The True Past: Dark Beginning
By: Nelson Carrasquillo

I guess I could start at the funeral of my young cousin…it was about a month ago. Every night I had nightmares of his death. I wasn’t the same, I had a lot of guilt, and I felt responsible for his death, (I guess I still do, but back to the story.) I was more passionate with my crime fighting; it was the only thing that could keep my mind off of my sorrow. I was saving citizens left and right, I guess I was making up for what I couldn’t have done for my cousin. About a couple of weeks ago I was on a routine hunt when an old man was in need of assistance. They were just minions of outcast, so it wasn’t that hard to take them out.

“Oh, thank you, young man,” He said as he picked up his thick glasses. The man must have been at least fifty-eight years old, but he looked like he had been through a lot.

“It’s no problem, sir. Make sure you get home right a way,” I replied as I put my hand on his shoulder. He was a nice man I could tell.

He finally finished cleaning his glasses and put them on. He looked me up and started to smile.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Big Puerto Rico.”

“Oh my Lord, Cristobal it is you.”

That man caught me by surprise, I never seen him before in my life, so how could he have known my name?

“I’m sorry, sir, you must have me mistaken for someone else.” I replied. I was cautious about him; I didn’t want to give myself away just in case he was just a lucky guesser or something.

“No, son, I know who you are. Your father was Juan Esencio and your mother was Isabel Esencio.”

I choked up at the sound of my dead parents names. They were the reason I went to the army, joined the Special Unit of Paranormal Soldiers, and became a hero here in Paragon City after I was injured in battle and received the Purple Heart. Well, to be exact it was their killers who persuaded me to come to the city. I wanted to avenge their death, and the death of my siblings, and make sure the killers were brought to justice, even if it was done by me and me alone.

“Oh, and I almost forgot your brother and sister, Juan JR and Mariah. You see Cris? I do know you. I guess I did a good job if you don’t remember me.”

“What do you mean, ‘good job’?”

“Eighteen years ago, I was instructed to wipe your memory on the wishes of yourself. Though, I never really knew if it was your wish or the government’s.”

I giggled, “I’m sorry, sir, but I think you are probably under stress or something. You’re not making any sense.”

“Just because it doesn’t make any sense to you doesn’t mean that I am senile. I have regretted wiping your mind all those years ago. I wasn’t sure if you truly wanted it, but today I get to do what I wanted to do for a very long time, come with me, Cris.”

The old man started to walk. Though I thought the old man was crazy I still didn’t know how he knew me and my family, so I decided to follow him. He took me to his apartment in Steel Canyon and sat me down on his comfortable Lay-Z-Boy chair. The man was gray in hair and had a typical look for a German, but he was very energetic and he knew Spanish.

Sit down, Big Puerto Rico,” he said in Spanish. “Forgive me; I probably shouldn’t speak in Spanish, I think wiped that out of your memory as well.”

“It’s okay, I know a little bit.”

“Yah, well before me you were bilingual. Anyways, I wanted to tell you your true past, well at least all that I know.”

I didn’t know what to think at that very moment. I was sitting in a home of a stranger who said that he was going to tell me MY life.

“Sir, I never caught your name.” I said before he ventured into his story.

“I’m sorry I forgot to remind you, my name is Gilbert Warren. DR Gilbert Warren, to be exact.”

“Okay, DR Warren. Look, I really don’t know how to say this, but I don’t trust you. For all I know you could be just some guy who is well informed, do you know what I mean? How would you feel if some stranger that you just saved told you that what you remember in your life was all just a lie?”

“I understand that, Cris. Here maybe this would help.”

The old man pulls out a picture of me in my army uniform with him standing by my side. I still couldn’t be sure if this guy was telling me the truth or not.

“This picture would have been good enough, about eighteen years ago but now and days with all the technology, this could be a fake.”

“OK, then. Look on the back of the picture, Cris.”

I looked at the back of the picture and saw some writing that said ‘To my friend, good old Doc Warren. Live strong, live long and never give up!’ It was all in my own hand writing.

“I’m really confused right now, I have no recollection of you, but yet I obviously knew you back then.”

“Yah, you did. But, the closest one I was to was your father.”

“…You knew my dad before he died?”

“Yes, I did. In fact he was the one to that took this picture.”

At that moment my world just crashed. It couldn’t have been, my father died when I was a young boy, no older then Five.

“Wait, what?” I replied. “That can’t be, Doc, my dad died when I was Five years old, along with my mom, and siblings.”

“That’s not the truth, Cris. You see that’s what I was going to tell you. We put that in your memory. Your family died when you were Twenty-Three, or at least appeared to be, you haven’t changed what so ever.”

“That’s not right I’m supposed to be Twenty-Three right now.”

“Well, Cris, you’re not. You see you weren’t there when your family was killed. I don’t know exactly where you were, but I know that you were in Puerto Rico.”

My brain started to ach with confusion. I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I didn’t like it.

“No, you’re messing with my head old man. You’re trying to lower my guard or something.”

“Why would I do that, I’m old I don’t have any desire for your demise. I’m just an old man that wants forgiveness. I know that I wouldn’t want to have my past written out of my memory.”

“I guess you’re right, but this…is just too much. I don’t know what the truth is now.”

“The truth, Cris, is what I tell you. Think about it, I have nothing to gain from your harm, you saved my life just now I would probably be dead if it wasn't for you, and I know that someone else could be as well. You are one of the great heroes of this town; we can’t afford a death of a hero. I am glad that I told you this. This is why I moved to the city, so that I could tell you the truth.”

“Was I the only one that they did this to?”

“No, they told me to erase other’s memories. They were like you, but I don’t know what happened to them. For all I know they are dead.”

“Is that place still around?”

“Where I erased your memory?”


“It is still there. I am not sure if it is still active or not. I could go with you I still got access to files that they hold.”

“Yes, if you have access then I would want you to come with me.”

“Well, then get ready to go to Florida, cause that’s where it is, brother.”

It still didn’t sink in with me. It’s very hard to accept the fact that your history is something other than what you remembered. At least I get to go to Florida, I wanted to see it again, I had good memories there…if they were actually real memories. I didn’t like feeling that way; I started to question every memory that popped into my head. We needed to get to Florida and fast or else my head would explode. I needed to see this place for my self at least that would put my mind to ease. We exited his apartment and went down the stairs. Neither of us brought anything what so ever.

“So, are you going to carry this old man over there?” the Doc said jokingly.

“You’re in good shape for an old guy so you can take care of yourself.”

The old man smiled at me and clicked his car’s alarm off. We entered his nice deceptively fast car. On the way to Florida he had to tell me over and over about the past that was supposedly taken away from me. After hours of driving we finally arrived at our destination. I stepped out of the car to give my butt the break that it deserved. As I moved my legs they almost gave out on me, since they were asleep, but I regained my composure.

“Finally, we have arrived, Cris,” the old man said as I tried to get the circulation back to my legs.

Ah, Florida. I forgot how humid the place was. I was sweating like I just walked in to an oven or something. “This is going to be something else, I hope I don’t have to fight because I’ll probably loose like one hundred pounds.” I said to try to lighten the mood.

“Don’t worry, Cris, you’ll get used to it. You have been here plenty of times.” The old man replied. “Plus you’re a hero.”
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