Dark Veil
By: Michael Moore
Part 1: Black Savior

Doctor Arnold Ferguson raced through the back
alleys of King's Row. Sweat poured from his old
wrinkled face, and his lab coat flapped behind him.
It was a useless race, however.

The Sprockets were on him in seconds, tasering
him from behind. Ferguson let out a gasp of pain and
fell to the pavement. As he looked up, the leading
Cog stared down at him.

At that moment, he could swear that the
mechanical toy was laughing at his attempt to get
away. As the thought vanished, the Cog leaned down
and grabbed his briefcase from under the Doctor.

"No!" he screamed, clutching onto his research.
"People need this, not robots!" And with an effort,
tore the case away. Then the Sprockets were on him
again, blasting him with electricity until he couldn't
take anymore.

His briefcase fell with a muffled thump. The Cog
motioned for four of the remaining Clockwork to follow
him, and he took off in the direction of Terra Volta.
But the remaining Sprockets were still firing on the
old man, waiting for him to give up an die.

Just as their wish was almost granted, something
came tramping along the alley and crushed one of them
with a swipe of its massive hand. Ferguson looked up,
and believed himself to be dreaming.

It was one of the tree creatures that lived in
Eden! A Devouring Earth tree, in King's Row, at
night, was probably unheard of and Dr. Ferguson knew
that he would have to tell the first Paragon Times
reporter that he could find.

Luckliy, the tree-being wasn't interested in
hurting him, yet. It was too busy being overwhelmed
by the Clockwork. Every time it moved, one of the
little robots was crushed, making them seem extremely
fragile. But still, it was outnumbered at about ten
to one, and that number was steadily rising.

There might have been an Assembler there, making
more Sprockets as the fight drew on, but he never
found out.

A dark figure, much like a Vahzilok Eidolon, came
up behind him. It had glowing red eyes, and small red
triangle on its chest. Without him knowing it, Dr.
Ferguson was teleported by this newcomer to the safety
of a nearby rooftop.

When he realized that he wasn't watching the
fight, he looked around and saw the frightful figure.
It was all in black, except for its eyes and chest
emblem, but you didn't need to see its face. Its eyes
were somehow able to show emotion, and currently they
showed that the thing was unhappy.

"So, he's dead at last." it said. It's voice
rang like a large bell in a church tower. It was
simply amazing.

"It dosn't matter now," it said as about twenty
various heros descended upon the fight scene. There
were sounds of quite a struggle, and an epic light
show from various powers. The Dr. Ferguson returned
his attention to his apparrent capture.

"Shouldn't you try to save that tree's life? It
actually seemed to try to save mine.
Then the eyes seemed to show the being's
amusement. "No, he would have met death someday. It
won't be painful for him, he'll just pass through the
archway like everyone else. Never to be seen again on
this side of that dark veil."
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