The True Past: Dark Beginning
By: Nelson Carrasquillo


“Ha, you ain’t so big now, hero,”

“You’re just saying that because I’m chained to this wall. Why don’t you let me go and see how well you can handle yourself then?”

What a predicament. I never thought that I, Big Puerto Rico, would be getting his ass kicked by a thug with a gun. But, he’s not doing it all by himself, he has help. I’m not sure what type of sedative it is or how it got to me, but, I have an idea. This thing is powerful. I can hardly speak; I’m surprised I even got that smart ass sentence out.

“So, you still got some smart ass in ya? Maybe this will fix you up good.”

That bastard hit me with the butt of his gun. He hit me hard, too. But, that doesn’t bug me I used to pain.

“What’s the matter, huh? You can’t hit me with your fist? I guess you sock like a bitch then.”

I don’t really cuss that much, but in this situation I don’t care. The funny thing is that I was right just then. He gives me the hardest punch that he could muster up, and it was…weak.

“Ha, ha, ha, I was right when I said that you hit like a bitch.”

I know that has to get him riled up. I can tell in his body language that he’s going to hit me with that damn gun again.

“Ey, mang, don’t do it. Is okay,” His Cuban friend says as he goes to hold him back. “Say some for later, okay? Pluss tha boss is comin' prutty soon.”

I can tell he is Cuban, thanks to his heavy accent. The coward wisely listens to his friend and heads out of this reinforced room. This place is cold, the walls and floor are very hard, imagine how it is when someone gets into a fight in here. You’re probably wondering how it was that I got in to this situation. Well, it’s a story.
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Review this story
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