The Title of Man
By: Nelson Carrasquillo

Through out the world different cultures have different customs that a boy must go through to cross the thresh hold of adolescence to manhood. No matter who you are, you are not considered a man if you do not complete these certain rituals. These rituals can be as simple as traveling to a certain rural place to something more painful and deadly. For the tribe of Thgil of Mangunu the trail was a trail of both a long journey and grave danger. But unlike the other tribes the Thgil was an elite group of the Mangunu; a tribe located in the middle of Africa, and was a choice of the males of the Mangunu to join. The trial of manhood was held very sacred, and if you vowed to complete this journey and help the other men of the Thgil fight the forces of evil you did so with your life. If one chose to do this mission and didnít finish it, the tribe recognized that the person was a person of evil, and sent out a hunter to either help the person through the journey or kill the person to rid him of the evil in his soul. There are many Thgil tribes men around the world and one is located in this great city of Paragon. He is no ordinary citizen of Paragon city he is a hero. This heroís name is Kumdarey Tortures, but he is better known to others and to himself as Rey Tormentor.

In October 31, 1905, on his fifteenth birth day, young Rey went through the pain staking day of the ritual of blood. Which was the act of cutting patterns into the skin of a certain animal that was the spirit of the young male, for Rey it was an ancient bird that has been extinct for many centuries. After his wounds had recovered the head shaman blessed him and sent him on his journey. This journey is so sacred that it is forbidden to be known by anyone unless they are on the journey it self. But what is known is that the journey is vast and the participant is not expected to come back. Periodically the shaman will make a psychic connection to the traveler and make sure he is still on the path of righteousness.

In 1910, young Rey was unexpectedly taken off course and suffered a head injury doing one of the requirements of the journey. He obtained amnesia and forgot who he truly was. Luckily an anthropologist documenting the tribe was secretly following the young boy and took him under his wing.

Due to the fact that the young doctor thought this whole trial was inhuman he never told the boy that he was doing the journey and just told him of what the wounds were from. Kumdarey continued his life from that point as Rey Tormentor. He joined the U.S. air force and participated in both world wars and also joined the S.U.P.E.R.S. and fought in the Rikti War.

To this date it has been one hundred years since he left home but that is unknown to him. Rey believes that he is only fifty-one years old. Unfortunately the head shaman of his tribe feels that Rey is in need of some assistance. The Hunter has been sent.
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