By: Daniel Maher

The Ritiki. Several years ago these vicious alien-based creatures invaded the great city of Paragon. Although hundreds upon thousands of heroes fought for their right to survive, the Ritiki still left the city in ruins. Some have called it a victory because the Ritiki have left this planet once more. But many others who fought called it a loss, the greatest loss imaginable.
My grandfather who I, after several months of furious research, have discovered was a powerful hero who fought side-by-side with the Statesman in the Ritiki War. Unfortunately, I also learned that he died fighting the Ritiki leader.
My name is Jamie Wizard, and for most of my teenage years I was locked up in a orphanage after my parentís death. I now realize that I have taken many of my grandfather's traits, many of which help me in crime fighting today. Incase you havenít noticed by now, Iím also a superhero that goes by the name of Static Mark.
But recently, there have been multiple reports of murders, strange murders. Murders where there had been no explanation whatsoever to how they occurred. Some of the top scientists theorize that an untraceable disease had broken loose. Others had already jumped to the insane conclusion that the Ritiki were back. But the citizens of Paragon were too frightened to believe this horrible truth.
It has been two years since I escaped from Green Willows orphanage in Perez Park and got my hero license. Since then I have been slowly attacking and defeating as many troubles as I could.
"Rubbish." I muttered to myself as I set my copy of The Paragon Times down onto my soft, leathered couch. I had just read the Page 6 article entitled, Return of the Ritiki?
"Great, just what we need," I said with a touch of sarcasm. "another whacko scientist trying to prove the doomsday theory....again."
There was a loud knock on the door, I stood up and walked over to the door. "Who is it?" I croaked wearily.
"Dr. Ashton, now hurry up and open the door Static!"
I unlatched the Victorian style door and let the man in. Dr. Ashton is a small, lumpy man with long gray hair hanging down to his shoulders. In his arms were ten or so cream-colored files full of papers and photographs.
"Whatís wrong Dr. Ashton?" I asked.
"I." He said as he sat down on the leather couch. "Have evidence of the return of the Ritiki."
"Howíd you manage to get that?"
"Remember Static? Iím the one who saw the signs in the first place." The man pulled a photograph from one of the files. "Now this, is a picture of a gray skin cell found on the of the victimís bodies. When I studied it back at my lab I confirmed that it was indeed a Ritiki skin cell."
"How can you be sure that it belongs to a Ritiki?" I pressed.
"Static, there is no mistaking it, that is defiantly a Ritiki remain."
"B...but that means everyoneís in a lot of danger, we have to warn the Statesman!" I stuttered.
"Donít waste your breath Static, Iíve already tried....think I'm mad that lot does." He muttered. "Those idiots, they wonít listen until itís already too late."
"Can we stop it before the mother ship attacks?" I asked wearily.
"Naturally, yes. After the last incident I have invented a machine that will stop the attack again....but there is one slight problem-" Before the man squeaked out the next sentence I already had a faint idea of what it was. "-Fuel. The machine needs a considerable amount of liquid nitrogen....which recently has become impossible to get."
I paused for a minute pondering on this information. "Iíll get you that nitrogen Dr. Ashton, leave that to me."
The Next Day, Atlas Park

The clear blue sky and beautiful day shone down rays of happiness and joy that I could not return. This is because of the agonizing thought that laid in the back of my mind, constantly reminding me of the destruction that would occur if I failed my mission.
I approached city hall in full costume, hoping to confront the Statesman myself. This, was of course delayed by a sudden whirring sound as a small ship that bore the Ritiki symbol passed over Atlas Park, clearly out of control. The small ship crash landed a kilometer away, sending dirt and smoke far up into the air. There was no doubt now, the Ritiki had indeed returned
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