The "Origins" Saga: Team Recluse

Death Blade closed her eyes, concentrating. In the next instant, she opened her eyes and sliced at all 25 targets with her sword, moving so fast her body was only a blur. Death Blade landed and looked back at her work as she lowered her sword; the blade of which was glowing with an odd red energy. The expression on Death Blade’s face was full of hate and dissatisfaction as she finally sheathed her sword.

Death Blade was in the Training Room of Recluse’s Internal Security Headquarters. The Internal Security Agency helped maintain "order" in the Empire while Recluse was focusing his attention on Europe. Soon after the Recluse defeated the former United States, several large rebellions formed to challenge Recluse’s new Empire. The rebellions were quelled, but Recluse feared that, once his main forces were concentrated in Europe, a large rebellion might be successful in overthrowing the Empire during his absence. It was because of this that Recluse formed the Internal Security Agency, and assigned a small portion of his soldiers to maintain the Empire while he went ahead with his plans to take Europe.

"I see you've increased the number of targets again." Kill Shot mused as he stepped into the Training Room, his Assault Rifle slung over his shoulder. "Lord Recluse is already more than pleased with your performance in the field, you know. Yet you're still in here 8 hours a day, every day." Kill Shot smiled and shook his head as he set up his own training program in another section of the room. "Why not take a day or two off?"

Death Blade spat on the floor, sheathing her mystic sword and turning her expression to Kill Shot. "I could care less about what Lord Recluse thinks of me." She marched to the door of the room. "One cannot gain more power if one does not train, isn't that right Kill Shot?" She said coldly as she eyed Kill Shot. And with that, she abruptly left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Death Blade walked down the corridor of the Internal Security Agency that led to the Main Conference Area, her black leather trench coat flapping leisurely about her as her black stiletto boots clicked on the metal floor of the corridor. Underneath her black trench coat, Death Blade wore a black tank top, leaving her midriff bare above her skin-tight black pants. As she walked down the corridor, Kill Shot adjusted her black finger-less gloves, then adjusted her long, crimson hair, which was neatly tied back in a ponytail. All the while, her hardened face showed the same angry, hateful expression on it as always; in the entire time Death Blade had been a member of the Internal Security Agency, no one had ever seen that expression leave her face.

"Going with the way of the Lord, eh Death Blade?" Ghost asked as Death Blade entered the Main Conference Room. Death Blade turned to Ghost; he was kneeling at the Conference Table, praying (as he did every morning). Death Blade grunted and turned away, taking her seat at the Conference Table.

Ghost was dressed in his usual black shirt, black pants and black trench coat as he prayed. His outfit was adorned with the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religious symbols, engraved in white on the back of his trench coat in a triangular pattern. His black boots were at a perfect 90 degree angle with the floor as he prayed, and in his white-gloved hands, Ghost held three necklaces, each one featuring a different religious symbol. His religious convictions aside, Ghost was actually quite handsome, with short, wavy black hair and light brown eyes; it was surprising that someone so young and handsome would devote his life to God.

"Good morning, Death Blade." Noid said in his monotone voice as he entered the Main Conference Room.

Noid's mechanical body would startle most people, but despite the fact that he was an android, Noid displayed very human qualities. Not surprising, considering that he was the prototype for an entire line of androids that was originally created by Crey Industries. Of course, Crey Industries Headquarters was destroyed by Lord Recluse, and the company liquidated when Lord Recluse became Emperor. As it was, Noid had a silver, metallic body, limbs, and face that did nothing to disguise the fact that he was an android, and Noid preferred it this way. As Noid took his seat, Death Blade walked over to a girl that was sleeping in the corner of the Conference Room.

"How many times have we asked you NOT to sleep in here?" Death Blade asked as she nudged Wildra with her sword sheath. Wildra woke up and stretched out her arms and legs in opposite directions, stretching her body as a cat would.

And for all intents and purposes, Wildra DID act like an animal, even though she was obviously human. As Wildra uncurled, her attire (or lack of) was clear to everyone around her. She wore no footwear, no gloves, and had only a tiger-striped two piece bikini to cover her. Her long, blonde hair was quite matted at the moment, but her eyes were the most interesting: they resembled not the eyes of a human, but rather that of a cat or a tiger; one of the very few PHYSICAL attributes she shared with the animals she loved. Wildra got up and immediately took her seat at the Conference Table.

"What is it this time?" Wildra yawned, looking around the table. Not everyone was seated yet.

Kill Shot (who had just finished his training) came into the Conference Room at that moment. His red-and-silver full-body armored suit shone, even in the dim light of the Conference Room, and his red and silver metal boots clanged loudly on the concrete floor. His red-gloved hands adjusted the Assault Rifle on his shoulder as he took his seat, his face (as always) hidden behind a red and silver mask that had ventilation ducts at it's sides to allow him to breathe better. In the entire time that Kill Shot had been a member of Recluse’s Internal Security Agency, no one had ever seen his face, or for that matter, seen what he looked like outside of his suit.

"So, are we going to be killing anything today?" Kill Shot asked eagerly as he looked around the Conference Table. Ghost sighed as the room darkened and transmission began. The members of Recluse’s Internal Security Agency would always received their orders via the hologram projector that was located in the center of the Conference Table. Usually, their orders were simply to patrol certain areas in which Lord Recluse considered suspicious of rebellious activity, but today was different.

"Attention Team Prime!" Lord Recluse's face appeared in the middle of the table, his voice loud and commanding. "I have received word that a minor rebellion has occurred in the South-Western SPIDER Province of the Recluse Empire. The local Extermination team is overwhelmed at the moment, so I need you, my most skilled and trusted team, to handle the situation. That is all." Recluse's face vanished, and the transmission ended. Such short transmissions were common for Lord Recluse; he was focused on Europe, and wasted as little of his time as possible on the countries he already conquered.

"Alright!" Kill Shot said, cracking his knuckles. "It's been awhile since my Rifle got a crack at some people!" Kill Shot gently stroked his Assault Rifle. Death Blade sighed disgustedly as she typed in the coordinates on the panel in front of her. In the next instant, the team was teleported across the Empire to the South-Western SPIDER Province.

Upon arriving at the South-Western Base, the team immediately saw how dire the situation was. Some of the rebels had already made it into the Main Control Room of the base, and the team was met with rebels and Exterminators clashing around them, with more rebels pouring into the room from the various hallways that led into the Control Room.

"Death to Lord Recluse!" One of the rebels yelled as he stabbed a metal pole into an Exterminator Rifle that he had wrestled to the ground. Each rebel soldier had on bullet-proof armor and was wearing a helmet. Most of them were armed with guns, but others were armed with a riot shield and a metal pole. There were about 50 right in front of the team, and the rest of base was already swarming with the rebels, causing the team to immediately spring into action.

"I love this job." Kill Shot said, aiming his Assault Rifle at the nearest rebel. The rebel looked up in time to see the armor-piercing bullets rip through his skull, and in the next instant Kill Shot used the Shotgun adapter on his Rifle to kill three more rebels.

"Death to the weak!" Wildra hissed, extending the claws on her hands. With Super Speed, she shredded 7 rebels in an instant and slit the throats of 4 more before they could even move their heads to see what had happened.

"This logic is not sound." Noid said quietly, charging his energy blast. Unleashing it into the hallway of the base, it ripped through a dozen of the rebels as they attempted to enter the room.

"May God have mercy on your souls." Ghost whispered as several rebels charged him. Several fired their weapons at him. But just before the bullets hit, Ghost teleported out of the way and opened a hole into the Netherworld that sucked the rebels into it. With another wave of his hand, the hole closed.

"Let's get this over with." Death Blade said, going through the hall that Noid had cleared earlier. Immediately 8 rebels charged her as she exited the opposite end of the corridor, but with lightning-quick speed she unsheathed her sword and sliced through all 8 of the rebels with a single swipe, cutting all of them in half. Continuing through the door at the end of the corridor, Death Blade found herself outside, where she saw that the battle was almost over. There were about 100 rebels left as she watched the last Exterminator fall. Death Blade’s teammates ran ahead of her, with Kill Shot shooting wildly into the crowd of rebels as Noid aimed his energy beam straight into the heart of the crowd. Wildra chased after the rebels that attempted to flee, easily catching up and killing them, and Ghost summoned several of his Demons to slaughter the remaining rebels. Out of the corner of her eye, Death Blade saw that one of the rebels was still alive, and as he attempted to flee she easily caught up to him, unsheathing her sword and pointing the blade a millimeter away from his face. The rebel broke down and cried.

"It's not fair! This was our one chance... our one chance!" He sobbed. "How can you support such an evil being?! He's taken EVERYTHING away from us... from ALL of us... why?! WHY do you fight for him?!" He buried his face on the ground and sobbed. Death Blade's expression hadn't changed in the slightest.

"If it's any reassurance for you in the next world," Death Blade said coldly. "I hate Lord Recluse too. But YOU can't do anything about it." Death Blade made one deft slice, and the man's head rolled onto the ground. "I can. If you TRULY wanted to save the world from Lord Recluse, you'd train everyday like I do." She cleaned her sword and then sheathed it. "Until I'm powerful enough... to make things right." She headed back to the group.

Ghost was in the middle of a prayer to honor those they had killed as Death Blade rejoined the group. Kill Shot was observing the dead bodies, a smile on his face.

"OK, mission accomplished, let's go." Death Blade said, heading back into the Base.

"Why does this weapon give someone such a sense of POWER, Ghost?" Kill Shot said as he handled his Assault rifle, patting Ghost on the back as he did so.

"Kill Shot, the Lord works in mysterious ways." Ghost said sharply. "I may not like it, but what we do with our lives is determined by Him, and there's nothing we can do to change that. After all, we’re only human, and God is forever."
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The Pain of Team Legacy

By Unknown_Hero
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