For the Honor Guards(my SG Allies):
Friends in here are few
It is a breath of fresh air
To find those who're true!!!

For the Atlas Allies (my SuperGroup):
The Atlas Allies
They have been my saving grace
All are now my friends!!!

For the Illusionists:
Illusions are real
For those who are weak of mind
I know I will win...

For the Blasters:
I fire at the foe
They will turn towards me as one
I know I'll die soon

Villians' Haiku
Villians never learn
Testing heroes every day
Losing in the end

Mission Haiku:
Missions come and go
Yet one thing remains the same
Evil still abounds

Healer's Haiku:
Her hands heal the wounds
Of fellow fallen heroes
Empaths never rest

Hero Haiku #2:
Sad child of night
Becomes hero of the day
Still she presses on

Hero Haiku #1:
Lonely hero sits
Seeing evil all around
Planning time of strike
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by LadyStormDancer

The comic rests in my hands,
pulling me in like the shifting sands,
I smile to myself,
Wishing for once that I could be like them,
I wish I could be as bold,
and break out of this mold,
and prove myself worthy as a hero,
but for now all I really am,
is a comic-reading zero.
By: Daniel Maher

Helping others
Evil will falter
Reap the benefits
Or face the consequences.