The Pain of Team Legacy

By Unknown_Hero

"All right! All right! Weíll stop! Weíll stop!" The man sobbed lightly, on his knees as he begged for mercy. The full moon shone down on the small forest clearing, illuminating the unconscious bodies of the manís friend as he bowed before his opponent. "We wonít bother Mr. Yamada anymore, we swear! We wonít even go near him, as long as you spare our lives! Please, Slayer!" The man lowered his head to the ground and sobbed even harder.

"Hmph!" The Slayer said, looking down at the man. He spit on the ground next to him. "Please, save it! Iím not an assassin, you know. Besides, youíre not even worth killing." He narrowed his eyes at the man.

The Slayer stood over his opponent, his left arm at his side and his right arm leisurely resting his HUGE weapon across his shoulder. The Slayer didnít seem like a very imposing person, at first glance. He was pretty well-built for a boy of 17 years of age, but aside from that, he had the appearance of any normal teenage kid. In the light of the moon, his long blue pants blew in the breeze slightly, and his blue shirt was covered by the red leather jacket the Slayer always wore, with the symbol of a Dragon embroidered in black on the back of the jacket. The boyís hands were wrapped in white cloth, and a white headband could be seen on his forehead, below his spiky brown hair. His green eyes, still fixated on the man, shone lightly in the night, though the man on the ground didnít dare gaze into his eyes, rather summoning just enough courage to gaze at the Slayerís black boots, only the bottom of which could be seen as the long blue pants covered most of the boots.

No, the MOST imposing thing about the Slayer, what had made him a rumor told around the underground of Lord Recluseís Empire, was the HUGE Broadsword that was currently resting on the Slayerís shoulder, a sword he called the Dragon Slayer. Even though the Dragon Slayer was EXTREMELY heavy, the Slayer easily held it over his shoulder, supporting it with just ONE of his arms.

"If youíre going to stop harassing that man," The Slayer sighed, disappointment spreading over his face. "Then my work here is done." The Slayer began to turn, then looked back at the man who was still cowering on his knees. "Pathetic guys like you arenít even worth my time, anyway." He added, and walked away.

Goddamn it... The Slayer thought, heading to the Yamada residence to collect his pay. If I keep getting hired to deal with common low-lives like these, itíll take me a million years to... Slayerís thoughts wandered back for a moment, and he lowered his head a bit. I WILL become stronger, no matter WHAT it takes. And Iím sure Iíve increased my strength tremendously... The Slayer sighed.Maybe Iíve become TOO strong. He looked ahead. There has to be SOMEONE in this cursed Empire that can fight on the same level as me!

                                                    The "Origins" Saga: The Painful Past of The Slayer

Ken and Daisy walked down the old, destroyed road. The road sat on a cliff, and it overlooked a wide forest area. A while ago, Lord Recluse had impounded all cars in the Empire so he could use the scrap metal for weapons and ammunition to continue the War of New Era in Europe, so cars were almost non-existent in the Empire.

"Hey, Ken, where are we going exactly?" Daisy asked, breathing heavily as she tried to keep up with Mach Blade.

Ken turned to her. "Well, I was on my way to Recluse City when I bumped into you, so I figured-"

"RECLUSE CITY?!" Daisy exclaimed, running up to Mach Blade. "WHY ARE WE GOING TO THAT DUMP?!" She waved her arms in protest.

Ken put up his hands defensively. "Well, Recluse City WOULD have people that might know where Rose is."

Daisy looked at Ken in confusion for a moment, then smiled mischievously. "Oh, you mean your GIRLFRIEND!" She said, poking Mach Blade in the face. "So, her nameís Rose, huh? Thatís so CUTE!"

Ken blushed. "Sheís not my-"

"Not your girlfriend, right." Daisy said mockingly, walking leisurely ahead of Ken. "Well, I suppose if youíre going to Recluse City, youíre going to need money." Daisy lifted her arm and flexed her muscle. "I can help you with that! With my brawn and your brains, we can get all the money we need!" Daisy laughed.

Ken walked over and squeezed Daisyís muscle, which easily collapsed under his pressure. Daisy pulled her arm away, and then slapped Ken across the face.

"Donít take me so lightly!" She said, her expression angry once more. "Iíll have you know I was trained by one of the greatest Martial Artís teachers of all time!"

"Really?" Mach Blade said as nice as possible. "Whatís his name?"

"Oh, her name was..." She then punched Ken across the face. "DONíT ASK ME THAT!"

This is going to be a pleasant trip... Ken thought sarcastically as Daisy rushed ahead of him.

"Hey Mach Blade! Last one there buys the food!" Daisy said teasingly as she ran ahead. Ken smiled a bit.

But she reminds me so much of Rose... Ken thought.

Ken looked up and saw that Daisy had stopped farther down the road, and was looking out over the edge of the road into the forest clearing. She turned and yelled back to Ken.

"Hey, thereís a small town right here! Be prepared to pay up!" Daisy giggled and jumped down the rocky cliff.

"Daisy!" Ken yelled, running with phenomenal speed to where she had jumped, and looked down the cliff. Daisy was smiling up at him as she easily bounded from jagged outcropping to jagged outcropping, slowly making her way down the cliff. Looking across the horizon, Mach Blade saw a small clearing that held several small buildings, obviously a town of some sort.

"Iíll be waiting at the nearest restaurant!" Daisy laughed as she landed on ground at the foot of the cliff. She then bounded into the forest.

"Sheís so reckless..." Mach Blade thought, sighing as he easily ran down the face of the cliff. "Yet another trait they share..."

"Wow, look at this place!" Daisy said, running around to the various stores in the town. The town appeared to be one large market, with small stores selling food, weapons, traveling gear, and various trinkets. Though many people were walking around, it was obvious that no one lived in this town, since there werenít any inns or houses.

"I guess it would be advantageous to place markets in between cities like this..." Mach Blade commented as he eyed several VERY expensive rifles in the windows of one store. "Since no one has any cars anymore, I guess places like these could do very well business-wise."

"Hey, Ken..." Daisy said, thinking aloud. "Since this town is so far away from the police stations and such, wouldnít it be easy to-"

A loud crash interrupted Daisy as she and Ken turned to see a jumping out of one of the windows of a nearby store, crashing through the window as he made his escape.

"STOP! THIEF!!!" The store owner yelled as the man ran towards the woods rather quickly. Mach Blade was about to take action when...

"Oof!" The man cried out as he was hit in the abdomen by a boy who had just entered the market town. The hit caused the man to crumble to the floor in pain.

"Man, I canít stand thieves." The boy sighed, looking up as he and Mach Blade saw what was obviously the townís police chief run up to the now-unconscious thief. He rolled the thiefís body over and placed some cuffs on him while he looked up at the boy. The officerís eyes settled on the large sheathed sword on the boyís back.

"Youíre that guy everyone calls the ĎSlayerí, arenít you?" The officer asked as two other officers showed up and took the thief away. "I thank you for your help here. As you can see, this town is pretty short-handed when it comes to law enforcement, and we could-"

"If youíre asking me for a job, you can forget it." The Slayer said bluntly as he started to walk past the police chief. "Iím only here to eat and then move on."

"Oh, no, I wasnít asking you to become a police officer, of course..." The police chief said, still facing away from the Slayer. "But I DO have an offer that you might be interested in, considering your profession."

The Slayer stopped for a moment. "Tell you what. Treat me to my meal and Iíll listen to what you have to say." He said, without turning to face the police chief. "But I warn you, Iíve been pretty disappointed with the jobs Iíve gotten lately. If this is another personal squabble involving weaklings, you can count me out."

"Oh, I assure you..." The police chief said, eyeing Mach Blade and Daisy as the two entered a nearby restaurant. "There arenít any weaklings involved in this."

"All right! Look at all this food!" Daisy said, drooling slightly as she saw several orders being prepared in the kitchen area of the restaurant. "And I donít have to pay a cent!" She said, grinning as she turned to Ken. "Isnít that right, Ken?"

Ken turned to her and blushed. "Well, I guess I do owe you for your outfit..." He said as he led the two of them to a table. "But I donít... exactly..." He blushed even more. "Iím kind of broke..."

Daisy punched Ken in the face. "You idiot! You still have that money you stole from me, donít you?!"

"Huh?" Ken looked at her. "No, I gave that to a local charity right before we left the city." He laughed lightly. "After all, it wouldnít be right for us to use stolen money for ourselves, now would it?"

Daisyís face turned to a crimson hue, and Ken could almost see the smoke come out of her ears. "YOU MORON!!!" She yelled, causing everyone in the restaurant to turn to them as she began to throw punches at Mach Blade (which he easily blocked with his hand). "HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO STUPID?! THAT WAS MY MONEY TOO, YOU BIG JERK!!!"

"Please, Daisy..." Ken said, still blocking her punches. "Youíre making a scene..."

"I CANíT BELIEVE YOUíD-" Daisy stopped as she saw several people on the floor, ignoring them as they tossed dice on the ground. She smiled and stopped hitting Ken.

"Uh, Daisy, what are you..." Ken asked, watching her leave the table and join the men.

The men looked up as the saw the smiling girl join them. "Hey guys!" Daisy said as high-pitched as possible, putting on the best "young, innocent girl" routine she could. Ken looked puzzled as he watched her from the table. "What are you doing here?" She asked as she picked up one of the dice and looked it over.

The men smiled, and one of them answered. "Weíre playing a little game, baby." He said, taking the dice from Daisy. "Itís called ĎOdds or Evensí. Pretty simple. Guess right, and you get money. Guess wrong, and you lose money. Wanna play?" He looked around, and his friends nodded, smiling slyly.

"Well, I guess Iíll try it!" Daisy said, taking out a $10 Bill. "This is all I have. How much will I get if I guess right?"

"Youíd double it, baby." The man said, still smiling. "Of course, youíd lose it if you guess wrong. How about it?"

"Hmm..." Daisy pretended to think it over as she reached into one of the pockets in her orange outfit. "OK! I guess I can try one or two!" She placed the $10 in front of her, and the man handed her the dice. "Iíll say... Evens!" She shook the dice and tossed them on the floor. The dice landed: one and one.

The man smiled. "Nice work! Here." He handed her a $10 Bill. "Why donít you try again?"

Several minutes later...

"Wow! I won again!" Daisy laughed as the dice landed: 3 and 4. The other men, by this time, had their mouths open in shock. "Letís see..." Daisy thought. "320 times 2 equals 640! Wow, I guess Iím pretty good at this!"

"Yeah, you are..." The man growled, and he and his friends got up. "A little TOO-" He stopped short as he saw Mach Blade stare at him from the table, his hand on the hilt of his sword. He swallowed hard, then motioned to his friends. "Letís cut our losses and go." The others looked at him in confusion, but he was already at the door. "NOW!" He yelled, and the group ran out of the restaurant.

Daisy giggled slightly as she returned to the table with a new wad of cash. "Not too bad!" She said, smiling as she took her seat. "Iím pretty lucky, huh?"

"Luck had nothing to do with it." Ken said, reaching across the table and into one of her pockets. As Daisy protested, Ken pulled out 6 dice, which landed on the table, each a different number. "Itís not nice to use loaded dice in games of chance." Ken scolded.

"So, what do you say, Slayer?" The police chief asked as Slayer took another bite of his chicken. "Do we have a deal?"

The Slayer finished his chicken leg and narrowed his eyes at the police chief. "Let me get this straight: you want me to fight this guy, even though he hasnít done anything to you, and on top of that, you donít care if he lives or dies?" The Slayerís tone became harsh. "You must be mistaking me for an assassin or mercenary of some kind. And Iíd be willing to bet that youíre not just acting on your own behalf, either. But..." The Slayerís tone became somewhat softer. "The money seems good, and if what you say is true, this could be a real test of my skill..." The Slayer got up. "OK, Iíll do it. But I warn you, if this turns out to be another waste of my time, my payment will be beating the crap out of you instead of the money, understand?"

The police chief smiled up at the Slayer. "You wonít be disappointed, Slayer. I guarantee it."

"Oh, yeah!" Daisy said, leaning back in her seat. The empty plates stretched out between her and Ken. "What a feast! It feels good to be full after 3 whole days of nothing!"

"Iím still surprised you ate so much!" Ken said, finishing his cup of tea. "How do you keep such a good figure?"

"DONíT ASK A WOMAN THAT!" Daisy yelled, and Ken apologized.

The door to the restaurant opened, and a boy stepped in. Ken instantly recognized him as the same one who had stopped the thief earlier that day. He looked around the restaurant.

"Iím looking for the guy that calls himself Mach Blade! Show yourself!" The man yelled across the restaurant. Ken sighed and stood up, along with Daisy.

"Iím the one youíre looking for..." Ken said, looking a bit puzzled as he observed the boy.

"You. Me. Outside. RIGHT NOW!" The boy yelled, exiting the restaurant.

Ken and Daisy followed the boy outside the restaurant. By now, night had fallen, and the cool wind blew the dirt around the boy as the full moon illuminated the market town.

"Why are you bothering Ken like this?!" Daisy demanded, and the Slayer smiled.

"Itís my job, little girl." The Slayer chuckled, and Ken held Daisy back as she threw another fit. "Iím known as the Slayer, and Iíve been hired to fight you, the one called Mach Blade! I was told I would be given a good fight, so youíd better give me one! Otherwise..." The Slayer reached over his shoulder and grabbed the hilt of his Dragon Slayer. Withdrawing it slowly, the huge sword gleamed in the moonlight as he brought the sword in front of him. "Iíll have no choice but to kill you with all the power of my Dragon Slayer!"

Daisy gasped slightly, but Ken narrowed his eyes and walked forward. Daisy began to follow him, but stopped when Ken looked back at her, a serious expression on his face that she had never seen before. Ken turned back to the Slayer. "If you want to fight me, thatís fine." Ken said in a much more serious tone then Daisy had ever heard. "But not here, in this town. I will only fight you if we go someplace where no one else can become involved. Is that OK with you?"

The Slayer smiled. "Heh, thatís fine with me." He looked at Daisy. "Sword fights shouldnít be witnessed by little girls, anyway."

"WHY YOU-" Daisy began, but stopped as Ken made a motion with his arm.

"Daisy, go back into the restaurant and wait for me." He kept his eyes on the Slayer as he said this. "This wonít take long."

Daisy, a bit surprised by all this, did as she was told. The two warriors were soon facing each other in a small clearing in the middle of the woods. Unknown to them, however, was the police chief, who was watching them, wearing a pair of glasses. The glasses were actually connected to Lord Recluseís database, and the lenses themselves were screens that allowed one wearing the glasses to see things that couldnít be seen without the glasses.
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