By: Michael Moore
Part 4

The next few seconds were a blur. Reaper
disappeared in what was his furthest atempt at
teleporting ever. Tectonix leaped up to what was once
the third story of the old apartment building with a
large stone mallet gripped in his hands. The White
Hellion surrounded himself with scorching fire and
rushed the oncoming Tectonix. And finally, Kent, the
hero hunter, ran out of the building and caught the
falling Scarlet Armstrong.
The strain was incredible on the small man. She
had to be at least twice his own weight, at least
that's what he thought. Struggling to not drop her,
he tried to lower the heroine to the pavement slowly.
Reaper reappeared next to him and stared at the
situation for about three seconds, trying to figure
out what was happening.
Overhead, Tec had superheated his normal rock
armor and turned it into something very close to solid
magma. The White Hellion was practically powerless to
stop the big guy's onslaught. Tec swung his mallet
again and again, always missing because his opponnent
was too fast.
"What's wrong? I thought you liked me, by the
way you helped save my life back at the Port." the
Hellion taunted. Tec remained silent and swung his

mallet down towards the top of the Hellion's head. He
dodged the blow, but fell through the large hole the
swing had ripped in the floor.
"You think you're so clever! Just like that joke
of hero down there!" the Hellion screamed. Last time

he had fought anyone, they could only beat him by
destroying their surroundings.
"Yeah, well, I'm actually what you'd call a
professional." Tec said as he shrugged. The Hellion
came at him again, this time with superheated fists,
moving faster than the eye could see.
Tec was able to withstand the heat of the puches,
but they were too strong and and too fast to not do
anything. Whitey was punching with extreme precision,
hitting vital points on around Tec's torso, completely
disabling him.
Back on the street, Reaper had helped Kent lay
Scarlet on the ground without hurting anyone. Kent
didn't know what to do. Technically, he had just
terminated his agreement to take out Scarlet, but
Reaper could still fill his wallet.
As he reached for the replica stun gun made
specifically to take down Reaper, the hero dug his
fist into Kent's stomach. "You're not going to take
me back. Not now, not ever." Kent just felt a large
blast of darkness where Reaper had punched him and let
his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"Your turn!" White Hellion cried as he jumped
over the railing of the apartment porch. Quartz
stepped back. He wasn't too much of a fight.
Luckily, he didn't have to be.
As White Hellion closed the distance between
them, Quartz suddenly put all of his power into
creating a sentient being out of the earth. The golem
slapped the rushing Hellion aside with a giant fist.
"Take your time. My buddy's here to play with
you." Quartz said from behind the safety of the stone
The Hellion grimaced. This was something
completely new, and he had no idea how to approach
fighting this thing. Too bad that he didn't have time
to figure it out, because the golem sent a shockwave
through the ground with a single stomp of its massive
foot. He lost his footing and fell again, not ready
for the assault.
White Hellion stood up, jumped over the second
shockwave, and ran to the creature's left. When he
stopped moving, it took the golem several seconds to
turn around and face him. He smiled behind his mask.
This thing was slower than the other hero.
Thinking quickly, he ran past the oncoming fist
around to the golem's back, face to face with
Professor Quartz. "Oh, uh, hey. Golem!" he cried.
White Hellion ignited his fists again, as well as the
air around him, and began pummelling Quartz. The poor
controller was out virtually instantly. And with his
master, the golem fell back into individual rocks.
Now, there was only the matter of Reaper to take
care of. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" he
called, surveying his surroundings. Drew was nowhere
to be seen in the upper stories of the building, Kent
and Scarlet were unconcious next to each other, and
the two rock brothers were either dead, dying, or
temporarily out of the battle. He preffered the first
to the others.
Reaper, however, wasn't anywhere. It was almost
like he had run away. White Hellion turned around
slowly, trying to see if he had teleported out of
vision. As he turned around, he came face to face
with his enemy and took an unwilling step back. He
hadn't seen it before, but Reaper had small specks of
green amongst his red eyes.
"Well?" Reaper stated simply, crossing his arms.
"Well what?" White Hellion replied as he started
pacing around Reaper.
"When are you going to start fighting? I know
you're tired of warmups by now, and I need a good
warmup myself away from the usual life in Paragon."
"So be it." White Hellion brought out a huge
flame sword, shaped like a scimitar, and began
slashing at Reaper. The weapon was too big to use
accurately with super speed, so he relied on good old
luck to guide his strokes.
But Reaper kept his arms folded and only
teleported inches out of range of each attack. It was
dangerous to play games with such a mad man, but
neither of them would be getting anywhere soon
anyways, so it was best he thought to have a little
fun first.
They kept on like this for a few minutes, neither
of them showing signs of letting up, until White
Hellion dropped his sword and sent a flurry of flaming
punches at Reaper. Reaper ducked and fired and
intense beam of light straight at White Hellion's
face. The cloth was burned off, and for once Reaper
saw the full face of the man who had tortured his
thoughts for months.
The White Hellion had dark tan skin, deep brown
eyes, and a short black beard that would usually have
concealed his strangely white teeth. But now those
teeth were bared, and his eyes were fast becoming
smaller. "Since you wish to see my face, then it is
only fitting that I see yours!" he cried, and grasped
Reaper's head with one hand.
The Hellion ignited his fist one more time, and
started slowly burning away the fabric that covered
Reaper's face. With his left hand, the Hellion
grabbed Reaper's right forearm and began the same
thing. The pain must have been incredible, but

Reaper's arms remained limp, unused to try and break
his enemy's grip.
White Hellion let out a horrible laugh, a sound
that made all the hearts who heard it weep. And that
was exactly what Scarlet was doing. She had woken,
still groggy, while Reaper and White Hellion had been
fighting. It had reminded her of the first time they
had defeated him together. Reaper had teleported out
of her range every time she had tried to hit him after
the battle was over. And now he was dying, one of her
best friends was being killed in front of her eyes.
Without warning, both a high pitched and a low
pitched note erupted from nowhere. It sounded like a
thousand tortured souls, all trying to be saved from
an inevitable fate. But, there were some words among
it, vague words, but they were still there. Scarlet
and White Hellion stopped and listened to what they
were saying."
'From the grave, beyond we shall come. To aid the
master of the Arch, the weaver of the Veil. To come
to pass the memory of all who are beyond, back through
the Arch, back past the Veil. Never seen again, but
heard their voices are. The dead who have come, come
from afar.'
'Remember now, your beginnings, and see now your
end. For comes forth the master, the master of all
death.' With the final word, Scarlet began tugging at
invisible arms that held her throat. Her vision was
becoming blurry, and she could feel her heartbeat
slowing. Doubling over in pain, she tried desperately
to find her transporter, but the hunters had taken it
from her.
"STOP! There is one amongst the waking who
deserves their chance! Release her!" a strange voice
said. This voice was cold, high pitched, and echoed
But, Scarlet did feel the hands release her, and
she could also feel the comforting warmth of blood
rushing back to her limbs. These things listened to
whatever the voice belonged to. Hold on, she thouhgt,
waking ones? Does that mean that they're killing the
Hellion too? She turned back to where Reaper and the
White Hellion had been fighting, but only the White
Hellion was still there.
In Reaper's place, there was a black thing that
was reminiscent of a skeleton. It had bits of what
looked like flesh draped across various parts of its
body, like muscles to joints. But what terrified her
more than anything was the creature's face. Its face
was all black, with the sickly black flesh connecting
its jaws. Its eyes were large, round, and red. They

had a green iris, and a dark pupil with depth
As she gazed at the zombie, it turned to her.
"Hello again, Scarlet. Did you like your rest? I
hope the grave whispers didn't permanently harm you."
"Who are you?" she stammered.
"I'm the being that knows more about the universe
than humans ever will. I told Ferguson once what my
true name is. I am called the Equinox Reaper."
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