“We still need a name, guys. Freedom Corps keeps barking at me about being properly registered as a group.” Jon pleaded.

The last few days had been hectic; things had been shuffled around to accommodate the new baby, who, like the group, was still nameless.

“Been a little busy, Jon.” Xandria replied, cradling her son.

“We can’t go around as The Unnamed Supergroup, can we? How would that look?” Bianca asked as she came into the conference room and sat down.

“We need something really cool, something that’ll make the bad guys run for cover when they hear we’re comin’.” Evan added, “like Onami or Top Ten. When those guys come in, crooks completely freak.”’

Sara sighed, shaking her head. “It’s not about being cool.”

“Well, you said my suggestion of Aegis wasn’t cool.” Edward asked.

“Yeah, ‘cause no one knows what the hell an aegis is. Like Freedom Phalanx. What the hell is a phalanx anyway?"” JD argued.

Jon looked at the group with hopeless eyes as they erupted into petty bickering and loud discussion. Suddenly, Prismatic spoke up.

“The Nameless.” she said.

All discussion stopped and the other members of the team looked at each other.

“That’s it!” “It’s perfect!” “Very us!” and other comments filled the air.

“The Nameless it is then.” Jon sighed in relief. Freedom Corps was probably going to think this was a joke of some sort. But he had seen worse names, both for heroes and supergroups, so maybe they wouldn’t.

“Speaking of names, what are you going to name your son?” asked Flora.

Xandria and JD looked at each other. “We still haven’t decided. JD wants something starting with J, and I really like the name Elias.”

The group began to discuss name possibilities for the baby when the phone in the center of the table rang.

Sara reached over and answered it while everyone was talking, covering her other ear to drown them out. She suddenly handed the phone to Xandria.

Everyone talked a little more quietly when the blonde was on the phone. After a brief discussion, she hung the phone up.

“Who was it, darlin’?”

“Imagine the most evil being you can. Double that, and add bleached hair, chain smoking, drinking and poor fashion sense.”

“Oh, no. Your mother’s coming?” Sara asked.

Xandria nodded weakly.

“Great. I thought things were bad with Persephone.” Sara quipped.
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