Chillbain of Zodia #4
Sweet Revenge pt. 1

“Insignificant fools…” General Darthax said to
himself as he landed his aircraft next to the
mountainside. He was scowling and clenching his fists
as he walked out of his aircraft. He sized up the
mountain with his eyes and something caught his eye.
He could barely see a CoLitharien camp. He began to
scale the mountain, shoving his hands right into the
hard rock. He used only his upper body strength to
climb; he didn’t need his legs.
He finally reached his destination only to find it
abandoned. He looked around for a bit then decided he
should search for the soldiers. As he drew closer to
the part of the mountain that continues upward, he
began to hear screams of CoLitharien soldiers.
Darthax started to sprint to where the screams were
coming from. The General then heard what sounded like
an avalanche. He closed his eyes and faced downward.

“Insignificant fools…”

Propel was flying as fast as his body would allow him
through the Zodian desert. Chillbain’s body lay
motionless in his arms. The mutate was incredibly
distressed about this whole situation. What if
Chillbain died??? What would they do? Who would take
charge? Propel crashed into the ground whilst in deep
thought. He was not harmed, due to his high density
but Chillbain was thrown fifty feet away. It looked
like he broke something.
“Haor’ Sheiat!” Propel screamed. (Translation from
Zodian: Goddamnit!)
Chillbain lay on the ground, lifeless. Propel was
panicking. His heart was racing, his eyes looking all
over the desert. He was sweating quite profusely. He
didn’t know what to do…until…
“What’s wrong with you?” asked Chillbain.
“Sir! You’re alive!” yelled Propel in relief.
“Dude, don’t call me sir.”
“Sure thing.”
Chillbain walked over to his ally and helped him up.
His body had gotten too hot, but once it cooled down,
he was as good as new. Chillbain explained how he was
ok to Propel and set off to the group. Propel went
back to Gravitron and Syphon.

Propel was flying back to his teammates, in order to
help with the frozen animals. Just as he passed a
hill, he saw flashes of light and felt the ground
shake. He heard his allies scream in pain. He
started to fly straight at whatever was causing them
harm but when he saw that white-hot beam blasting
towards him, he knew it was too late.

Chillbain finally reached his destination; the main
group. He flew up into the air and announced:
“We have found food! Everyone follow me!”

Everyone looked at their leader, quite puzzled. They
finally realized that in order to eat, they must move.
Chillbain flew off to the scene, followed by Beta
Squad. His body started to heat up as he flew faster
and faster. He slowed down, but was passed by Beta
Squad, they not needing to slow down. He decided to
speed up again, him falling behind. The group had
gone over a hill, Chillbain still behind. When he
reached the top he saw the group flying all around the
dead animals. The fire-based mutates were cooking the
animals. Others awaited their meal. But Chillbain
did not join them. He looked around anxiously for his
teammates. They were nowhere to be found.
“Where’s Propel?” yelled Chillbain. He was ignored.
“Gravitron! Syphon!” he yelled again. Again, he was
He started walking around, looking for his three
allies. He could not find them. He looked up at the
mountain and saw a figure standing atop it. The
figure looked as though he was holding a weapon.
Chillbain heard a gunshot…

Darthax looked over the edge and saw two mutates
flying away and the other two staying by the dead
creatures. His fists were clenched and his face
disoriented by a frown. He descended down the
mountain, via his Anti-Gravitational Boots (AGB), and
landed at the base. The two mutates stared at him.
He pulled his energy pistol out of its holster and
“Syphon!” yelled Gravitron, “Look out!!”
Syphon’s body was sent flying backwards when the
energy blast hit him. He was left unconscious.
“You CoLitharien monster!” yelled the angered mutate.
He started to lift Darthax off of the ground with his
powers. Darthax instantly turned his AGB’s on reverse
and was pulled to the ground. Gravitron looked at
Darthax in astonishment. Darthax, again, aimed his
pistol and fired. Gravitron was sent flying
“Foolish mutates.”
Syphon got back up. He had absorbed the energy
blast; it only knocked him out from the impact. He
held out his hands and attempted to drain Darthax of
his life, but to no avail.
“Why don’t my powers work?” asked Syphon in terror.
“You are inferior. Prepare to die,” said Darthax.
The former General flew at Syphon, unsheathing his
knife, and flung it into the mutate’s chest. He
pulled it out and spat on the dead Zodian.
“You Zodians,” started Darthax, “So oblivious…don’t
you understand your place? You will never stop us.
You cannot win.”
Syphon looked up at Darthax and tried once more to
suck his life. Darthax’s armor was preventing the
Zodian’s powers from working. His head fell to the
ground and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
Gravitron remained silent. Darthax picked him up by
the neck and started to smash him into the ground. He
stopped when he heard what sounded like a plane flying
through the air. In reality, it was the mutate known
as Propel.
“DIE YOU COLITHARIEN UCARIH!” yelled Propel. (Ucarih
is equivalent to Bastard). Propel hit Darthax with
his dense body and sent him flying backwards. Darthax
was sent crashing into the mountainside. Propel
landed next to Gravitron and kneeled down.
“You will be avenged!” he yelled as tears flowed from
his eyes. He put his head down on Gravitron’s chest
and started to weep. His mourning was cut short by a
well-placed shot to the head. Courtesy of Urom
Darthax walked up to the two dead bodies and spat on
them. One, missing a head. The other was greatly
disfigured. The CoLitharien looked over at Syphon, a
knife dug deep into his chest.
“And that was my good knife.”
Darthax took out his energy rifle and charged it. He
turned the power on high and blasted at the bodies.
One by one, they were disintegrated. He walked over
to the base of the mountain and began to climb. He
finally made his way to the top when he heard a group
of people storming over the hill. He looked over and
disgust washed over his face as he gazed at the
Zodians. He took out his energy rifle, charged it and
aimed at one with white hair. He fine-tuned his aim
and fired….

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