Hero University: Prologue
By: Daniel Maher

Ember, Geist, Rouge, Wisp, Hornet, and me Q-Rider. There have never been many students at Hero University. One of the reasons is because HU only takes in young heroes, the second is because HU is located in the very middle of the Sahara desert. I am actually only sixteen--quite young to be accepted at a university.

Another thing different about HU is the hundreds of air thrusters built in the bottom foundation of the building, allowing it to move anywhere....which is exactly what the University was doing at this exact moment. Every time HU takes in a new student, it moves to a different location. The headmaster explained this to me as being a "safety measure".

As you may have guessed, the heroes at Hero University are actually trainees. Also as you may have guessed, my name isn’t really Q-Rider. My real name is Quinn Mathews, and unlike all of the other students here at HU I don’t even have real powers. Because of my millionaire father I create my own gadgets, all have Q- In front of the names though. Here are some examples.

Q-Pack- Jet pack that runs on air.
Q-Needles- Sedative needled that will put a man to sleep in seconds.
Q- Mask- A device that cloaks your appearance, making the wearer almost invisible.
Q-Board- A snowboard shaped device that allows the user to hover up to 30 feet high and fly 50 MPH. A backup device for the Q-Pack.
Q-Shot- A handgun used only in last resort. Shoots plasma bolts and can be set from low to lethal.
Q-Suit- Super suit for Q-Rider. Is bullet-proof, fire-proof, has indoor heater, AC, and radio.

These gadgets took several years to make, and had cost a couple million dollars each. I myself was a bit of a science geek, which kind of helped in the design of each gadgets. Originally the gadgets were supposed to be made so the army could use as secret weapons, but I decided to keep them to myself.

Now you must be wondering, how did I find out about Hero University? Well the answer is simple. I didn’t. The truth is, the school contacted me and told me to pack my bags.

I lay on my bed now, watching the darkness dance around my room and listening to the soft hum of the giant air motors at the bottom of the university. An intercom was placed in every room, hallway, bathroom, and closet in the entire school. Right now Headmaster Williams was stating an announcement. "Attention students, as you all know we are moving to another area. Since the past reports of uncomforted areas that we have received. Some of these reports demanded moving from the Atlantic ocean, Sahara Desert, Bermuda Triangle, the moon, and so on. So the staff and I have agreed to settle down in Paragon City, Rhode Island. Thank you." As soon as the rest of the students were informed that they wouldn’t have to live on the moon again--cheers erupted.

I didn’t cheer. Instead I just lay on my four poster bed thinking. I found myself thinking about my mother and my father and even my annoying little sister. I wondered what they were doing right now. I smiled to myself. Duh! They’re probably sleeping! I thought. Finally I laid back and allowed the soft hum of the engines to put me to sleep.

Now if anyone happened to look up in the sky at this exact moment they would see a fast moving cloud shaped like a school--the school’s shields would make sure of that. Now the only thing that could see the school at this moment would be a 6GG-Radar system--and there is only one on the earth and its over in China.

"Attention students you are now entering Paragon City: The City of Heroes. Classes will resume tomorrow after we have settled in. Good Night." There was a sudden rumbling that shook me awake. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes, willing the tiredness away. There was another rumbling, louder now. Then came the sound of metal scraping against metal. There was another rumbling, more like a earthquake and then everything stopped.

I threw back my covers and walked over to the window to inspect our new home. This Paragon City was crawling with thugs--looks like they’d need a lesson from Q-Rider. I sat back on my bed and smiled to myself. I could hardly think of myself as a teacher, let alone teaching thugs. But that wasn’t the kind of lesson I was thinking about.

I lay down on my bed again. Looks like the thugs are going to have a little meeting with the Q. Bright and early tomorrow. I went to sleep with a wide grin covering my face.
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