The True Past: Dark Beginning

“Cris, are you okay?”

“T…Tony? Is that you? But, it can’t be you’ve pasted away.”

“That’s true cousin, I did die, but that was just my body. I’m always with you in spirit.”

“Tony!” I yelled as I awoke from the unconsciousness. It was dark and the place where I was was not familiar to me.

As I sat there up right in a bed a figure entered the room; it was curvaceous and slender so I knew that it was a woman.

“You okay, Big PR?” Rachel asked as she turned on a light that stood on a table next to the bed.

“Yes, I’m okay. Where are we and where is the doctor?”

“We’re at my house and he’s here. Are you aware how long you were out?”


“It’s not long, just two days. You took a lot of punishment for us.”

“I figure that is why I feel like crap, excuse my language.”

“It’s okay. Look you need to get some more rest you’ll recuperate faster.”

“I don’t like to sleep long…for me it’s like practicing for death, and I think I don’t need any practice,” I said jokingly.

She chuckles at my remark. “What ever you say, soldier. You’re one crazy ass Puerto Rican. Now, I need to get back to bed it’s two in the mornin’”

“Thanks.” I said with a weak smile.

She turned and left the bedroom, she was wearing some sweats and a baby tee, and man was she wearing it well. I turn off the light and fade back into my sleep and back into that dream.

“Cris, you need to know that it wasn’t your fault. I should have told you that I wasn’t able to sign up as a hero,” Tony said. Oddly he sounded more mature, but still like a kid.

“You sound much different, Tony. You sound…a little older.”

“Yah, well when you die you turn to the age you most wanted to be, for me it was fifteen. So I guess you can say that I will be forever young.”

We continued to talk, but that’s not that important right now. I awoke again that morning just two hours later. I felt fine, much better than what I did when I first woke up. Naturally no one was awake at this hour of the morning so I decided to reflect out on her ledge. Her place was beautiful; it was a condo of sort in good old Nawlins. There were people out for a stroll, but not much. There was a feeling about that place, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, I guess it was the magic that surrounded it. As I sat there I felt that someone was approaching me from behind.

“Boo!” DR Warren said as he shook my shoulders. “I scared ya didn’t I?”

“No, Doc, I knew that you were coming up behind me.”

“Of course, you always had a talent for that.”

“So, what’s up?”

“Well we need to return to Paragon City.”

“Okay, when ever you’re ready.”

“Good we will be leaving soon.”

We gathered all of our stuff and headed to the doctor’s nice car, luckily for me the back seat was actually a back seat.( I couldn’t let the girl sit back there so that’s why I was in the back.) We headed up the road for the long voyage. Once again when we ended our trip my ass was asleep, but I didn’t let that bother me simply because I was home.

“What are we going to do, Warren?” I asked

“Not sure, do you feel satisfied with what you know?” Warren replied.

“Hell no, Doc. I’m still confused. I don’t know everything.” I said impatiently.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what to say…I know I’ll contact some of the doctors that were around back when you’re memory was erased, hopefully they still have theirs.”

“Thanks, DR Warren, I’m sorry that I snapped at you.”

“It’s okay, I understand. If you weren’t a superhero I would have kicked your ass,” Warren said jokingly.

I laughed and replied, “I don’t think so, Doc, and even if I wasn’t a superhero you’ll still be too fragile.”

“Holy crap! Look at all those heroes,” Rachel said as she pointed down the street.

To me that was an every day thing, but I guess to a new person arriving it’s spectacular. I had seen the heroes around before but I only knew one, Rey Tormentor. They finished defeating the group of bad guys and stood there for a little bit to regain their energy.

“Hey, Rey!” I called out. It grabbed his attention and he said his good byes to his teammates.

“Is that Rey Tormentor?” Warren asked.

“Yah, but how did you know?” I asked.

“He was with you when you got your memory erased.”

“Wait, what?” I replied with utter confusion.

“He was the one that brought you there, you were unconscious already and he carried you in.”

“Why was I unconscious?”

“Because the patient needs to be when the operation is performed.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My best friend didn’t tell me what those people did to me.

“Was he the one that authorized my memory erase?”


I felt a little better, but still it didn’t belittle the fact that he didn’t tell me. Rey was running toward us but when he saw that DR Warren was at my side he paused for a little and then walked up to me.

“H…hey, Big, wassup?” Rey asked.

I stood in silence for a moment, studying Rey’s body movement. You couldn’t see his face through his helmet but I guarantee that he was surprised to see DR Warren by my side.

“…Look, Big, I know that you can tell that I know DR Warren, I’m not gonna hide it anymore.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I said

“About your memory bein’ erase? Well, they said that you didn’t want to be reminded of your past and that you shouldn’t.”

“What do you mean that I shouldn’t?”

Rey paused as if someone was talking to him. “I gotta go, Big, I promise that I will talk to you soon. See ya later, friend,” he said as he ran off in the distance.

He didn’t seem as much of a friend at that moment. I guess he had to run off the do a mission or something; I didn’t care where he went. I stood there in disbelief and didn’t say a word. I hung my head and Rachel came up to me.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yah, I just feel…betrayed I guess. I don’t know, right now everything is too much for me.”

“You probably need to clear your mind, Big PR,” Warren said.

“Yah, how ‘bout you show this newbie around town?” Rachel asked.

“I’ll be at the office, you know where it’s at, Big Puerto Rico, come over when your done and hopefully I will have contacted some of the doctors and they can tell you more of your past.” Warren said as he patted me on the back.

I nodded my head and picked up Rachel and flew off to show her Paragon City. Hopefully they were right about me just needing to clear my head. I flew past the buildings in Steel Canyon and started the grand tour of the city
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