Just Another Day

It started just as any other day would. The families were waking up to the sun piercing through the clouds and shining into the windows. Bright yellow school buses could be seen driving down the streets picking up the children as the school day got underway. The birds chirped happily as in this suburb of Paragon City, not one person could have predicted how much different this day would be from the rest.

Since that day nothing has ever been the same. The days where people had nothing to fear, or had worries were now gone. Everyday was different, everyday people were reminded of their mistakes, and reminded of how quickly something so safe, and so precious could be taken away from them. Now this is where I come in. I have been in Paragon City for sometime now, but never had I ever seen such an incident, or tragic event as this. Each night when I close my eyes, all I see is darkness, tragedy, and pain. Every time I fly by entrance, my mind is flooded with horrifying images of that day. Sweat begins to build on my forehead as I fly by. If at all possible I find ways to forget, as the memories are too painful.

At 7:30am, the school bells rang signifying the start of another, yet boring, and school day to many kids. Most people were just now arriving to their offices to begin, to most people, yet another boring workday. The streets began to clear from rush hour traffic, and the wheels of business began to turn as phone calls were made to close deals, and finalize sales. It was just another day. At the hospital, Doctors and Nurses began to relieve the night shift, and started looking at patients. The Trams were unloading from full loads as people from other parts of the city made their way to work. It was just another day. I made my way up to the twentieth floor of NewTek Incorporated, where I worked as Biochemist. NewTek was the leading manufacturer of medical supplies. They produced everything from the needles to the drugs that were handed over the counter. For the past five years I had been working on a breakthrough. Self-Regeneration. It was the dream of Dade Murphy, the founder of NewTek, and one of the most respected scientists in the world. My team and I had managed to take the regeneration cells that Gecko’s used to re-grow their tails, and put them in a bird who successfully managed to re-grow a complete wing, without and side-effects. We knew that we were that much closer to saving thousands, if not millions, of lives, but for us, it was still just another day.

Each night I close my eyes, I hope and pray that I can just get through one night without seeing an image of what happened that day, but it was not meant to be. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating bullets, and breathing heavily. I felt like I just ran a marathon. I would do anything to trade places with someone who not there on the fateful day. The pain and agony is more then most people could handle. Many of times I thought of just quitting and giving up, but then I remembered I would just heal and in the process and just cause excruciating pain, with the outcome only to be me healed. I don’t know what to do, or who to turn to.

Now almost lunch time, the streets began to fill with cars of people going to lunch. “Hey Matt, feel like taking a break and going to lunch?” One of my co-workers called out to me. I agreed, remembering that I have all time in the world to work on the experiment, but I couldn’t have been more wrong in my life. We got in his car and I looked out the window at the sun and how is gleamed off the grass and shined so brightly off the windows of the surrounding buildings. We pulled up to Infront Streak House, which had been rated “The Best Steaks in Paragon City”. I had eaten there several times, and they truly were the best steaks in Paragon City. My Co-Worker and I laughed and joked about science stuff, probably causing everyone who could hear us think we were truly geeks. After an hour or so, we returned back to the twentieth floor, and I sat back down and returned to my work, thinking it was just another day.

I looked over my clock at saw that it was only 3am. I had managed to get a couple hours of sleep before I awoke drenched in sweat, that’s probably the first time I had managed to get some kind of sleep since the incident. I got up to go to bathroom to wash off my face. The moon shined in through the windows and I could clearly see the objects that sat in the dark apartment. Flipping the light switch on the wall I was temporarily blinded as my eyes adjusted to the light. Still feeling like I had run a marathon, I turned on the facet and run my hands under the cold water and splashed my face, hoping the images would wash away with the water that fell from my face into the marble sink, but I knew they were with me until the day I die, and at this rate, it would be a very long time. I looked up from the sink and looked at myself in the mirror, realizing how much of wreck I had become since that day, but I always put on a show around people, and not one person would have ever suspected that I had experienced it first hand. I grabbed the towel off the rack and wiped off my face and threw into the corner, and flipped off the light switch.

I was still in awe as I watched the cells re-grow, and heal themselves from damage, I knew within 48 hours, my team would be ready to present our results to the Medical Board where we would hopefully show them the new future of medicine. The room was filled with the sound of people opening the glass doors where our tests were held, and the sound of people walking back and forth between their lab stations and the fridge and cabinets where the tests and data were filled and held. I reached over to my radio and turned it on, so I have something to listen to besides nothingness. I had the volume up just loud enough to where I could hear it. It was tuned into NPR, National Public Radio, to listen to the news around the world and locally in the United States. Suddenly a reporter broke in and announced that something had happened in Paragon City, but nothing could be confirmed. Just thinking that someone had robbed a bank and now having a standoff, or a hero had been killed, I shrugged it off and continued to work on my experiment. The room seemed to grow darker, which was odd. I looked down at my watch and it only read 3:00 PM. Puzzled I got up from my station and went to the window, realizing today was not another day.

I walked out of the bathroom looking around the silent apartment that was light only by the light of the moon. The dark blue eerie light allowed me to see where I need to go, but that didn’t stop me from running into chairs or other objects for that matter. I walked to my balcony doors and slid them open. The air rushed into the apartment as I walked out and over looking the city from the top floor of the skyscraper located in Founder’s Falls. The smell of the water was somewhat of a relaxant, but nothing could ever make the memories go away. My dachshund, Spam, came walking slowly out onto the balcony with me, his tail wagging and not having a care in the world. He looked up at me as the front of his nose moved up and down smelling the air. I smiled and he wagged a little harder. That too was somewhat relaxing, but I knew it was only temporary. I walked over to the chair and sat softly down onto the padding. I leaned back and stared up at the stars only to have my stargazing interrupted by Spam hopping into my lap and curling up and going to sleep. I looked back up with wonder and millions of questions.

As I stared out the window I could see over at the hospital that there was a fire. The sounds of sirens began to fill the quiet room as I could see Fire Trucks, Police Cars, and Ambulances from surrounding areas pull up to the hospital. Now I became even more puzzled. I began to look around and noticed that not one person remained at their station; they were all gathered around me, and the other floor to ceiling windows that lined almost the whole wall. We could see police redirecting traffic, and the firemen trying to put out the fires, but so far no luck. Surrounding buildings were now in flames as the fire had spread quicker with the winds picking up. I knew that people were burning alive, and here in this room, we all held the key to saving their lives, but none of us could do anything. Shortly after thinking that my cell phone rang. I pushed the small round button on my headset and a voice spoke into the earpiece. “But we don’t know if it will even work!” I said, “Yes Sir”. I pushed the button ending the call. I turned around and walked back to my station grabbing vials of our experimental syringes we had prepared for the Medical Board containing our regeneration serum. I placed them carefully into the case and closed it and walked out of the lab. Waiting down in the lobby were the executives of NewTek Incorporated, and the Paragon City Medical Board. All I knew was I was to give the syringes to the men and return to the lab, and that’s what I did. I made my way back to the lab. The doors slid open as bursts of air sprayed down onto me cleaning me of any outside dust particles. I walked over to the windows only to see what I had no expected.

Looking up the stars the millions of questions began to race even faster. What if I had gone to Talos Island that day, What if I went to Atlas Park, What if I had taken the day off. They all blurred together and I could no longer think. My mind became cluttered to the point that I couldn’t think and I began to breathe heavily. I began to sweat some more, and became to sick to my stomach. I sat up and picked Spam up softly. His hairs pressed against my hand as I moved him from my legs to the end of the chair. I slid my hands out from underneath him and stood up. Still in a panic, I walked over and pressed my hands against the steel railing of my balcony and looked out at Founder’s Falls. The suburb lay in silence and the only sound was the sound of the crickets and the water falls. This night was worst then most. Most nights I would have one bad dream and it would be done with, but tonight, it kept coming, each time worse then the last.

I looked out the window and thought, How could this be happening. The fire was now burning a whole city block. In a matter of minutes, the fire had engulfed everything. Now I understood why they were so eager to get their hands on the regeneration serum. I felt uneasy about what would happen to people. We had never had time to test on a human. For all we knew it could reverse and break down the cells in the body causing them to become zombies. Reports began to come in over the radio that people were miraculously healing themselves. Everyone in the room cheered with excitement. Our experiment, our work was now saving lives of thousands of people, but the cheering was short lived. A reporter down at the fire was talking about the miracle when a gunshot was heard. Everyone’s attention turned back to the fire and the windows. We could see police shooting at people and black vans with bright white letters S W A T painted on the sides pull up and screech to a halt. The men with the word SWAT on the vest began to pour of the van and open fire. We were all puzzled and terrified. Fear was now filling the room, and the cheerful mood was dead. Reports came in that people that they injected with the serum were now attacking authorities and anyone nearby. I looked at the sky and saw several heroes beginning to arrive at the scene to help authorities, but they just kept coming. Two, turned to four, four to eight, eight to sixteen. Walking slowly and eerily out of the fire people kept coming. I knew that the serum was doing, as we feared. It was breaking down the cells in the human body, and then regenerating them to a certain point where they were what we know as Zombies. Bullets sliced through the air and pierced the bodies of those who were now walking dead, but they continued to come. We were all pale white. Not one person in the room dared move, blink, or even breath. The room was silent except for the radio at my station. We had created these things that now walked the streets. Reports said that the suburb had been quarantined, and that no person was allowed to leave.
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