Dark Veil
By: Michael Moore
Part 3: White Hot

Dr. Ferguson shifted uneasily on the sidewalk.
"I don't need any help getting home." he said quietly
to Scarlet Armstrong. She smiled more widely, and
insisted that it was the least she could do to help a
man who had been slightly traumatized.
"No, no, it's fine, really." he pleaded. But she
wouldn't have it, and soon all three of them were
walking down the streets of King's Row.
"So, how'd you get here, tall, dark, and

handsome?" she laughed at Reaper. He frowned under
his mask, but he answered.
"I came from over the Atlantic ocean. I had been
stuck for a few weeks on the Rogue Islands, held
captive by a group called H.E.L.M. Eventually, I
escaped to Paragon City with one of their experiments
that I left in the care of the Hamidon. But it's
probably destroyed now, Miss Armstrong." his replied,
his voice ringing in the night, vibrating some of the
closer windows.
"Just call me Scarlet. You can call my mom
Misses Armstrong, if you like." she said. With that,
she stepped forward and lept onto the nearest
building, about three stories tall. "How far from
here, Dr.?"
The old man sighed. Why couldn't the heroes have
just saved his life, interogated him, and recovered
his research. "It's actually right here." he gestured
to the building next to the one Scarlet was standing
  1. Both Scarlet and Reaper were silent. It was a run down apartment building, others on
the street were in better condition. The windows were
boarded up, and the door was missing.
Undaunted, Dr. Ferguson walked through the
doorway and led the heroes into the dank place. There
was rubble everywhere, but Ferguson knew the best way
through, and eventually they reached a stairwell going
Once again, Ferguson led them down, sometimes
skipping steps that were broken. It was an
agonizingly long climb, and the absence of light made
it that much worse. At the bottom was the strangest
possible thing. It was a thick steel sliding door
with a key scanner for the handle.
Dr. Ferguson swiped his card key through the
scanner, and the door slid to the side.
They were instantly engulfed in white light. As
their eyes adjusted, they saw a large clean lab,
mostly with white tiles lining everything, and bright
florescent fixtures overhead. Everywhere they looked
there was some sort of experiment going on.
"Well," Dr. Ferguson said lamely, "Here's my
home, as you asked. I've been living in seclusion
here ever since my son died in the Rikti War."
Scarlet put her hand on his shoulder,
understanding a little more about why he was here.
"Who was he?"
"His real name was Richard Alex Ferguson, but
when he became a superhero, he called himself Gamma
Ray. He was captured during an assault on a Rikti
Warship, and never came back. Of course, I don't
think his name is commemorated anywhere for it."
"Why did Crey have the plans to your converter?"
Reaper interrupted him. Scarlet gave him a harsh
look, but it didn't phase him.
The Dr. looked into Reaper's eyes, but he
couldn't stand their penetrating stare. "We both
worked for Crey before the war, me and Alex. Countess
Crey needed a new energy source, and an
electromagnetic converter would revolutionize the
world. However, when we finished, one of her
scientists said that what we were doing was
"She ordered for us to be killed. We left Crey
quickly, and built a suit that utilized the coverter
to imitate energy blasts. I outfitted Alex with the
suit, and he beat of the Crey assassins. They still
had a copy of the plans. Alex took the name Gamma Ray
and set out to find a way to bring the Countess to
justice. I only recently got the courage to steal
back my plans."
Reaper nodded thoughtfully, but Scarlet was a
little surprised. This feeble old man had practically
handed Countess Crey what could have been the solution
to the world's energy crisis, and she had tried to
kill him.
"You're one strange little man, Doctor, I'll give
you that. I don't want to know how you built this
place, or found it. But for now, your secret's safe
with me and all of the Quantum Force. You'll have
your plans back soon enough." she said. Ferguson
cheered up a bit, and walked away to get his guests
something to drink.
"No," Reaper said as he left. Scarlet looked at
him in disbelief. "We can't wait for your supergroup
to get here. We have to get those plans back now.
The Clockwork King could very well copy those plans
before we get there."
Without waiting, he strode out of the lab. When
Dr. Ferguson returned with glasses of tea, he found a
note on the wall saying:
Went to get your plans. Be back soon.
He looked at the note and thought to himself. 'I
didn't know I even had any paper or a pen around

White Hellion walked across Eastern Perez Park
stealthily. He couldn't take down an entire section
of the area alone. Even if he did have six stones of
the Damned.
He had once been an average Blood Brother in the
Hellions. That all changed when he learned that his
boss was secretly witholding a majority of his gains
selfishly. He snuck into his house late at night, and
brought his head before the Hellion bosses the next
day, explaining everything.
They had praised him, promoted him to the rank of
Fallen, and used him ever since to assassinate unruly
Hellion leaders as well as Skulls. Thus, he became
the White Hellion, endowed with powers that he stole
from his victims.
Now, he had to get back to Independence Port
without being seen. Darting from tree to tree, he was
barely visible to anyone who was looking. He even
passed several groups of wandering Vahzilok and took
the opportunities to fufill his tainted desire for

As he was passing through, two heroes had emerged
from King's Row into the Park. They teleported great
distances, trying not to be seen by Hellions or
Skulls, or whoever else for that matter. They had to
get to Terra Volta.
The two groups moved quickly, although White
Hellion was constantly delayed while killing small
groups of passerby villains. Soon, they both reached
the gate to Independence Port at 7 o' clock p.m.
Here, they got their first glances at each other.
The heroes saw a white garbed Muslim, and the Hellion
saw two dark figures in the night, each glinting with
"Heh." sighed the White Hellion. "Catch me if
you can." With that, he ran past the security guards.
Reaper and Scarlet just shook their heads and
passed the guards quietly. "What sort of idiot was
that?" Reaper asked.
"I don't know, but we can look for him later,
let's just get to Terra Volta." Scarlet replied.
Reaper nodded, and teleported them another four
hundred yards, not heeding the black Camero on the
street behind them, or the White Hellion that followed
almost as quickly as they could teleport. He wanted
to see what these heroes could do before he killed

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