The True Past: Dark Beginning

The old man paid for the gas and I pumped it into the car. I looked around and saw that everyone that went by looked at me as if I was some freak; I guess they aren’t used to seeing a hero putting gas in a car. In fact I wasn’t used to filling a car up with gas, in my costume at least. We got back into the car and headed about a mile out and arrived at the facility. The lights were on but no one was out side of the gate that surrounded it. The old man parked his car and we entered the main facility. The first thing that we saw was that the guards of the place were all dead and on the floor.

“What the hell happened here?” Gilbert questioned.

We cautiously continued to the room where he had performed the mind swipe. “Is this it, Doc?”

“Yah, it is.”

As he sat there reminiscing I caught a shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye. I saw that it was ready to pounce on DR Warren, so I moved him out of the way. As the Doctor fell the figure pounced on me. It was a chick and she was a talented fighter. She ended up in the mounted position on top of me. She threw a couple of good punches, and tried for a third one but I blocked it. I pushed her light body off of me and she went flying into a near by wall. She immediately got up and lunged towards me. I caught her and threw her to the ground. She kicked for my legs to try to sweep them, but I jumped. In a blink of an eye she pushed herself up and kicked me hard in the stomach sending me straight into the wall. The wall cracked with the collision and fell atop of me.

“Rachel, stop!” DR Warren screamed.

“How do you know me?” She screamed into the shadows where Warren was.

“It’s me Gilbert.” The Doctor yelled back.

I got up and saw that she was distracted. I ran toward her and tackled her to the ground and immobilized her arms.

“It’s okay, Big PR, she is one of us, I forgot to mention that my assistant got a hold of her. She is the other one that was erased. I am sorry that I didn’t mention it, it slipped my mind.”

I got off of the girl named Rachel and helped her up. “I’m sorry, Rachel, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, that’s an instinct of a hero.” She replied.

I finally caught a good look at the athletic girl that I just fought. Her hair was a rusty brown and she had a nose ring on her right nostril. She was decked in an all black get up that looked like it was made for a ninja. She didn’t cover her face and she her straight long hair was down.

“What happened here, Rachel?” Warren asked.

“I’m not sure what happened, when I got here it was already like this.”

“Why are you here so early? I told you that I was going to be here tomorrow.” Warren questioned.

“I couldn’t wait, so I decided that I would come here early and check it out.”

As they wasted their time talking about nothing I started to snoop around to see if I could find anything that pertained to me. I entered a hall way and saw a door open, it sparked my interest. The hall was dark so I couldn’t see that the door said ‘Archives’. The door looked like it wasn’t supposed to be opened so I entered with caution. I pushed the door a little more so that I could fit through it. The place was dark but there was enough light to see some things that were in the room. Nothing but hundreds of file cabinets where in the room. I wondered if my information was somewhere in these cabinets.

It was a good thing that I stayed at the door, because as I stood there contemplating a figured rushed the door. I quickly shut the door and stood in front of it, which stopped the figure dead in its tracks. The figure had a file in one hand and with the other pulled out a dagger. It started to me, it was quick but I was quicker. I side stepped and caught the arm that had the dagger, and continuing with the flow I smashed its head into the door. I disposed of the knife and turned on the light. I looked into the eyes of my attacker. He had long black hair and a black ninja-like mask with marking on the forehead that looked like an ancient Asian character. It looked familiar to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I grabbed the file and saw that is was my file. “Why do you have this?” I asked the masked man.

“It’s time to bring you back home brother,” he replied.

I gave him a head butt, picked him up and threw him into a cabinet. I went up to him to see if he would talk to me but he was out cold. Warren and Rachel ran in and saw me over the man.

“Who’s that, Big PR?” Warren asked.

“I don’t know, but his mask seems familiar.”

“Is he dead?” Rachel questioned as she came closer.

“No, just knocked out.”

“What is he doing here?” Warren said as he joined Rachel and I.

“I don’t know. I stopped him as he tried to escape with my profile,” I said as I gave the Doctor my file. “He told me, ‘It’s time to bring you home,’ then he called me brother. I guess he was just being a smart ass.”

“Is that the only profile that he took?” Rachel asked.

“No. He has your profile in here, too. It was stuffed inside.”

“I don’t think he took yours just because your mug shot looked nice, I think we have a connection to each other somehow,” I said to Rachel as I stood.

We decided to look around to see if we could find any connection that was evident between Rachel and I. Warren looked on the computer as Rachel and I looked around the rest of the room. That guy looked all over the place; there were files all over the ground. I saw one cabinet that he didn’t open, so I forced the lock. After some time of looking I found nothing significant. I walked back, disappointed, to the computer.

“Anything, Gilbert.” I asked.

“Nope, nothing at all.”

Just then Rachel walked up to us and shook her head. We had nothing and we were searching for about Thirty minutes. As I was standing there it dawned on me that no one was looking after the guy that I knocked out earlier.

“Hey, where is that guy at?” I asked.

Both of them just shrugged at me. I quickly ran up to where they had left him. To no surprise I saw that our informer was gone. I ran back to them and told them that the guy was gone and there was no sign of him. DR Warren shrugged his shoulders and continued on his search of the computer.

“I think that you should stop searching in the damn computer, Gilbert.” Rachel said.

“I agree, with Rachel. I think that the computer is a lost cause. Plus there is something about this place. I’m starting to get a bad vibe.” I said

“What’s the matter? Is the big super hero afraid?” Rachel said mockingly.

“Why? Are you getting scared, little girl?” I replied.

“Okay, people, let’s stop the bickering. I guess you guys are right. We need to go anyways.” DR Warren said.

“Where are we going DR Warren?” Rachel asked.

“To Paragon City,” he replied.

‘Good, home.’ I thought. I needed to go back home so that I could soak up all of this day and relax. I was the first one to go toward the door. The place was still dark but I was able to see an out line of a person’s body. The first thing that popped into my head was that it was our buddy back for more, and I was happy enough to give it to him. I quickly realized it wasn’t just that one guy, but many of them. They were waiting for us and I could tell that they wanted to jump us by surprise.

“Guys,” I whispered, “I think that our buddy got some back up and we need to get ready to fight, well me and Rachel anyway.”

“I can fight, too,” DR Warren whispered.

“No, just too dangerous for you, doctor,” Rachel replied.

“I think you should start to run, Doc, when we distract them and engage them. Do you understand?” I whispered to DR Warren. He nods his head.

We continued along as if we didn’t see them at all. And when I reached the door I turned off the lights. Rachel and I bum rushed the group. The glowing from the energy that surrounded my hands gave us the necessary light. For some reason these guys were pretty easy to predict, their moves, for me, were easy to track and counter. For Rachel it seemed as though it was the same thing. The lights were turned on and all there was were the fallen bodies of our wannabe attackers.

“Good job,” The voice came for the person who flipped the switch.

“Who the hell are you?” Rachel asked.

“There is no need to bother with names right now, besides I already know your names so that’s good enough.”

“Fine, what are you guys?” I asked

“In good time, Big PR. You’ll learn the truth.” The guy said as he swiped his long black hair from his masked face. “You’re still pretty strong, Big PR, you nearly put my guy in a coma, but he’ll be okay. Well, it’s time for me to go by, by.” The guy waved and clicked a button on a detonator, and ran off.

“I think we better run, I don’t know how long we have.” I said.

We ran as fast as we could. On the way DR Warren joined our run, and as we turned the corner a bomb blew behind us.

“Holy Crap!” DR Warren screamed.

“I told you to run out of here, why didn’t you?” I asked while we ran.

Before he answered another bomb blew to the right of us. It seemed that the flames of the two bombs were following us.

“You said nothing of leaving the area, you just said to run.”

“Pendejo!” I yelled.

“Oh, so you weren’t lying when you said you knew Spanish”

“There’s no time for jokes, Doc, we need to continue to run!”

We kept to our route when we were about to turn left to another hall, a third bomb blew and stopped us dead in our tracks. The blast threw us to the floor, I was burned a little since I was in the front, but no one else was hurt.

“Damn it! Are you okay, Big PR?” Rachel asked.

“Yah, it’s my job to take the punishment. I can handle it are you guys okay?”

“I’m fine,” DR Warren said as he got back to his feet.

Rachel nods her head and helps me up. There was a stair case in front of us, so we decided to follow it. We reached the top of the stairs saw there was no way out. We started down the stairs but another bomb burst right in front of me. The explosion sent me flying back taking Rachel and DR Warren with me. They fell on their asses but I continued through the wall. The wall was made out of steel, and it seriously hurt. The stairs collapsed and so did some of the floor that was attached to the stairs. Rachel and DR Warren were forced to scoot off their butts and go through the hole that I made with my body. The foundation of the place was starting to crumble. I got up in all of my pain.

“What the hell are we going to do?” DR Warren asked

“I don’t know. It looks like I’m going to have to fly you guys out of here.” I said. We all went to the window that was in the room and saw how far we went up.

“How the hell did we end up so high?” Rachel asked.

“This place has levels that are only accessible through special places. We just went up a shit load of stories with out even knowing.” DR Warren said.

“Why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” I asked

“I can’t remember every single stair case in this damn place!”

As we argued another explosion happened and it blew the room’s door right off the hinges. We all stepped to the side as the heavy door barreled its way through the wall the window was located at. The drop was ten long stories down and for DR Warren and Rachel it wasn’t an option.

“You can’t fly us, Big PR; you could barely hold yourself up, what if we fall?” Rachel asked.

As she finished her sentence the room started to slope to putting the window even higher.

“We have no choice, now!” I yelled. “…Fine I have an idea, if we fall I will take the blow of the fall.”

“What do you mean, Big PR?” DR Warren asked.

“I will break your guys fall; I will take most of the damage.”

“Yah, you’ll break alright. Your body! No way!” DR Warren said.

“Damn it! Just do what I tell you, Gilbert!” I grabbed Rachel and she grabbed DR Warren.

“How are you gonna break our fall?” Rachel asked.

“If I drop you I’ll fly under you guys.”

As we got ready to fly off the biggest explosion occurred and forced us through the window. I couldn’t concentrate enough to fly thanks to the pain that I was feeling. I was close to unconsciousness, so as we were in the air I turned so that they were on top of me, then everything went black.
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