Xtreme Factor #2

Story by: Steven Scheibal
Written by: Steven Scheibal

Dark Intentions: Part 2

“Did you hear that?” asked Skyburn, hovering inches
above the green sludge of the Paragon sewer system.
“Yeah,” said Hot Spot, “we should go check it out.”
“It was probably just some Vahz getting the snot beat
out of them by the others,” stated Orbit.
“No…” started X-Ternal, touching his forefinger to
his temple, “something’s wrong…”
“That’s all I need to know,” said Skyburn as he flew
back the opposite direction.
“Sky, wait!” yelled X-Ternal.
Skyburn flew as fast as he could through the maze of
sewage. Because of his speed, slime was sent flying
through the air behind him and hit his teammates.
“Sky,” said Hot Spot, “slow down man!” Hot Spot had
also taken flight and pursued Skyburn.
Skyburn rushed pass three Cadavers and two Reapers;
taking absolutely no notice in them. Hot Spot passed
them as well and followed Skyburn. X-Ternal
accidentally flew into a Reaper’s torso as he flew
around the bend. Orbit was propelling himself down
the tunnel by pushing out his gravitational force. As
Orbit came up to X-Ternal and the Vahz, his
gravitational force pushed his teammate and foes up
against the slimy walls of the sewer. X-Ternal fell
to into the sludge along with the Vahzilok as Orbit
passed them by.

“ASHLEY!!!” Chillbain yelled as he pounded the ground
in which Ms. Kindle, aka Chillbain’s latest
girlfriend, was sucked into. He pounded his fists to
the ground with all his might but nothing happened.
“Nate, there’s nothing we can do,” said Bullet.
“We have to do something!” Chill replied. “We can’t
let that damn Vahzilok a-hole take Ashley!!”
“Chill,” started Power-Pac, “there’s nothing we can
do to save Kindle. She’s gone.”
“No,” said Chillbain. “We gotta find Vahzilok. We
have to save Ashley.”
Chillbain levitated himself by creating a constant
cold wind under his feet and started to fly down the
sewer. However, he stopped when he heard something
coming from the opposite direction. Soon Skyburn flew
around the corner, looking like he was going to kill
“Chill!” he yelled, “What happened?”
“They took Ms. Kindle,” Luminary stated.
“Where’d they go?” Sky asked.
“We don’t know,” said Bullet. “She was sucked
through the floor. There’s no door though.”
“Well don’t just stand there!” ordered Skyburn,
“let’s find her!”
Shortly after Skyburn gave his orders, Hot Spot and
Orbit came around the corner, X-Ternal was no where to
be seen.
“What’s going on?” asked Hot Spot.
“Ashley is gone,” said Luminary.
“Don’t you dare say that,” said Chillbain. His eyes
were cold, fists clenched, body tensed up; he was
ready to fight.
“What happened?” asked Orbit.
“Who the hell cares?” questioned Chillbain. “We need
to find her. That’s all we need to do.”
“Wait,” said Skyburn, “Where’s X-Ternal?”
Everyone looked around, shouting out ‘X-Ternal’ or ‘X
where are you?’. Chillbain became enraged.
“This is what we’re going to do,” Nathan said, “We’re
splitting up again. I’m going to take Hot Spot, and
Luminary. Sky you’ll take Orbit, Power-Pac, and
Bullet. We’re going to find Ms. Kindle and X-Ternal,
do not let any Vahzilok get away.

Blacksmith made his way down the long, metallic
corridors of Hero Corps HQ in Steel Canyon. He was
going to another very important meeting, one with the
highest authority of Hero Corps, or at least they were
before he came into the picture. Blacksmith finally
reached his destination, which was on the top floor of
the thirty-story building, and opened the door. He
immediately sat down at the closest seat to the door
and brought out his suitcase.
“Good evening gentlemen,” Blacksmith said, smiling.
“What’s the deal Blacksmith?” one of the executives
“What is so important that I needed a police escort
from a very important meeting with the Mayor?” another
“Tonight,” Blacksmith said, “Hero Corps will be
reorganized. I have already reconsidered our former
allies and enemies. You, gentlemen, are now out of a
“You’re going over the deep end Blacksmith,” one of
the men said.
“I would hardly think it appropriate for you to
address the President of Hero Corps in such a manner.
For you’re disobedience, you will all be punished.”
Blacksmith held out his hands and smoke poured from
his black fists. The door closed behind him and smoke
engulfed all of the executives in the room.
Blacksmith kept his smoke going for fifteen seconds
before it all vanished. The executives were left,
dead on the ground.

X-Ternal was up in the sky, using his telekinetic
abilities to bring down various Rikti spacecraft.
Chillbain was about a hundred yards below him and
Skyburn was on the ground firing energy blasts at
Rikti soldiers. X-Ternal looked up and saw a large
spacecraft hurdling toward Atlas Park, pieces of it
falling off as it crashed down. X-Ternal held out his
hands and sent a huge telekinetic bolt at the
spacecraft, in an attempt to slow it down. He kept
sending out his telekinesis, slowly draining himself
of all his energy. Chillbain pulled his blood-covered
ice-sword out of a Rikti’s neck and looked up at his
leader and friend.
“X!!!” he shouted as he flew up to help him.
“Chillbain,” X-Ternal said mentally to Chillbain,
“stay back. You’ll get hurt. I can do this.”
“No! I can help you!” Nathan replied.
“Nathan, you must let me do this. I am going to stop
it!” X-Ternal stopped Chillbain in the air with his
telekinesis, but at the same time kept up his
telekinetic assault on the spacecraft. X-Ternal was
focused; his eyes squinted, fingers pulsing with
power, arms shaking with the great amount of energy
being emitted. X-Ternal finally sent the spacecraft
back, but fell doing so. He fell fast through the
air, he wasn’t even conscience. He fell closer and
closer to the ground until…
X-Ternal opened his eyes and sat up from the cold
ground of the sewers. He was sweating profusely and
his head hurt like hell. Aaron looked all around him,
trying to figure out where he was. His eyes then came
across a young woman in a fiery red/orange shirt and
skirt, white knee high heel shoes, and bright red
hair. Ms. Kindle.
“Kindle,” X-Ternal said softly, “Is that you?”
He got no reply. Ms. Kindle laid there, limp,
emotionless. X-Ternal started to stand up when a man
with what looked to be a zombified torso, left arm,
and neck walked in through the rusted iron door.
“’Ello,” the man said to X-Ternal. “Looks like
you’ve go’en up. Care fo’ a cup of tea, govner?”
“Vahzilok…” X-Ternal said with disgust.
“Right-O. Looks as though you know who I am. What
hero have I collected today?”
“I am X-Ternal, leader of Hero Corps’ Xtreme Faction.
You are under arrest for crimes against humanity and
murder. You have the right to remain-“
“I don’t think you’re in the position to read me my
rights, govner,” Vahzilok replied. “If I were you,
I’d be findin’ a way out of here.”
“I was hoping you wouldn’t come quietly.” X-Ternal
“Bloody Americans, never wan’ to do it the easy way.”
Vahzilok pulled off his zombie hand and revealed a
large cannon within it. He aimed it at X-Ternal and
fired. X-Ternal jumped out of the way and sent

Vahzilok flying back into the wall using his
telekinesis. He then picked up Ms. Kindle and ran out
through the door, only to find Vahzilok’s army of

Chillbain drudged down the sewer ways followed by his
allies, Hot Spot and Luminary. He had only assumed
X-Ternal had been taken down in the same manner as Ms.
Kindle, if he was wrong X-Ternal would have sent out
telepathic directions to his current position.
“Chill,” said Hot Spot, “Shouldn’t we just go back to
HQ and get reinforcements? They could be anywhere.”
“No,” said Chillbain, “We have to find them. We
cannot waste anymore time. They could be hurt…”
Chillbain kept walking.
“It is a wasted effort. We will never find them!”
said Luminary.
“Watch your mouth,” Chillbain said to Luminary.
“Well how long do we have to search before we find
them?! It is hopeless! We should just go back and
receive reinforcements.”
Chillbain turned around and gave Luminary a very,
very menacing look. The temperature around them
lowered dramatically. Chill walked over to Luminary,
who looked a little spooked, and pushed him down into
the slime.
“What are you doing?!” Luminary yelled.
Luminary picked himself up and pushed Chillbain back
against the wall. Chillbain reacted by throwing his
fist at Luminary’s face. Hot Spot decided to jump in
and put himself between the two.
“Stop it!” he ordered. Luminary looked at Hot Spot
with disgust and Chillbain did the same. Hot Spot
looked at Chillbain with such seriousness that even
X-Ternal would have been slightly intimidated.
“We’re in this together,” said Hot Spot, “and we
gotta keep goin’. Luminary, stop with all that EMO
talk. Chillbain, cool it man. Our friends are out
there and we can’t start doing this now.”
Neither Chillbain nor Luminary spoke to each other
afterwards. The group just kept walking down the

Skyburn finished off the last of the Cadaver crew
with an energy blast to its head. While walking, his
group ran into a few Cadavers and a Reaper. Ryan
Tanter walked over the fallen zombie warrior, followed
by his teammates. They followed the slimy passageways
for quite sometime without conversation, until they
found a door. Skyburn had been to this part of the
sewers many times, never had there been a door.
“Odd…” he said as he lightly kicked the iron door.
“What?” asked Orbit.
“This door has never been here before…” Skyburn
replied. Skyburn examined the door very closely, it
appeared as though it had always been there. It was
rusty, slimy, very worn, but it had not been there
“Let’s check it out,” Power-Pac announced as he
kicked the door in. They all walked into the dark
room. Inside the dim room was a rusted iron desk, a
couple rusted stools, and a red V spray painted onto
the wall. On the desk were many papers spread out as
if someone had been searching through them. But on
top of all the papers was a dirty manila folder with
the word “Confidential” written on it.
“What’s that?” Power-Pac blurted out.
Skyburn ignored the question as he walked over and
opened the folder. Inside was a wide array of hero
profiles, each labeled one of two things: Apprehended
and Eliminated. The other profiles were left blank.
Skyburn noticed another thing; all the hero profiles
were of heroes who had gone missing on missions in the
sewers, and a good portion of them were from Hero
“We need to find Chillbain,” said Skyburn

“This is really odd,” said Luminary after coming into
view of an old door.
“Yeah,” replied Hot Spot, “This never used to be
“What are we standing around for then? Let’s check
it out,” commanded Chillbain. He kicked the door down
and walked into a dimly lighted laboratory. Inside
were hundreds of tubes containing a glowing, green
liquid. There was a control room above, presumably
modeled after Hero Corps’ training room control panel.

“What is all of this?” asked Hot Spot. He got no
answer, nor did he get any attention. Chillbain was
too busy investigating the scene. He made his way
over to the desk and searched its drawers. He pulled
out folders containing files on different heroes and
villains alike. Nathan then noticed a door at the
other end of the room. He put the folder down and
walked over to the door. He heard a muffled noise
coming from the room on the other side and called his
allies over to him.
“Luminary,” said Chillbain, “Blind whatever is behind
that door.”
“What do you think could be behind it?” Luminary
“I don’t know,” Nathan replied, “But I don’t want to
take any chances.”
Luminary slammed the door open, hitting something
with it, and held out his hands, creating a blinding
light. They heard a few screams and curses of various
degrees, but soon it ended. Luminary then dimmed the
light and revealed various Vahzilok minions lying on
the ground covering their eyes with their hands. The
three heroes walked through the door closed it behind
them. When the door was closed all the way, they
discovered something that was quite shocking. A
zombie that looked strangely like their recently lost
hero, Mercury, sat upright, unconscious, in the corner
with a bloody nose.
“Dear god!” exclaimed Luminary.
“That’s what Vahz’s plan is…” stated Chillbain.
“That crazy son of a…” Hot Spot mumbled to himself.
Chillbain froze the zombified Mercury and the rest of
the Vahzilok minions, in order to keep them from
following the heroes. Then proceeded to walk out of
the door and found the rest of their teammates walking
in at the opposite end of the room.
“Chill!” Skyburn was trying to get Chillbain’s
“We know what Vahz is doing with the heroes,” started
“So do we. We stumbled upon an office and found
this,” Skyburn handed the files to Chillbain.
“These are all…”
“Yeah, he has them.”
“We just found Merc right back in that room. Sky,
he’s a zombie.”
“He’s going to do that with X-Ternal and Kindle!”
“He ain’t gonna do anything…”

X-Ternal held out his hand and pushed ten Cadavers
backward with his telekinesis and created a chain
reaction, Cadavers hitting the ones behind them, those
hitting Reapers, Reapers hitting Mortificators, and so
on and so forth. He sent out a powerful telepathic
blast that tore apart the minds of Reapers and Morts.
But then, through the shadows and ocean of zombies
came two much larger zombies, each with robotic
cannons on their hands. They both made mumbled noises
and held out their cannons, pointed at X-Ternal and
Ms. Kindle.
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