The True Past: Dark Beginning

“Ha, ha, I tol you, mang, that I would ween at Dominoes. It my game.”

“What ever…hey look that thing is off his head.”

“Less go check on em, Marc.”

“Hey this dude don’t look right…holy shit he’s dead.”

“No Whay, he can’t die, we nee his ass.”

“Crap, boss said that he could die from dis damn thing. Hey come help me take off his chains.”

“Hell no, ar you cracy? I ain’t gonna do dat.”

“We needs to bring dis foo back, man. Or else da boss is gonna kill us.”

“Fine, pero I don like et.”

“What ever I got this side you get the other side.”

“Okay, now lay him on his back and perform CPR.”

“Wha da hell! I ain’t doin’ dat sheet, screw dat. Why don you do it, heh?”

“Because I gotta…push down on the guy’s chest jackass.”

“No, no, no, no I will do da pushink an you do da damn kiissing,”

“Man, just freakin’ do it!”

“Go to hell fruit cake!”

“Damn you guys are stupid.”

“Oh crap, he ain’t dead!”

I punch the Cuban guy in the nuts with my right hand and with my left hand I grab the white guy’s throat. The Cuban is on the ground holding them as I lift his friend in the air. I want to kill them; in fact I think I will…wait, no. Damn it snap out of it. You’re not a killer, at least not any more, you’re a hero. Remember that.

I sock the guy I’m holding hard in the jaw. I hit him so hard that I accidentally break his jaw. I approach the Cuban and hover over him. “Where’s your boss?” I demand

“I don know, really I don know,” he says as he cowers away from me.

“Fine, where are the keys?” I ask.

“Here, mang, take ‘em.”

He holds out the keys and I punch him in the face. I didn’t put much power behind it, but it still ended up knocking him out. What’s wrong with me I can’t control my strength, it’s like I have more power or something, but I can’t concern myself with that right now. I pick up the keys and head to the door. I look out the little opening that the door has and see two guards walk by. I open the door softly and approach the guards. I grab their heads and knock them together, instantly knocking them out. I drag their bodies to the room that I was in and lock the door. As I walk down this long grey metal hall way I hear the voice of that Arian bastard. I know now that he killed my parents, I’m going to tear him limb from limb, and slowly torture him ‘till he begs to die. But, I won’t let him die. No, I won’t give him the satisfaction.

I continue on and hear his voice more clearly. “Mm, I can see it now, once we get that device we will be unstoppable!” he said as he chuckles.

“Really? Now I’m gettin’ real excited, tell me about it Van,” said a female voice, the voice almost sounded like Rachel’s but more cenacle.

I fade out of the conversation and realize that Ulrich still has Rachel, my hatred and anger subside and my priorities are changed. I have to listen to more and I need to get closer to the corner so that, if I have to, I can pounce on him.

“Ooh, it’s much too good for words. You have to see it your self. But, thanks to you we got the only man who knows where it is. Good job, Scarlet Manslayer…or should I just call you…Rachel?”

What the hell? Did Ulrich just call her…Rachel? Oh no, I should’ve seen it coming, damn it.

“Ha! You can call me which ever one, babe.”

“You know I was just thinking how easy it was for you to snag Cris like that.”

“Well that’s the advantage of have a seductive power over who ever I want.”

I close my eyes in disbelief, I didn’t see it coming. I back up from the corner and start to devise a plan. Screw it, screw it all. I have nothing to lose, I will never give in.

“Hey, Rachel, I told the guys to keep beating Cris when the thing comes off, you know so that he won’t be able to concentrate and think straight,” he pauses, “ I was thinking that you should go in there and try to get it out of him.”

“Good idea, Van, I think that you should put me in chains that way I’m not suspicious.”

“Great idea, Rachel, I knew that there was more of a reason than you having a nice body that attracted me to you.”

I have heard enough. I’m not going to just sit here and do nothing, I’m going in. I turn the corner and see that Ulrich and Rachel are about to go in for a kiss. I can feel my rage return, I drop kick Ulrich at his body sending him across the room in his chair. Rachel gets up and punches me in the face, but I don’t budge. I smack her away from me with my back hand. She flies across the room and into a book case located to the left of me.
I search for Ulrich but all I see is his chair.

I hear a mumble and suddenly I am surrounded by a dark pit with tentacles, it’s the same one that dark powered heroes have.

“Ulrich, show your self!”

“Come on, Cris, I told you that you can call me Van,” he says from within the shadows.

“Heh, do you think that these little tentacles can hold me back, Ulrich?” I step away from the dark mass with ease, how I don’t have the slightest clue.

“Impressive, Cris, you have gotten a lot stronger thanks to getting your memory back. Since you got it back, thanks to me, shouldn’t you owe me some gratitude?”

I say nothing as I approach the shadow that is most strong in the room. I grab him and throw him into the fire in the fire place that was illuminating the study.

“Since fighting is inevitable please mind my books, they’re very expensive.”

“Don’t you ever shut up?”

“No, Cris I don’t.”

He gets up and wipes himself off. The fire didn’t affect him; he was used to extreme heat. Even though he doesn’t have fire power he always loved the mesmerizing dance of a strong solid flame. He smirks at me and tells me that he learned something new. His right hand glows the same color as the jewel on the head band that was on my head earlier, except just a little bit deeper.

He lunges toward me with his right palm open exposing the orb shaped energy. I duck as he follows through with the punch. I put his arm in a vice hold and force him to the ground. I kick him in the head and then I grab him by the throat and throw him across the room. He crashes into one of his heavy oak book cases. The books come raining down on him as he lays there. I walk up to the case and throw it down hard on his back. The heavy oak crushes on his back as he tries to lift him self. I stare at his limp body, but I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done to him. I want to do more pain, more damage, but I shouldn’t I know better. I hear Rachel shuffle over in the corner. Now that I think about it I recognize that name ‘Scarlet Manslayer’ she was one of the students that I trained when I was in the SUPERS, we didn’t take her because she was too homicidal.

“Rachel, you should have changed your ways.” I see her holding her midsection as she stands. “I have a question for you, how is it that you guys still look so young?” I say so that I could draw attention away from my movements. I stand far enough away from her to strike me but, for me to easily lunge and strike her down.

“You, Big PR, you are the reason we still look youthful,” she says as she wipes blood from her mouth, “Back when you and Van ruled over this syndicate he took blood from you, since he knew you were much older than you looked,” I know everything that she is telling me, it just serves for a distraction for my strike.

“Really now?” I say

“Stop right there, Big PR, I know what you are doing.”

I lunge forward to grab her but she moves out of the way. I turn around to find that she is ready to throw a ball of fire. She throws it but I dodge, then with her opposite hand she throws another one. This time she hits me square in the chest with it, I stumble back. I can tell that she is hurt, it felt weak.

“Wow, I didn’t know that you could do that.”

“I kept it from you. I didn’t have it all those years ago, but now I have mastered it.”

“Sorry to say this, but mastered you have not. It was pathetic, weak, despicable.” I laugh in her face to get her mad, and it seems to be working, no one fights well when they’re angry, I remember that now.

“Screw you, hero.”

I smile and come closer to her. Her hands light up with flames, the rage shows threw her eyes and I can tell that I got her in the palm of my hands.

“Try this for size, Big PR.” She sticks her hands out in front of her and begins to build up a fierce fire attack. I step back some. She releases the attack and it engulfs me in a raging ball of scorching red-hot flames.
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