By: Michael Moore
Part 3

Tectonix was a very impulsive hero, a word which
here means, unable to keep still long enough to ensure
mission success. Of course, Reaper and Quartz had a
hard time keeping their main defense under control.

It was only the fact that he would be able to stomp in
his attackers face that kept Tec from storming around
the city.
Reaper had surrounded them in a cloud of negative
energy, turning them into shadows by anyone else's
eyes. It was difficult for him to move and keep up
the cloud at the same time, so they had to move
slowly. The streets were dark enough for them to have
been walking without the cloud, but there were some
things you couldn't do without.
"Are we getting near where he is?" Tec asked
quietly. At least he can keep his voice down, Reaper
thought. But he nodded, sensing the White Hellion
nearby. The dead weren't meant to arise again, and
something more than just his magic powers had saved
"So, how'd ya find me?" Tec asked Quartz. Quartz
grinned halfheartedly and shrugged. "I see. He found
you and me."
Tectonix and Professor Quartz were brothers, born
and raised in Washington D.C. They ended up with
similar jobs, and had just so happened to end up at
the same place when they got their powers. They had
been in Arizona, working with a local construction
company, when the shovels breached a huge cavern
filled with toxic waste.
Everyone there fell in, got earthen themed
powers, and came out alive. Tec and Quartz had left
for Paragon City to possibly find a cure and get back
to their normal lives, but parted ways as they grew
too different.
Now, they had come back together for one final
mission, take down the usual psycopath that plagued
the city.
"Hey, Reaper, how come we got to go this alone?
Shouldn't we have found some super group to help us?"
Quartz asked. Tec smiled, his brother, always the
rational thinker. Never took risks.
Reaper shook his head. "I don't want more people
than need to know about this to do so. I can almost
guarantee you that you'll never see life the same way
They continued, waiting for something interesting
to happen. If they had been able to know what would
happen, they would have hoped that the sneaking would
never end.

Kent was leaning against the wall, sharpening a
pocket knife on a spare piece of leather. His eyes
were hidden behind his sunglasses, but his mouth was
twitching every so often into a smile.
Scarlet had been carefully bound. The White
Hellion knew his opponnent, and had chosen the most
unbreakable metal he could get his hands on to make
the cuffs holding her.
She hung her head in defeat. Hours of taunting
and physical harm she could handle, and had done on
several similar occassions. But these people knew how
useless it would be to try to force information out of
her. They were professionals, and had broken her
spirit, and now knew that she would need to be saved
"Your little boyfriend otta get here before too
long, or else we'll just have to cut your pretty red
hair, miss." Kent mocked from his wall. Now that his
captive was hopeless, he could say anything, although
without the desired effect.
She just kept her head down, but he could hear
her sobbing softly. A single tear fell to the floor,
and Kent reconsidered his position. It had been wrong
of them to do what they did. Such acts as they
committed can only be imagined, and cannot be recorded
in any form. To break the spirit of such a person
took extreme measures, and almost inhuman minds.
But Kent was probably the most human of the whole
group. Drew was too thick to know that he even was a

human in the first place. And the White Hellion had
lost his mind before he was born, and didn't care
about any emotions other than happiness and anger.
He didn't have long to contemplate on this,
however, because suddenly, the lower floor caved in.

"Are you sure this is it?" Tec asked. Reaper
nodded and stepped back. This was the simplest part
of the plan. Tec knocks down the building while the
other two watched for any signs of activity on the
upper floors.
Tec concentrated and grew a large layer of hard,
rocky skin. He also grew an exceptionally large chunk
of rock around his fists. When he was done, he carged
the wall of the apartment complex.

The White Hellion jumped up from his chair with
glee. For some reason he was happy that the first
floor of his staging area had fallen in and was
sloping slightly to one side. But he knew what had
Reaper had found him at last. Now there would be
a rematch to test which one of them was strongest.

*May 21, 2004*
*Rogue Isles*
*HELM Base*

"What's going on?" Twelve Helm was yelling at the
scientists in the observation room. The ball of dark
energy was pulsating, disrupting every instrument in
the building.
The staff were too busy to answer, running all
over the room, now glowing red from the emergency
Twelve Helm became angry quickly at this, and
grabbed the nearest scientist by the collar. "What's
happening, and why?" he said simply.
He squirmed in his employer's grip, but managed
to get his message out. "The energy is condensing.
Like water, it's going to make something on its
outside, possibly to create some form of drone. We're
taking precautions now, just in case."
"Precautions? I don't believe in precautions!
Fools! I will not tolerate such unforseen measures!"
Helm cried as he threw the scientist against the
bulletproof and lamenated glass, killing the man but
leaving the glass intact.
The commotion around him didn't cease, but
everyone acted as if they had more importance so as
not to be tossed. Helm groaned and pushed a nearby
intercom button. "Which clone was given the name,
James? We need its replacement."
"Actually sir, James was a test droid. We only
have to make a few repairs and send it back in." the
voice replied.
"Fine, fine. Do whatever you need to." He
depressed the intercom and sighed. His life's work
was quickly going down the drain. He turned to the
huge ball of blackness. "I will control death, just
as I control their lives."

*Present Day*

Drew was busy trying to shoot down the heroes
that had shown up. He had only been expecting Reaper.
He was the only one they were after, after all. Why
did things have to become so complicated?
While he couldn't answer these questions, he
still kept shooting from overhead. But everytime he
shot, the bullets didn't do anything. He could
understand not hurting the big rocky guy, but the
other two just seemed to take it without feeling it.
"Why won't you die?" he said to himself. He was
breathing heavily. Sniping usually didn't make him
tired. It had to be the pressure. Too many people
were depending on him.
Truth was that Reaper was slowly draining the
would be assassin of his energy. It wouldn't make him
collapse, but his aim would be way of, and the energy
he stole was useful for repairing any damage they got.
"You done yet?" Quartz asked Tec, not noticing a
stray bullet hit near his foot. Tec grunted an answer
and continued pummeling the next section of wall that
had fallen from the second floor. "Okay then. Just
wondering if I could lend a helping hand!" Quartz said
as the ground began to shake. He was creating an
earthquake around them, ripping a new fault line in
the Earth's crust.
"Stop it, or the girl dies!" someone cried from
above. They could see White Hellion holding Scarlet
from her handcuffs over the third story ledge.
"Monologue much?" Reaper replied cooly. In
truth, he was trying to think up a way to get her down
without hurting her. He could try his powers, but
that was too dangerous. No one held a hero over a
ledge unless that hero couldn't survive the fall. So
he couldn't save her without killing her.
Quartz stopped his earthquake to gaze at the
Hellion's captive. When he saw her face, he almost
screamed. "Tec! It's Scarlet! Breaker's daughter!"
Tec now stopped his attack too. "No way!
Breaker told her not to leave! Why would she be
"I don't know! She never follows orders!"
"Could you two shut up? I'm trying to figure out
how to save her." Reaper interupted the brothers'
The White Hellion was smiling behind his mask.
Heroes fighting amongst themselves always made the job
easier. But while they were distracted for the
moment, his hand 'slipped,' and Scarlet started
falling head first towards the cold concrete below.
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