A City in Flames: Perez Park
By: Nelson Carrasquillo

The following is the account of the hero named Big Puerto Rico, and his teammates in Perez Park.

“What the hell is happening?” the hero named Rey Tormentor yelled as he and his companions sat in front of the television watching a horrific scene on the local news in a condo in Steel Canyon.

“Hold on let it say what’s happening,” Frost Form proclaimed.

-“The culprits of this horrendous act are said to be the notorious Hellion gang. For Fox 69 I’m Chad Hung Lo, Back to you, Ivant Hump.”

“Ha, did you here that? That guy’s last name is Hump!” Kid Aux said as he lunged back in laughter.

“Calm down, Kid, there’s something more to this story then just MR Hump’s name. We need to get there.” The female healer said as she got up.

“Hope is right, we need to go. But, someone needs to stay with Cris to make sure he’ll,”

“I’m OK, Rey,” interrupted the newly restored Big Puerto Rico.

“Hey, you’re up. We were scared that you wouldn’t have made it.” Lady Victori said as she came over to Big PR and gave him a hug.

“We’ll catch up later; right now we got to go to the fire.” Big PR said as he patted Victori on her back.

“Wait. How did you know ‘bout the fire, Big?” Kid Aux said as he went for his costume.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you Captain Aux.”

“That’s not Captain, Cris, that’s his son, Kid Aux.” Frost said as he pulls his mask over his face.

“No wonder he looked smaller. Well I guess that story is for another time.” Big PR yells back as he heads out the door.

The team, whose name is undecided, head to the damned buildings of Perez Park. When they arrived they came to a scene filled with flames and heroes. As Big PR and the rest of his team run to a building they notice the heroine Solanum and her team. Her name didn’t come to him quickly, thanks to the mental blasted that was given to him earlier that week, but finally he remembered.

“Solanum!” Big PR yelled over the crackling of the fierce fire. “Nice to see you again, I’ve got this building check out the other one.” Big PR points to a building that both Solanum and he were heading to; she nods her head and goes to the other building.

As Big PR turned his head his eyes quickly locked on to a falling object. “What the hell is that?!” he yells. He soon realizes that it is a poor citizen who has jumped to try to avoid the horrible fate of burning alive.

“NOOO!” they all proclaimed as they rushed to the falling innocent. They tried to go faster and faster, but the person was falling at a rate too fast for any of them to get there in time.

A sickening thud was heard, even over the crackling of the red hot flames. Big Puerto Rico was the first of the heroes to arrive at the scene. He stepped up to the citizen and looked at the crushed head in disbelief. It didn’t look like he jumped; it looked like he was thrown out. Big PR fought the tears that were at the verge of penetrating, and quickly decided to use his newly earned cape to cover the body.

The Rest of the team made their way to the hero and before they reached the site of the accident Big PR yelled, “Stay back. You don’t want to see this.”

Naturally the teen curiosity of Kid Aux told him to look anyway and he regretted that decision. “Oh Lord.” He proclaimed as he held back vomit.

Lady Victori and Lady Lost Hope were not as lucky as Kid Aux in containing their vomit.

“Ha, Ha! That one was a six,” a hellion yelled to another.

“No it wasn’t. It was a ten, his damn head was crushed,” the other yelled back to his companion.

“How tall is the building?” Frost Form asked.

“About seventeen stories high, I think those guys are on the fourteenth floor,” Rey answered.

“Good then it won’t take me long to fly up there and kick their ass,” Big PR said angrily.

“Well this one ain’t gonna be a six, it’s gonna be a ten,” the hellion said as he picked up a screaming woman and heaved her through the window. “Geronimo!” he yelled after her.

Big PR quickly flies up there and intercepted the falling woman. “Thank you, kind sir, thank you very much.” The cute young business woman said.

“No problem.” The hero replied.

“No Freakin’ fair! The damn hero caught her, wait I know how we gonna get them to both fall, ahhaha,” yelled the hellion as he threw a bomb after the girl.

Big PR quickly noticed that the bomb was hurdling toward them, so he turned his back to it. The bomb exploded with a massive blast, which fueled the fire even more around them. Big PR hurdled to the ground and was set ablaze. He shielded the blow with his own body and Frost Form quickly put them out with an icy blast.

“Hope I need you over here quickly,” Big PR cried out as he got up. “Make sure she will be OK,” Hope nodded as Big PR headed to the door of the building. “It looks like we’re going to have to go up the good ol’ way.”

“What ever you say, chief,” Kid Aux said as he rushed into the building.

Before he stepped his foot on the stair way of the smoky dim room Big PR grabs him by the collar. “Listen, Kid Aux, your dad is a great hero, but that doesn’t mean that you are all mighty. Do you hear me? I’ve had enough of child deaths in my life, and I don’t want another one.”

Kid Aux nodded his head. “Was, Big PR. My dad was a great hero. He died recently.”

Big PR put his hand on Kid Aux’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, son, I didn’t know. We’ll talk about it a little later right now we have a bigger situation to handle.” Kid nodded his head knowingly. “Alright everyone lets get these good for nothin’ low lives.”

The team made their way up the stairs, for the first five floors the flame was mostly in the back of the big building, but as they progressed that slowly changed. The flames started to get hotter and fiercer. When they reached the seventh floor fate threw them a cross road. They had a choice of three different ways. Big PR decided to split up in pairs of two.

“Huh, this reminds me of Scooby Doo.” Kid Aux said with a smirk on his face. “So, now all we need is a guy in a suit to say ‘If it wasn’t for these meddling kids.’”

His remark got a quick chuckle but it was back to work. Big PR and Rey went one way, Frost Form and Lady Lost Hope went the other, and finally Kid Aux and Lady Victori went the remaining way.

The whole place seemed a little too quite for Big PR and he made it known to Rey. Big PR was right to suspect something was up. When they entered a hall way they came upon a hellion ripping apart an innocent person in a room right in front of them. The older man was still alive as the hellion ripped at his torso with a knife.

Big PR can sense that this was an ambush so he told Rey Tormentor to ready him self for a surprise attack. “Shoot the guy in the head and that will bring the rest out,” Big PR said quietly to Rey.

Rey slowly aimed his gun at the head of the crazed Hellion. Before he squeezed the trigger the Hellion bent down and picked up something from the body of the barely alive innocent. He turned around to reveal that he was munching on an intestine of the older man. “Sick freak!” Rey yelled out as he pulled the trigger and shot the gang member in the fore head.

“Kill me please, I don’t want to feel the pain any more,” the man yelled at the heroes.

“We can’t do that, sir,” Rey yelled back.

“PLEASE,” the man replied.

A shot was fired but it wasn’t from the gun of Rey Tormentor, it came from with in the room it self. “I hate whiners,” the voice of another Hellion said. “Go boys they know we’re here.

As the Hellion finished his command about a dozen Hellions, all types of rankings, came out. A major battle ensued and the lower ranking Hellions quickly went down with a punch, kick, or a simple bullet. When it came down to the remaining six of the dozen the heroes were tired but willing to take down the higher end gang members.

“Let’s kill them good, boys, and take our rightful place by the side of the almighty Satan!” the boss of the pack yelled to the remaining of the group.

The heroes were back to back and were surrounded by the six. “This doesn’t seem fair, now does it, Big?” Rey said.

“No, it’s not. They’re going to get their butts handed to them on a silver platter.”

“Ha. Time’s up, let’s do this!”

Rey shoots at one of the members and puts up an electric fence around another, while Big PR caught the attention of most of the rest of the gang.

As the Hellions heated things up for Rey and Big PR, it was the fire it self that made it too warm for the ice blaster Frost Form.

“I’m sorry, Hope, I can’t go on much longer in this heat, it’s literally killing me,” Frost Form said as sweat quickly ran down his cooled skin.

“It’s ok, Frost, go a head and go out side I can handle it. And, if I can’t I’ll give you guys a buzz.” Hope replied.

“Thank you, Hope, I’ll tell the others over the com that I needed to take a break from the heat.”

“Sure thing,” she replied.

As Frost Form made his way down the hall telling the rest of the group what was happening, Hope continued down the hall way and ran into Lady Victori.

“Victori what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Aux?”

“Ya, but he can handle himself. He’s a scrapper, plus he’s pretty quick so you know,” Victori replied with a what ever look on her face.

“He tried to hit on you again didn’t he?” Hope asked with her lips forming a grin showing her perfectly white teeth.

“Ya…he did.”

“Well he is a teenager, he got his hormones runnin’ and all, you know.”

“Ya, Ya, what ever,” Victori said as she giggled.

As they sat there deciding what to do, they heard a woman scream. They ran towards where they thought the sound was; it was difficult for them to determine where it originated due to the crackling of the flames that were now to the very left of them.

“Don’t scream, baby, it will just make it worse,” a male’s voice said to the female.

“You stay away from me. I told you NO!”

“I just wanna kiss, and a little somethin’ else, now give it to me!”

The girls went into a room where they thought the voices were coming from and found the gang member over the girl ripping her blouse and skirt to expose her bra and panties.
He started to slowly lower her panty line when Victori threw an energy blast.

“Don’t you dare go there you worthless bastard!” Hope yelled.

The gang member stopped his pursuit and stood up holding on to his pants. “Well, looks like we have a party here. Three girls and a guy? I’m gonna enjoy take all of you buy force.” The Hellion boss proclaimed as he threw a fire ball at Lady Victori.

Victori dodged the blast and threw one of her own, but missed it. Hope threw a dark blast at the perverted Hellion boss. The blast hit him but didn’t do too much damage to him; he returned her blast with one of his own. The blast threw her back into the wall that was behind her. Victori did a nip up and threw a blast that caught him square in the head forcing him to stumble back. As he tried to get his head together Hope threw a blast and hit him.

“Damn, whores, I will definitely enjoy taking you.”

The Hellion let out a bolt of fire energy knocking both heroines off their feet. After they hit the ground the villain threw fire balls at their heads to make sure they stayed down long enough.

“Hmm, decisions, decisions. I think I shall take…you first,” he said as he made his way to the voluptuous heroine Lady Victori. He stood over Victori touching her arm and the skin exposed through the rips in her outfit made by the blasts. “Mm, such soft tanned skin, I will enjoy,”

Victori interrupted him by kicking him hard in the nuts, forcing them both up into the body of the pervert. He lets out a horrid high pitched scream and grabbed Victori’s leg. She smiled as he looked upon her masked face in pain and forced him off of her with a well placed blast. Both the heroines stand up and threw multiple blasts at the fallen Hellion to make sure he stays down.

“Are you OK, girl? I’m glad we came in time go ahead and get out of the building; there are markers that will tell you the right passage.” Hope said to the rescued rape victim. The girl, with tears in her eyes, thanks both heroines and heads off to get out of the building.
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