The True Past: Dark Beginning

“I got you now, Cris; there is no one that can survive this attack!”

I suddenly reach out with my flamed arm and grab her by the throat to give her a good scare and to show her that she is no match for me. My face is on fire, but it doesn’t hurt me at all, as I stick it out to look her straight in the eyes. Her sphere of flames dissipates but I am still on fire.

“What the hell? How can you survive that? That is the most powerful attack I’ve got!”

“Yah, I know. Bad ass isn’t it? I told you that you should have changed your ways, simply because you are no match for me, your flames are pathetic and painless,” she starts to cry but it doesn’t affect me. “What’s the matter can’t take it?” I throw her to the ground and start to pat the flames out. My suit is made to withstand extreme measures as this so there is no damage.

As I come closer to Rachel she cowers in fear, exactly what I want her to feel. I can tell someone is behind me and Rachel’s face gives it away. I throw a blind kick and catch a guy dead in the forehead. I turn and see the Bomber of the military facility.

“I like you, Big Puerto Rico, it’s a shame that you are a good guy, we could’ve made a good team.” I snicker at his remark.

He jumps toward me with his hands in a fist; I catch him in mid air and throw him to the wall to the right of me. The wall wasn’t that strong and he ends up going through it. As the dust clears I look through the hole that his body left as he plowed through it and realized that it was the secret room of the mansion. Back when I ran this whole thing we would use it for training new recruits, I couldn’t tell what was in the room now because it was too dark.

As I step through the hole the bomber grabs my foot and trips me. “C’mon, Big, you can’t get rid of me that easily.” He says with a cocky tone as he approaches me.

I sweep his feet from under him and do a nip up. As I land on my feet he lands on his side. I kick him in the stomach then pick him up and throw him into the darkness. That was a mistake. As I hear the thud of his body hitting the floor it seems that the darkness was starting to dissipate, almost like it was being sucked out of the room, and light replaces it. I found myself in the middle of a training session filled with about forty students.

“Remember, this Cris?” Ulrich says as he makes his way through the sea of black clothed trainees. “We still use this place to train, but we added a little something to the training, illusion. Back in the glory days only I was able to do a little illusion. Now, I have mastered that skill and have trained others in it as well. With illusion we can make anything,”

“Oh, shut up already!” I yell as I interrupt him.

“…Fine, I will. Take care of him my students.”

The students of the academy rush toward me. One by one I pick them off with a powerful kick or punch. As I progress through the wave of students it gets more challenging and the numbers are starting to overwhelm me entirely. I throw a punch to one of the bigger students and catch him in the throat, I turn to face another but they all jump on me. I can fell the punches on my face a little bit, but these guys are too weak to do any physical harm to me. I jump up and free myself from the students by bashing most of them into the ceiling. As I land on the ground two powerful students apprehend my arms then slam me up against the wall.

“Woo, what a fight you put up, Cris,” Ulrich says as he claps his hands in approval. “You know you took out ten of our students with one hit, five in a matter of seconds, and six with that leap thing you did. You have become a savvy fighter. Now, how ‘bout you tell me what I want to know?”

“Ok, fine. You should go see a doctor about that receding hairline.”

“Heh, very funny…I guess I have to use this after all.”

His right hand lights up again and he comes near me. He slams his hand on my forehead, pushing it back into the wall. Aargh…it’s almost the same feeling, except this time there’s no pulling action just shier pain. I feel drowsy…I can’t concentrate well

“So, Big PR, are you gonna tell me where it’s at?” his voice sounds as if he’s a giant.

I grunt something…but I can’t tell what I said…damn, I hope I didn’t tell him…everything is starting to go black…I can’t see his face as I speak…I can tell…that I’m…saying something…I can feel my mouth move…it stops and I suddenly feel a slap across my face…they just dropped me…I can barely hear a thing…what was that? A blast of some sort…what are they doing…blowing up the place…everything dark, lifeless. It’s time old man; it’s time for you to finally pass on.

“Cris don’t give it up.”

“Why, Tony?”

“You’re a hero, Cris.”

“Tommy I don’t have anything to live for, there are other heroes, especially in this city.”

“C’mon, Cris, you have been talking to us the whole time you were here, if you didn’t want something to hold onto, to fight for, you wouldn’t have reached us. Think about your family, Cris.”

“What family, Tony? You guys are my family and you are both dead.”

“Don’t forget about dad and mom, Cris.”

“And the others.”

“What others, Tommy?”

“…The other family members that you have.”

A flash of images come before my eyes and illuminate the darkness. I see people that I know and some that I do not recognize.

“For example, Rey.” The images stop and Rey Tormentor comes up. “Though you are mad at him right now he is not at fault.”

“I know, Tony” I reply

“He did what any friend would do to protect. He is like family you have known each other for over half a century.” As Tony finishes I get a feeling of home and family.

I turn around, or at least it appears that I have I can’t tell in this plane of existence, and I see my beloved family; My mom, my dad, brother, but oddly not my sister.

“Mom, Dad, Junior?” they all shake their heads. “My…my God, I have missed you guys so much. …I feel responsible for your death, I always have.”

“No, Mijo, it wasn’t your fault.” My father says as he walks up to me along with the rest of my family. Just like with Tony and Tommy I failed to arrive on time.

“Mijo you can’t give up on this, you make us proud everyday. Imagine all the lives you’ve saved, and stop looking at the ones that you couldn’t. It is not in your power to know where to be all the time. When a person is truly meant to die they will, and if not then you will come in and save the day.” My older Brother, Junior, says with a smile as he puts his hand on my head as he used to do when we were kids.

“Remember, Cris it is your destiny to be a hero, and no matter what your past is you must forge ahead into the future knowing that you are a hero. Continue to fight for those who can’t, protect the innocent, and bring justice where it is not present.” My mother says as she comes to embrace me.

“…You guys have reminded me of who I truly am, and why I need to fight on and never give up.” I say as I return my mother’s embrace.

“Remember what I told you, son, ‘Live long, live strong and never give up.”

“I will always remember that, Dad.”

“Good, son, and remember we are always with you.”

They start to head away from me into the darkness, “Wait, where’s Connie?” I yell.

“She is s….”

I couldn’t hear what my brother said thanks to the noises of a vicious battle ensuing in the training room of Ulrich’s mansion. It suddenly stops; I think the battle has ended. I try to open my eyes but to no prevail. I hear heavy foot steps approach me, I tense my body up to prepare it for an attack.

“Yo, Big, can you hear me?” It’s Rey’s voice.

“Uugh,” it’s the only thing that I can muster out of my mouth.

“Good, you’re still kickin’, somewhat. The team is here, and we’re gonna take you back home, your safe.”

I couldn’t think of what ‘team’ he was talking about, since he makes friends easily but I didn’t care….home, Tommy and Tony, I’m going home.

I have come from a past filled with darkness to a future filled with hope and light. I will remember you my dear family, I will live on knowing you are there.

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