Dark Veil
By: Michael Moore
Part 2: A Scarlet Heart

Doctor Ferguson pondered the words of the being
that had captured him. 'Never more to be seen on this
side of the dark veil?' he thought quietly to himself.
'What could that mean? Maybe this guy knows more
about death than he should.' Then he went over all
the villain groups he knew of to see which one he
would fit in with best.
In the end, he was interrupted. "Do you want to
tell the police why those Clockwork were chasing you?"
the being asked. Dr. Ferguson nodded and stood up,
this time ready to be teleported back to the ground.
"Who, what are you?" he asked. The being looked
down at him, and it's red eyes held a stubborness in
them, but he still answered.
"I was created at the beginning of Life. That
was when all peoples in the universe came, and needed
pupose. When the cosmos aligned, Life created Death,
and together they gave purpose to sentience." it said
in it's ringing voice. However marvellous the story
was, it didn't answer the Dr.'s question.
"I meant in the sense what I should call you,
since you seem to have helped that Devouring Earth
thing save me.
"You may call me an Equinox Reaper, put as simply
as possible in English."
"How about just Reaper instead?" Ferguson
inquired. Reaper nodded, and with that, they were
teleported to the street below.
As they approached the scene of the battle, a
slender woman approached them. She wore black tights
and had an intricately designed masked that left her
deep blue eyes for all to see. But most of all, they
noticed her brilliant crimson hair that lay about her
shoulders. It was simply amazing.
She held up her hand, inclining them to stop.
"What's your business here? The Quantum Force is
clearing up the area of the remaining Clockwork." she
told them with authority. Her accent was southern,
like she was from Texas. It was Reaper who replied
"I helped this man escape from the Clockwork when
they were attacked by the Devouring Earth creature.
He may have some information important to your cause
as to why there were so many Clockwork in the area."
With that, he motioned to Dr. Ferguson and stepped
The heroine stared at him with her arms crossed,
waiting for him to say something. Finally, he sighed
to her will. "I was carrying the last of my old
research that had been confinscated from Crey Labs.
It was the design for miniature converters. They
would use electromagnetic waves in the air and break
them down into electricity. Basically, as long as
there's a radio on nearby, whatever the converter's
connected to will never run out of power."
The heroine didn't seem to catch on to the
beginning, but she knew what the Clockwork would do
with such a device. Their King could create new, more
powerful servants quickly. "Come with me," she said,
grabbing the man by his arm. But Reaper grabbed her
"This man has been through enioiugh tonight.
Just help me guard him on his way home." His voice
was absolute, meaning that she wouldn't be able to
resist the command.
Jerking her arm away with such strength that both
men stumbled, she spoke again. "If that's so, then
he'll need me more than you." then, turning to the
Dr., "My name is Scarlet Armstrong, Quantum Force
Captain. I'd be proud to help you recover your
designs, sir."

Deep within Perez Park, the Hellions were deep in
combat with the Skulls. For the moment, it seemed
that the Skulls would win over the third Hellion
headquarters in the area.
Then, without warning, something white rushed
past the Hellions and stood before the Bone Daddy at
the frontlines. Looking up, the terrified Skull
looked into the face of his murderer.
He was clad all in white, with a turban and
robes, not to mention the strangest shoes anyone there
had ever seen. He covered his mouth with a white rag,
like a Blood Brother, and had dark skin around his
merciless eyes.
"Who are you?" stammered the Bone Daddy.
The Hellion created a shimmering flaming scimitar
in his hand, and drove it through his victim's chest.
And he laughed, a terrible sound. Then he was
surrounded by a scorching red flame, and ran at
amazing speeds through the ranks of the Skulls, some
burning, and others being caught on his fiery brand.
None were left standing.
In the end, he came back to the body of his first
victim that night and kneeled down so as to whisper in
his ear. "I am the hunter of the Damned, the truest
of all Hellions, the White Hellion."
So it was that the Hellions won back all of their
taken headquarters and outposts they had lost that
night. The tide of the turf war was turning at last.
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