"Um, hello?" Kira tentatively said. The man in the blue and gold uniform barely glanced up, preoccupied with the control panel in front of him. "Yes what is it girl?" he snarled as he smacked two buttons and scowled at the panels. "Good lord now what ?!" he exclaimed as the board lit up and sparks flew out of it. Kira tried to remain calm, hoping the man wasn't sensitive to her thoughts like a lot of Meta humans were nowadays. "I was wondering if the job from the paper was still open, the receptionist position?" Kira replied. That caught the man's attention. "Yes yes it is....! When can you start? Some security checks but we can take care of them later! Here sit down and um...see what you can do." the man eagerly replied as he jumped up to vacate the seat. Kira tentatively sat down, feeling at home behind a receptionists desk she quickly scanned the panel. It looked more like the control panel from a nuclear power plant then a common communications board, but luckily Kira's last job had been at a power plant, so she quickly pressed a button and the lights flashed then settled down to a steady glow. "Your hired!" the man said. "Welcome to Top Ten headquarters!" Kira smiled , hoping that this went better then her last job, although what were the chances freaks would attack Top Ten headquarters as they had the power plant she had worked at? She though perhaps this would be the safest place for her to work, and hopefully the strange sensations she had been feeling since she was trapped in the power plant would die down.
Kira scanned the board in front of her when her attention was caught by a commotion at the door. A beautiful woman strode in accompanied by a man in a strange yellow hat. Kira tried as hard as she could but she was unable to stop staring at it. It was a simple hat that went well with the man's oriental attire, but it's color was like a lodestone that trapped the eyes.
"Um hello, welcome to Top Ten Headquarters." Kira managed to eek out.
The lady laughed and said "Well who do we have here?
Oh goddess that's WillowWind! Kira though, recognizing her from a recent article from Icon! that had been about an interview of Serge, the hippest fashion designer out there. WillowWind was on Serge's wish list of celebrity Heroines for a charity fashion show he was planning.
"Um I'm the new receptionist Miss Willow" Kira replied.
"Oh really ? I don't remember that we had hired one. Well welcome aboard . What's your name ?" WillowWind asked.
"Its Kira, Kira Jinx" Kira replied hesitantly.
WillowWind smiled at the girl and went on through the lobby with the man in the strange hat. Kira breathed a sigh of relief and looked around the lobby again, thinking how impressive it looked. She frowned a moment, wondering why there was a battle axe sticking out of the wall . Shrugging she continued her scan of the lobby and then the receptionist's area, hoping to become more familiar with the board when she spotted a small list of names and their phone extensions. Suddenly the phone rang and she looked at it. Taking a deep breath she picked up the phone.
"Top Ten HQ May I help you? What? No Mam. Yes Mam? Okay I'll relay the message." Kira said. Hanging up the phone Kira wondered what a Hami was and why a super group of Top Tens caliber would want his Hos? Perhaps it was an undercover operation. Shrugging she put the note she had scribbled the message on in a cubby hole on the wall labeled Spicy.
Well Kira thought, taking my first message was successful! Only 4 hours till quitting time!. Kira began to think that this job might just work out after all. It seemed that her streak of bad luck with new jobs was over. First there had been that temp job at a lawyers office, that had ended up ruining her best "interview" outfit. Vahz spit was a bitch. Then she had applied to a lawyers office. She shuddered to herself remembering the dead eyes of the COT mages that had surrounded her in a freezing soul numbing green glow.
She had been so sure that working for engineers would be the job for her. I mean what was safer then a job working for a buncha geeks? Then these little tinker toys had stormed the building. At first she had thought it was a "newbie" joke. Scare the new secretary with a windup toy. But the huge lumbering mechanical monsters that had followed the little windup toy had not been a joke.
She shuddered remembering. She still crossed the street every time she saw a street vendor selling waddling windup men.
So she had LEAPED at the chance to work at the nuclear power plant in Terra Volta. It was a federally guarded facility, state of the art security and regular patrols. She had gone to work as a receptionist there eager to make the most of it. The day had started well, until the accident. A small fire, that had set off some sprinklers that shorted a fuse that had in turn caused a delay in an alarm going off. The alarm was on a piece of equipment that was suppose to monitor a door . That door had been the one the Freaks who assaulted the Terra Volta Reactor slipped thru. They had managed to make it all the way into the building, capturing Kira on the way. It had been a scary experience , tied to a door in the reactor room as the Freaks were deciding how best to make the "Biggest explosion ever!" as one weird shocker dude had exclaimed. Kira had been cursing her luck when a bunch of heroes in blue and gold uniforms had busted down the doors and stopped the Freaks in their tracks. She had overheard a police detective as she was lead to a ambulance say that they had been from a Super Group called Top Ten. A very kind man named Cadecus had stopped by the ambulance doors and his very presence had made her feel better. Moments after he had left she had looked down at her bruised wrists to see that the cuts and bruises made by the freaks rough treatment of her had faded way. So now Kira was absolutely POSITIVE that she had finally found the perfect job for her. What place could be safer then a building full of Heroes?! She tried not to think about how weird she had felt lately. How sometimes she felt like her skin was about to explode with heat. And all her plants had died. Like something in the air of her apartment poisoned them. She would have to make an appointment soon with a doctor to check into if the radiation from her "adventure" in freakland had done any damage. But that would have to wait till she had some health insurance, at this point rent came first.
The afternoon sped by rapidly for Kira as she handled the incoming calls and deliveries made to Top Ten headquarters. She had begun to relax and look forward to the end of the day. She felt sure that she had found the perfect place to work and her streak of bad luck was finally over. She had even begun to plan out her first paycheck, and hoping she could stretch it to cover a new pair of shoes. When a sudden burst of light appeared from the corner of the room, she didn't even flinch. She looked over and smiled at the newcomer to the lobby. "Hello may I help you?" Kira cheerfully asked. The stranger looked startled and then hissed at her. "Where are they girl !! Where are the Heroes!" Well they are probably in meetings or such, would you like to make an appointment? Kira started to reach for the message pad when the man gestured and two more men popped out of thin air. "Where ARE they girl!!" the first man shouted again. Kira began to get concerned. And mad. She had finally found a job she liked, she was around Hero's she had only read about in the newspapers and she wanted those new pair of shoes that first paycheck promised her. She slowly looked up at the men, and her skin started to glow with a pale green radiance. She glared at the men. Using her best receptionist voice she said " You don't have an appointment." When the first man just grunted and gestured to the two others to follow him towards the elevators Kira felt herself loose the grip she had on her emotions. She jumped out of her chair and threw out her hands. She gasped in shock as fire raced from her fingers and surrounded the men. They began to choke and grab at their throats desperately. Kira gestured again and the men began to glow and ooze a green gas out of their pores. Kira very calmly looked at the men, straightened her suit jacket and sat down at the receptionist desk. She began to type rapidly at the keyboard of a small data terminal. She didn't even glance up when a team of TopTen burst into the lobby. They were armed to the teeth and looked ready to take on a Kronos Titan. The headquarters alarm system had sent an alert to all available Top Ten that their were enemies in the building, Malta in fact. They stopped short at the sight of the gasping men in the lobby, who had sunk to the floor still oozing green gas from their skin. Kira finally looked up and smiled at the heroes. Grabbing the paperwork she had just typed up she walked over to TuxedoGin. "Here is my resume and the salary I expect. I work Monday thru Friday and expect 2 weeks vacation time. " Kira grabbed her jacket and began to walk to the exit. Tux looked up at her, surprise etched in his handsome face. "Miss!' he said, "what happened here?" Kira looked looked back over her shoulder and simply replied. "No appointment."
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by lady Bastain
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