The Title of Man

Chapter Two: Here comes the Hunter

Atlas Park

This place is strange.” Mako thought as he finally stepped foot in Paragon City. His eyes showed the bewilderment of his surroundings. He was taken back at the site of so many heroes; he felt a little over whelmed. For him this is the first time he has set foot in such a place.

Founder’s Falls, some hours later.

“Watch out, Rey!” Big PR screamed as he and Rey Tormentor battled a fierce group of Crey.

“Got it, Big,” Rey replied.

Rey turned and was tackled by a Crey Tank. He held down Rey’s arms but Rey was able to throw some electricity in his eyes and get up from under the tank. Big PR bum rushed the tank and forced the tank to fly and hit the wall of the Icon building. Rey quickly throws an electrical fence around the villain, holding him while Big PR pummeled him with blow after blow. When the tank fell to his knees a Paragon Protector came around along with five more Crey minions.

“Damn! What the hell they do call for back up or somethin’?” Rey said as the minion shot his pistol at him.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, bro,” replied Big PR

The group had surrounded the heroes and charged in all at once. Big PR did a whirling jump in the air and came down with such force that it weakened all the foes around him. That move caused the attention of all of the Creys to go on Big PR. They all piled on the hero throwing punch after punch. Most of the hits didn’t do much damage thanks to Big PR’s invulnerability but some of the hits were good enough to get through.

“Are you ok, Big?”

“Ya…no problem what so ever.”

As he had finished his sentence Big PR was blind-sided by three Crey minions, which forced him through a fence that was located right behind them. When Big PR and the minions crashed through the fence Rey pulled out his gun and took out the rest of the enemies that were left.

Rey could hear that Big PR was going at a much faster speed then he would normally when fighting just three minions. “You okay, Big?”

“Rikti and lots of them!”

Rey rushed his way to the ledge and when he did a blast from a Rikti gun hit him in the face. His helmet was unscaved but the force knocked him off of his feet and back a few feet. Rey nipped up and jumped down where Big PR was located. They were both out numbered by each of the group they were fighting. It was evident that this attack was not as random as they thought, it was clear that the Crey had planned this ambush; maybe not with the Rikti involved, but it was still planned.

“Hold on, Cris, I’ll help” Rey said to Big PR.

Rey shot a bomb out of his gun. The explosion caused many of the enemies to fly back and away.

“This ain’t good, Rey, there is like twenty of them around h…arrrgh!” Big PR yelled in pain as once of the Crey operatives blasted him with some type of psichonic attack. The attack stopped Big PR dead in his tracks. Rey looked at the operative and noticed that he was much more different. He carried himself differently from the others and he wore a full mask. Plus the attack wasn’t really from him but from a purple item that he held in his hand.

“Kumdarey,” the operative said under his voice.

“What did you say?” Rey questioned. But before Rey could have done any thing he was blind sided with numerous amounts of hits by both the Rikti and the Crey.

Rey was slammed to the ground and fell unconscious. Rey regained his consciousness and found himself in the hospital. The room was dark and the only light that illuminated it was the lamp from the side of the hospital bed. It was a welcomed site to him until he saw a dark figure standing above him, the light of the lamp only showing the scar ridden forearm and leg of the figure.

Kumdarey, your demise has come, you have not finished your journey, you are evil and the Hunter has come to release your soul!” the Hunter said as he leaned into the light to show his face.

Mako? I re…remember you, I remember all of what happened.” Rey said in his native tong.

Yes chosen one. It is I, Mako. I have become a Hunter.”

Mako!” The voice of the shaman thundered in the room, forcing the Hunter to shutter in fear. “I have told you that releasing his soul was the last option.

But, Kuna, men have told me of his wrongful deeds and his sinful…”

Silence you foul. Who are these men? They do not belong to our tribe. They can not be trusted!”

“Kuna, I don’t think that they are evil.”

“It doesn’t matter young Hunter. They do not get to decide. Besides you have not given him the chance to finish his mission. You know that people of evil hearts cannot complete this task no matter what. Now, leave him be. And, I don’t want you to talk to these ‘Men’ you need to focus on your duty and not get persuaded by others while in a strange land.”

Yes, Kuna.”

Kuna’s presence was lifted from the room and it was just Rey and Mako once again.

You are lucky, Kumdarey, if it wasn’t for Kuna you will be dead right now.”

“…What ever, Mako, I know that you don’t like me. You were always jealous of me.”

“Shut up you fool! Don’t make it easier for me to dispose of you when the time comes

In a blink of an eye, Mako was gone. And slowly Kuna’s presence was felt in the room once more.

Kumdarey, I know how Mako feels toward you, if I had a choice I would have sent another Hunter, but he was the only one left, since the others were off on their own missions. You don’t have to fear, I will be watching over you. I will make sure he doesn’t sabotage your journey.”

“Thank you, Kuna.”

“You will continue your journey tomorrow, you cannot say good bye to your friends you must leave silently.”

“Okay, Kuna I understand.”

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