way to Hell itself.

There, awaiting this solitary drop of nourishment, stands a nameless, foul beast. The truth of this horrid animalís origins would drive a mortal mind insane. It is enough to know that he exists for the sole purpose of creating evil and he has had millennia to perfect his art. He feeds on the sins of the living and the torment of the dead. He sips on the nightmares he plants in your sleep. He dines on the crimes and feasts on the wars he inspires mankind to commit. When a living soul succumbs enough to his will, that soul belongs to him, and when the body withers, that soul is his to feed upon for all eternity. And he has enough souls to feed himself and his vast army.

Yet, with all the vile and wicked deeds he could be doing, all the hellish rampage he could be sending his minions on, here he stands, eyes closed, tongue extended in eager anticipation of this single drop. Several of his minions stand close by, looking on with envious eyes. As the sinful drop finally caresses his grotesque tongue, a victorious smile overtakes his face. This single drop is vastly more satisfying than any other sin he could visit on mankind. It is the virgin sin of an innocent, four year old girl whose loving mother could not protect her from his reach.
Beast of Hell
by Robert Garry
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