Ice is the power. Fire is the attitude. Part Two.
By Kelsey McFarland

Myantay fell onto the hard concrete. She shook her head and blinked, then looked around her. Worried civilians crowded around her and stared at her, and then a face pushed through crowds.

"Hi! My nameís SweetHeart.! Are you okay?" Said the face.

"UmÖI think so. Where am I?" Myantay asked. Then she stopped. She had understand SweetHeart., and spoken in her language. This was weird. Very Weird.

"You just fell from the sky, into Paragon City. The City heroes like us call home." SweetHeart. pointed her thumb at herself.

"Oh! So you are a hero!" Myantay smiled. SweetHeart. helped her up to her feet.

"Yeah. UmÖIím guessing you are, in those fancy clothes?" She looked Myantay up and down, staring at her strange dress.

"I amÖIím mean Iím supposed to be, I think." Myantay stuttered as she spoke.

"Well whatís your name?" Asked SweetHeart..

"Iím Myantay. I come from a galaxy kind of like yours, called Shanelia Gran." Myantay looked around. "Actually, itís basically the same thing. Trees, flowers, and we have something like those." She pointed to a car.

"Oh, thatís just a car. And if youíre gonna be a hero, youíre gonna need a better name thanÖMy-a-whoosa-whatta. Whatíre your powers?"

"UmÖ donít know. I havenít found them out yet." Myantay looked down at her hands.

"Well, hereís how I found mine. I was being robbed one day and I got really mad and then BAM! I shot energy out of my hands, and the thug flew like, ten feet away. Then his friend ran up to me and hit me, and suddenly I healed myself! Those are my powers." SweetHeart. said. She was clearly excited, because she was talking very fast.

"So youíre saying I need to get robbed?" Myantay asked, raising an eyebrow at SweetHeart..

"No, but I know a way to help you find out." She grabbed Myantayís hand and pulled her across the street. There were two thugs trying to steal a ladyís purse.

"Let it go, or Iím gonna have to teach you a lesson!" She yelled to the thugs.

"Ha! You and what army?" One shouted back.

"Take a taste of this army!" And at that, SweetHeart. sent energy bolts flying out of her hands, sending both thugs flying back into a building behind them.

"Nice entrance!" Myantay whispered.

"Thanks, I like saying that kind of stuff." SweetHeart. said. "Okay, now get really mad at those thugs. They tried to steal that ladyís purse!" SweetHeart. said to Myantay.

Myantay tried to get angry at the thugs, but she couldnít.

"I canít do it!" She said. Just then, one of the thugs said something very offensive to SweetHeart.. Myantay felt the anger building up inside of her.

"DONíT TALK TO HER THAT WAY!" She screamed, and ice shot out of her hands at the rude thug. He was frozen in a huge block of ice.

"Nice!" SweetHeart. complimented. Just as she said that, the other thug was sneaking behind her. He pulled out a gun, and aimed it straight for her head. Myantay turned and saw him right before he pulled the trigger.

"Look out!" Myantay held up her hand and a green force field surrounded SweetHeart. just as the bullet was about to hit her. The bullet bounced off the force field, and the thug dropped his gun. He turned to run but Myantay froze him in a block of ice.

"Good, Iíll finish them off." SweetHeart. blasted both until they had passed out. Once they were lying on the ground, good and unconscious, SweetHeart. used her arresting device to send them both to the hospital. She pressed a button on the device, aimed it at each of the thugs, and they were zapped away.

"Thatís a pretty nice thing you got there!" Myantay looked closely at the device.

"Yeah, all heroes get one when they sign up." SweetHeart. said, clipping it on her belt. "You also use it if you pass out. It automatically zaps you away to a hospital. So, you ready to sign up to become a hero?"

"You bet I am!" Myantay grinned widely. "UmÖbut how?"

"Just follow me." SweetHeart. sprinted off towards very important looking building with a statue of a man holding a globe on his back in front of it.

"Just give me your name, your archtype, origin and powers." A man at the desk said as Myantay walked up to him.

"Name Fiery Ice." Myantay said. SweetHeart. nudged her.

"But you donít have fire powers!"

"Ice is the power, fire is the attitude." Myantay said, then looked back up at the man behind the desk. "I donít know what an archtype is sir."

"Well, what are your powers?" He raised his eyebrows at her.

"I can freeze things in blocks of ice, and I can give force fields." Myantay said.

"That would make you a controller." He scribbled down something on a piece of paper.

"OkayÖand whatís an origin?" Myantay was a little embarrassed that she didnít know all the terms. The man sighed.

"How did you get your powers?" He asked, a little annoyed.

"Well I used to live in another galaxy and I stepped into a magical glowing sphere and-"

"That would make you magic." The man said. He scribbled that down on the paper too. He didnít seem a bit surprised at the fact that Myantay was from another galaxy. She looked at SweetHeart., with a confused look on her face. Shouldnít he care that she was an alien?

"Donít worry, lots of heroes are from different places." She said.

"Go get your costume." The man pointed Myantay to a clothing booth. "By the time youíre done, your ID should be ready."

"Go on in, Fiery Ice!" SweetHeart. said. Myantay didnít know SweetHeart. was talking to her for a second, until SweetHeart. pushed her to the booth. "Iíll wait for you out here."

Myantay clicked button after button in the booth, looking at the little screen that showed a picture of the costume looked like. When she was done, Myantay stayed in the booth for a short while, proud of what her costume looked like. It was mainly dark blue and light blue. The top had long sleeves that flared at the ends, and it went all the way down to her belt. The pants were long too, and they flared at the ends too. It covered her whole body, because on her planet, it was not very appealing to show much skin. As she admired her handiwork, she thought to herself. Iím no longer Myantay. I am Fiery Ice.

When she stepped out of the booth, SweetHeart. grinned.

"You look awesome!" SweetHeart. said. Fiery Ice looked down. She was wearing the costume!

"I-I thought I just picked it out, I didnít know Iíd be wearing it when I stepped out!" She said.

"Technology. You gotta love it!" SweetHeart. said. "Come on, Your ID is ready." Fiery Ice picked up the plastic card. It read:

Fiery Ice Magic Ice/Force field controller Security Level :1

It also had a long number on it, and a picture of Fiery Ice.

"Isnít it cool?" SweetHeart. asked.

"Yes, itís pretty neat." Fiery Ice stuck the card in her pants pocket.

"Oh, and youíll need this." The man behind the desk handed Fiery Ice an arresting device, identical to SweetHeart.ís. "You just press this button and aim it at knocked out villains. If you pass out, or are near death, this will teleport you to a hospital. Understand?" Fiery Ice nodded her head.

"Come on, letís go fight crime!" SweetHeart. and Fiery Ice ran out of the building, and onto the streets.

"Isnít it fun to rid the streets of these stupid villains?" SweetHeart. said while blasting a thug with her energy.

"I guessÖbut I suppose I just need to get used to it. It does have a sort of thrill with it." Fiery Ice froze the same thug SweetHeart. was blasting. They finally knocked him out, and Fiery Iceís suit buzzed loudly.

"What was that?" Fiery Ice jumped.

"Oh you just gained a security level! Come on, you need to train!" And off SweetHeart. ran, with Fiery Ice close at her heals.

"So, how was your training?" SweetHeart. was waiting for Fiery Ice by Ms. Liberty.

"It was okay, I learned how to freeze only the feet of people." Fiery Ice said. This was all happening so fast! One minute she was home, the next minute she was fighting crime. She soon found out why she wasnít as excited about fighting. She had a bad case of homesickness.

"Whatís wrong?" SweetHeart. asked.

"Just a bit homesick, is all." Fiery Ice leaned against a wall.

"Yeah, itís got to be rough for you. Wait, I have an idea! Wait here." SweetHeart. ran off. When she came back, she was holding a glowing ball. "My friend gave this to me. He was a powerful magician. What you do is hold the ball, and think about what you want to see. Watch." SweetHeart. closed her eyes, while Fiery Ice looked into the ball. An image appeared upon itís surface.

"See? I wanted to see myself, and thereís myself! It makes a handy mirror." SweetHeart. said, handing the ball to Fiery Ice. "Just think about your family, and youíll see them. It works for anywhere. At least, thatís what my friend told me."
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