The True Past: Dark Beginning

I showed Rachel all the places that I could that were safe enough for her. We formed a bond, pretty quickly I might add, as I showed her the sights. I finished the tour and we headed to DR Warren’s office. I distracted myself by making Rachel laugh with stupid jokes and what ever else I could do to put a smile on someone’s face. I enjoyed making people smile, especially girls, since I know that times are rough in the city and around the world. I guess I get it from my parents; they always cared and were always kind to everyone. We landed by the doctor’s building and approached the door. The door was cracked open and you can see that the light inside was on.

“Yo, DR Warren where are you?” Rachel said

There was no answer and I was getting worried. There were papers on the floor and the place looked as if there was a scuffle that just happened.

“Gilbert, where are you?!” I yelled.

“There’s no need to yell damn it! I’m in the crapper mailing a package, you know dropping off the kids at the pool, delivering the brownies I’ve been cooking up,” Warren shouted from his bathroom down the hall.

“OK! That’s enough talking about using the rest room, we get it,” Rachel shouted back at him with a hint of disgust in her voice.

I laughed and sighed in relief. The good doctor flushed the toilet, washed his hands and came out.

“You scared me there for a little bit, I thought that someone had kidnapped you or something,” I said as he approached me.

“Can’t a man take a dump in piece? What would make you think that someone came and kidnapped me?”

“Well, the place is a pig sty and the front door was open,” Rachel said.

“Oh yah, sorry ‘bout that I’m unorganized sometimes and I sometimes forget to shut the door when I’m doing a mad rush for the toilet to relieve a monstrous,”

Rachel interrupted him, “There is no need to finish that sentence, Doctor.”

Warren laughed and put his hand on her back, secretly wiping his hand dry on her jacket, he tried it with me but I gave him a look to let him know that he isn’t going to succeed in doing that, and so he wipes it on his pants.

“I’m just messin’ with ya. Some what, that forgetting thing is true. But, the papers are on the floor because as I arrived here I remembered that I kept a paper on both of you guys, unfortunately I didn’t find them, I think I gave them to my assistant. Speaking of, where is that boy at anyways?”

As the doctor frantically looks for his phone I catch Rachel staring at me and my masked face. “Are you ok, Rachel?”

“Oh yah, sorry ‘bout that. I’m tired and I was just dazing off into space.”

“And what a mighty fine space you were gazing into,” I said jokingly.

Rachel giggled at my conceded remark, “If you say so,” she said to keep the joke rolling.

“Well you guys, it’s getting late and I can’t find my phone right now so might as well call it a night. Rachel, you can stay at Big PR’s house,” Warren said as he got his coat.

“Woe, how can you just say that Doc?” I said with a little irritation in my voice.

“Well I have a very small place and my wife wouldn’t take kindly to a young girl staying over.”

“But I didn’t see your wife here and this place is big enough, I mean I have no problem with it but you just up and volunteered me to do this,” I said.

“First of all, this isn’t my house it’s my office, I only sleep here when the misses gets mad or if she is on that time of the month, and second, if you don’t mind why are you bitchin’?”

I had no choice but to take Rachel with me home. It felt awkward to me letting a stranger in my home, plus I won’t be able to take off my mask. But, I had to do it so I did. I took her to my home just outside of Paragon City, it was nothing too fancy. It was given to me by the government after I had served in the air force and then the Special Unit of Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, and Radioactive Soldiers, or the SUPERS.

“How did you get this nice house, Big?” Rachel asked as the we pulled up into the drive way in my midnight blue Bentley Phantom that the Government recently gave me for some reason (now that I think about it, it was probably because they felt sorry for wiping my memory.)

“It was given to me for being the leader of a special army unit. Same thing goes for the car.”

“Damn how special was this unit?”

“I was the most special one, at least that’s what I remember, but now I doubt that.”

“Yah, I know how you feel about that. I too have trouble with the whole ‘memories being fake, I think’ thing. How many bedrooms are there here?”

“Three; A master bedroom, a guest room and a work out room.”

“Sounds perfect, I love working out in the morning,” she said with a smile.

We headed out of the car and into the house; by that time of course I wasn’t wearing my costume as to not give away where I live, except my mask I kept that on.

“I have a question,” Rachel said, “how come you haven’t taking off your mask.” She reached to pull off my mask but I didn’t let her. I don’t know why but I didn’t want her to see my face.

“Sorry, for privilege eyes only, your lucky I’m letting you stay here,” I said somewhat rudely as I opened the door. Rachel’s face turned into a slight frown, “Look I’m sorry, Rachel, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just tired. What I meant was that I’m a very private person, I don’t know why, but I am. Plus, we have only known each other for two days, if I show you my face there won’t be any excitement later on,” I said smoothly with a smile.

We entered the house and I showed her where the guest room was, which was directly down the hall from the master bedroom. I said good night and headed to my room. Before I entered Rachel called for my attention.

“Hey, Big PR, earlier when you caught me looking at you, I wasn’t just gazing off into space I was just thinking ‘damn he looks good with it on, wonder if he looks good with it off’. I just felt that I had to let you know that, good night,” she smiles and closes the door.
Her flirting kind of caught me off guard but I didn’t think anything of it.

It seemed as though I barely set my head on the pillow when my door opened and the slim figure of Rachel came in. The only thing covering her naked body was the sheet from the bed in the guest room, I sat up and she sat at the side of the bed she pulled the covers from over me. She mounted me and pulled off my mask. I was about to say something but I felt lust come over me, the attraction was unavoidable, we made love.

It was early in the morning when I felt a strange sensation, the door busted open and the men that we fought in Florida came in, I tried to move but I couldn’t, it felt like I was drugged or something, I looked back on the other side of the bed and blurrily saw that they were taking Rachel as well, I couldn’t really move anything on my body except my eyes and my head a little, I worried about my mask but it was back on. I faded out again as the men through Rachel and I into the car.

The next time I woke up I was in this room, being held up by chains attached to my arms, sitting on my knees and that guy that tried to punk me hovering over me with that shot gun.

There I have made the complete circle I don’t really know what is going to happen but I’m up for it.

“Hey, jackass, you have a visitor,” the punk said as he stepped aside to reveal two males.

One of the guys is the man that set the government facility a blaze back in Florida, and the other man was tall medium built with blonde short hair and bright blue eyes. That man seems familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.

“Hello, old friend. Man it been a while, how long has it been? Sixty years or so?” The familiar blonde man says as he walks up closer to me. His face is serious so I don’t think he is kidding when he says it’s been Sixty years since last we met, but I don’t know especially now and days.

“Sorry, I don’t know you. I don’t think I would want to know you, you seem like an asshole, and I don’t like people who are assholes,” damn this sedative makes me cuss a lot.

“Woe, that’s some powerful stuff you guys put in him, he doesn’t cuss like that. Oh, Cris, I can tell that you don’t remember me, but I know the whole deal with the memory erase.”

“Well, are you gonna tell me who you are? Obviously you know my real name.”

“Cris, I’ve known you for many years and you don’t remember my name?” he starts to fake cry. “Huh, I crack my self up. Anyways, I’m Ulrich, Vance Ulrich. But, you can call me Van, just like you used to.”

“Why did you bring me here, scum!” I try to get closer to him but the chains restrict me so I can’t.

“Cris…you have something that I need. It is something that we killed for and stole.”

“What do you mean, WE?”

“Ha, ha. Well, I guess I must be the one to break the news to you and bring you off of your high horse. You see, Cris, you were once the very thing you hunt now and days. You were the coldest killer, and the most skillful burglar that I had the pleasure of studying under.”

“You’re talking out of your ass, Arian!”

“Is that supposed to be an insult? Well, it’s not Big Puerto Rico. In fact that is my code name. It’s the name that was given to me by you. Just like I gave you the code name Puerto Rico, simple but effective.”

“Heh, whatever, get out of my face before you get hurt.”

“That’s the old friend I remember, you know for someone our age you sure still got your spunk. But, I need the information in your head. That information is vital and is embedded deep within your memory.”

“Don’t you know? My memory was erased; I don’t know my real past.”

“There’s no worry, Cris I have a device that will recover those memories, then you can tell me where the stuff is at, and I’m hopping that when you get your memory back you’ll remember why you joined our syndicate in the first place.”

He turns and grabs a round circular object with a blue crystal in the middle. He smirks and jams it on my forehead. He turns and heads toward the door. As the door to the room slams tremendous pain surges through my brain, ugh…it freaking hurts like hell! …shit, I…can’t concentrate. Through the screams in my head I hear Vance talk to the guards out side…ugh…they come into the room and they are just standing there.

“Okay, we gotta keep a eye out for this guy. Boss says he can’t die through physical pain, but a strong mental attack like this can kill him.”

“Shi, mang, dis ain’t nosing. I can take et. He’s a lil’ wussy!”

“What is it with you and him, you don’t like Puerto Ricans or you just don’t like him because he’s a hero?”

“Aw naw, I love Boricuas, my brotha married gwone. Is that I don like heroes, they no good. They always ruin my planss to steel stuff. Don dey knows dat a mang needs to live?”

Those…damn guards babble on…while I, ugh, sit here taking this horrid pain. I have never felt something like this before, it feels like someone is pulling on my brain…ugh!

“Ha, ha, beech let yo brain fry.”

“Calm down, Carlo, we need to make sure he’s a live or else we can’t get no information off of him.”

“Wha eber, mang.”

Damn it…the thing stopped and is now on the floor. My mind feels blank, ahh. Oh God. M…my memories are coming back, to quick, to much. So much pain…suffering…lies…death…what have I done…I am what I hunt…I…am just a cold blooded murderer…no.
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