Gibu: Story of his descent into Evil By: Patrick H.

Patrick Hoffman was a normal child who grew up in Paragon City before the Rikti War. By the age of six he had experienced poverty, when his father was hurt badly at his work as a Crey researcher and reduced to the mindset of a ten year old. Patrick's mother left him and his father to fend for their own not two weeks before the Rikti attacked.

Age 15 now, Patrick had started learning that he could control stone. He was able to wear it as armor, use it as a weapon, even cause small earthquakes with a stomp. During the second month of the war he was leading his father into a safehouse in Atlas Park so he could go help everyone fight the alien menace, when a huge explosion caused by another so called "Hero" collapsed the building both he and his father were in. Patrick remained unharmed as his armor was triggered before the impact, but his father lay beneath him, crushed, dead......

Not knowing how to deal with the death of his father, Patrick became enraged, he hurtled himself at the blaster and swung his massive stone hammer at the opponents chest, crushing it, avenging his father's demise. From this moment on Patrick knew he would never be able to stay in Paragon and still be able to look anyone in the face. So, After the war had ended, Patrick made his way out of the city and found himself a boat to a region known as Cap Au Diable in The Rogue Isles.

In this new place he found a new name from the gambling community, Gibu, the sound the first person who challenged him made when Patrick ripped his arm off in an arm wrestling match. Here Patrick 'Gibu' Hoffman, was officially born.

Gibu, discovering a new part of himself and in his early twenties, travels through a part of the Rogue Isles known as St. Martial looking for some punks to mop up for his daily allotment of fun. Suddenly he is ambushed by a large group of men with black armor on. The overwhelming masses of these unknown soldiers quickly subdues him and knocks him out. When Gibu awakens he finds himself in a strange facility where he is strapped to a wall with bright lights all around him.

"Who is there", asks Gibu,"What is all this?".

"Don't worry, You wont be harmed." Responds a cold, yet soothing, voice. "My lord has great expectations of you, it is in your best interests not to dissappoint him. To fail would mean a fate worse than death."

Hearing this Gibu starts gritting his teeth, if he could see the cold hearted woman saying this to him, he would surely tear her to shreds.

"I would not propose such thoughts, they would prove dangerous." The cold voice responds. A shattered scream echoes into Gibu's head.

"What the heck are you?" Gibu says, blood dripping from his nose.

"None of your concern" she blips out, "You only need concern yourself with the lord of this estate. As I said before, he has great plans for you."

Two Hours later, the lights dim in the room and revealed in front of Gibu is the figure of a man about two meters tall with what look like mechanical insect legs coming from his back arching high above his head. All that Gibu can think is 'Why am I here?', 'What kind of worth can a street thug like me possibly be to a guy like that?'. Unfortunately, the shadowy figure was all to eager to let Gibu know just how he was of worth.

"Gibu," The dark figure boomed, "I have been watching you since you arrived in my domain. You are quite the capable fighter, and I feel you are what I have been looking for concerning an issue of great importance."

"And how am I supposed to help you, you were able to catch me easy. Why can't you do this job yourself?", Gibu Disputes.

"Ahh, that was exactly what I wanted you to ask." Sneered the large man. "Surely I could handle this task personally, and quickly I might add. Someone of your stature among Paragon's Finest is widely unknown, which is why I need you to complete this task."

"I get it now" Gibu smiles, "You need some unknown to take someone out, and a Paragon native who knows the land very well would be able to move almost unseen. Am I correct?".

The imposing figure gets up into the light, snarling, his metal helmet glaring into Gibu's eyes. All he can see is a set of ominous glowing red eyes that make his heart skip a beat. "You FOOL" the monster screams, "If it was that simple I could send any Peon in to do this. My issue is with a certain Hero within my Isles".......

They talked of a Mission into the heart of Nerva, about stalking down and capturing a Hero named Little Axe. The Plan consisted of eliminating all forces guarding her and then subduing her with nessecary force. Gibu set out to Nerva the next day with a care package marked "Payment in full".

When Gibu reached Nerva, a consession of Longbow agents were waiting for him. 'Could this have been a trap?', Gibu thought to himself.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting", Gibu smiles as solid rock forms over his body, "I didd'nt think there would be a welcoming party for me"

Just then a small woman bearing a large axe creeps out from behind the mass of Longbow.

"And just who the heck are you?", she asks abruptly

"I am the Rogue Isle's Welcome wagon", Gibu laughs "Now shall we begin?"

Gibu leaps forward and smacks the small woman back into the crowd and starts wreaking havoc upon the longbow. Slowly he notices heat coming from his rear, he turns to find the little woman was completely ablaze and flying at him at extreme speed. She bashes into Gibu with a loud thud and sends him flying into a statue of Promethius obliterating the statue's foundation and sending it crashing to the ground.

Gibu stands up, brushes the rubble off his stone armor and laughs. "Ya know, at first I thought my job was going to be boring. But it seems that spider guy had the right idea sending me to take you out. Little Axe I presume?"

"So you know my name", the petite woman grins "How rude for you not to anounce yours". She sets off on another coarse straight at Gibu.

"Heh, so you wanna take me head on this time?" he grins, as he stomps both feet into the ground rooting himself to the surface of the earth. "Try this on for size!"

Gibu quickly forms a huge stone hammer into his large hand and swing straight down smashing the would be attacker into the dirt below him. Little Axe lay there, alive, in serious condition but alive.

"Daddy long legs has some explaining to do." grimmaced Gibu.
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