In the sewers, the scrappers part 2

What ensued will remain unknown for twenty-seven years, until a man claiming to be Shadow-Step was rescued, by an inter-dimensional team trying to find a path from Earth to the Jupiter orbital station. The then aged scrapper, had been found wandering the wasteland dimension, talking to himself in a strange language. It took several months of rehabilitation for him to be able to communicate once more in English. He told an incredible tale of adventures, where he had found himself cast away from earth after closing down the Alankis portal, saving humanity from an invasion force by condemning himself to exile.

When Envoy of Shadows steeped across that bridge, bloody murder occurred for the scrappers, the first to die would be Silver Girl. While rushing headlong into the fight, she was grabbed by the nine feet tall beast and felt the sharp teeth of the monster bite into her ribcage. The bones gave easily under the powerful jaws, and blood flowed from her freely. Envoy of Shadows would use her as a club to fend off the others that were attacking him. Like a wet piece of steak, he swung her about, striking blindly with the poor girl, the beast mostly hit the walls and the floors. Silver Girl died well before Envoys of Shadows had let go of her, a broken heap of human flesh and bones, throw away with disdain by her murderer.

Followed next Sir Langley, whom while attempting to free the poor Silver Girl from her fate, found his skull crushed into a cement wall by a muscular arm. The sound his head made when it was forced with great strength into the floor, apparently was close to that of a pumpkin being dropped from a rooftop. Feet dangling in the air, as the Envoy of Shadows used his free arm to shove the man towards the floor, face first and eyes wide. He would twitch there on bridge for a few seconds before breath left his body forever.

The battle was joined by the scrappers team, whom tried all that they could to stop the Circle Of Thorns beast, but to no avail. The red glowing ball of force hovering above its shoulder had turned all of their strengths into weaknesses, leaving them opened to the murderous rampage of the monster. One by one, they all fell in gruesome fashions, screaming for mercy as they died. Xanthion, in a desperate, used a metal bar from the bridge railing to fend off the Envoy, and for a while, the wind seemed to turn. The fight between the leader of the scrappers and the evil monster took on epic proportions as they both held their ground on the bridge. Blow for blow, they refused to budge. But alas, Xanthion, weakened by the magical device accompanying the beast, fell too.

When all the scrappers were down, dying and praying for kinder and gentler realms, Xanthion, Shadow-Step and Cabaret remained fighting. Shadow-Step told of how he knocked unconscious the blaster at the very last minute before Xanthion fell. Sneaking behind her, he punched her lights out in the hopes the Envoy of Shadows would ignore her limp form once it came for him. AS her shape fell to the floor, he look onto the bridge, at the beast raising high above its head the bloodied and broken form of Xanthion. With a desperate look on his face, the leader of the scrappers had pulled out the detonator, and in a last breath’s effort, screamed to Shadow-Step:

“Close that god damned forsaken door, you hear me, close it!”

Then, Envoy of Shadows proceeded to throw Xanthion in the chasm below the bridge, impaling the scrappers on the metal rods that protruded twenty feet below. The same moment that his body was pierced by the rods, Xanthion pressed the switch. The entire room engulfed itself in flames, and the force of the explosion sent Shadow-Step flying backwards with flames already licking his feet, he flew through the dimensional door, to land without grace, next to the activation pedestal, which nestled the crystal. Standing up right away, he looked horrified through the shimmering blue, watery surface of the portal, and tried to run back through it. Only to be met by a force wall that sent him crashing on his behind. He was now stuck into this unknown dimension, unable to return to earth through this passage.

But, he couldn’t bring himself to close the portal, that is, until he saw that the cave in on the other side of the portal had begun to be tossed away by a huge force. Envoy of Shadows was digging his way back to the portal, to ensure that it would remain open. Debating within himself about the options left, his train of thoughts were broken by the burnt shape, and yet still alive, of Cabaret. She was standing on earth’s side, skin burnt and hair melted away, pounding with a fist on the magical door. He couldn’t hear what she was saying, no sound came through the door, but the look in her eyes told a story of pain and fear. She looked over her shoulder, and kept yelling something he couldn’t read on her charred lips. Soon after, the rubble created by the cave in of the explosion, let through a huge bestial arm, and more of the remaining rubbles was moved away. Cabaret screamed, and Shadow-Step looked on in horror, as Envoy of Shadows emerged from the debris, burnt and bloodied.

Taking a few steps back from the portal, Shadow-Step looked on at the horrific spectacle he was unable to stop. The beast ripped apart Cabaret, tore up her lovely shape in many pieces and fed itself on her remains, which began to regenerate the monster. Shadow-Step understood at that moment that there was no stopping the Envoy of Shadows, understood the importance of his presence in the team, there was no randomness to the universe. Only a black heart could close the portal, only he was left to do it. He turned around as the monster was walking towards the portal. The beast reached in with his massive arm, and was about to snatch Shadow-Step away from the energy crystal, when the scrapper shattered it. The portal closed, cutting clean off the forearm of Envoy of Shadows, leaving it to fall on the rocky floor of the dimension, inert and bleeding.

Twenty-seven years, Shadow-Step would look for a way back to earth, twenty-seven long years of wandering and adventures. When the exploration team found him, the scrapper fed himself on raw meet from fresh kills of what he referred to as “fire lizards”. Back amongst human, he stayed within civilization a few months, before asking to be returned to the dimension where he had been a prisoner for so long. The deadliest scrapper Paragon city had ever known, the unlikely hero he had become, couldn’t find a place to fit in anymore. Of all the words to be used to describe him, this one would now apply until his death: Alien.
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