Chillbain of Zodia #3
Operation: Zodian Freedom pt. 3

“There’s something on the radar, sir,” said the
CoLitharien monitor.
“What is it?” asked General Urom Darthax over a
“I’m not sure…but whatever it is, it’s big.”
“Send out the pilots.”
The hangar roared with the sound of CoLitharien jets
powering up. The hangar door opened, revealing the
gaping hole in the ground. Mutates started falling in
and crashing into the hard floor of the hangar. The
pilots soared out of the large room, one after the
One pilot, by the name of Iro’em Horok, trailed the
rest. He just missed the closing hangar doors when he
flew out. Horok stabilized his aircraft and looped
around back at his targets. He was flipping switches
and pressing buttons when he looked up and saw a
mutate covered in ice charging his craft. He was
about to turn on his reflector shields when….

Chillbain charged the aircraft and blasted large ice
shards straight through the plastic windshield. The
three ice shards impaled their way through the head of
the pilot and the two side panels. The aircraft went
crashing down to the desert ground and exploded upon
Other flying mutates flew up into the air and started
disposing of the CoLitharien threat. CoLitharien
aircraft started falling out of the air and crashing
to the ground in various ways. Some were frozen;
others completely tore apart. One mutate, known only
as ‘M’, flew up and took out 10 aircraft using his
magnetic powers. There were no casualties on the
Zodian side, a few injuries, but no casualties. This
was highly unusual to the CoLitharien, who were so
accustom to complete victory. They had no idea what
kind of power they were up against.
The mutate known as Barrier, with the ability to form
shields of any matter, created a half sphere of metal
around the wreckage, to make sure there was no visible
evidence. Gravitron used his powers to sink the metal
ball into the ground.
“We have to be careful,” said Chillbain, “they more
than likely have more underground bases all over the
desert. Does anyone have telepathy?”
“I do!” yelled one mutate.
“What’s your codename?”
“I’m Migraine.”
“Ok, Migraine. I want you to scan the largest area
you can for any CoLitharien activity.”
“Right.” Migraine proceeded to scan the area. His
mind reached out and scanned miles upon miles. “I
found three other bases sir.”
“Where are they?”
“There are two farther North and the other is east of
“Alright, we’re in this together guys,” said
Chillbain. “We’re gonna pay the CoLitharien a little

General Darthax flew to the coordinates of the
battle, given to him by the crew in the station. He
arrived to nothing. There was absolutely nothing. He
had expected dead Zodians on the ground, accompanied
by downed aircraft. He found nothing but the gaping
hole in the ground.
Darthax stepped out of his aircraft and walked over
to the hole. He kicked dust into it and looked down.
He frowned and screamed at the top of his lungs. He
stormed back to his aircraft and took off.
“Computer,” started Darthax, “give me CAF
“CoLitharien Armed Forces, password?” said the
“Hunro Stae.”
“Access granted. Name?”
“General Urom Darthax.”
“Reason for access?”
“There’s been an attack.”

Chillbain and Beta Squad continued their way to the
two Northern camps. He grew anxious. He, being as
childish as he was, wanted to tear apart the
CoLitharien piece by piece. They would pay for their
crimes. Chillbain didn’t care how they would pay, as
long as he making them pay it.
Around five hours later, they stopped to rest.
Chillbain didn’t rest, though. He kept going to look
for any sign of food or water. Three others went with
him. They were Gravitron, Propel, and Syphon.
Chillbain and his three companions set out to look for
something that would regenerate Beta Squad’s energy.
Eventually they stopped when they came across a herd
of Ircaroh, a horse-like creature with three horns on
its head and sharp teeth. In some places of Zodia,
the Ircaroh was a delicacy so they were delighted to
see such a creature.
“Gravitron,” started Chillbain, “keep them in one
place while Syphon drains them of their life-force.”
“Got it,” said Gravitron. He held out his hands and
the whole herd was pushed into the ground. They
started to yelp and struggle, but could not be moved
from the ground. Syphon proceeded to drain their
energy with his powers. Soon the yelping came to a
stop and the Ircaroh were limp and lifeless.

The CoLitharien foot soldiers were marching up the
mountainside, looking for some sort of food. They
were not accustom to the Zodian world so they had no
idea what was edible and what was not. They came up
over the top and spotted a herd of an unusual looking
animal. They also saw four humanoids about five
hundred yard away from the creatures.
“Men,” started the Lieutenant, “those creatures down
there look as though we could eat them.”
“What about those Zodians down there?” said a foot
“Kill them.”

“Ok guys, I’ll freeze them,” said Chillbain. He
froze the animals to keep them fresh. Just as he was
about to instruct Gravitron to levitate the Ircaroh,
he heard gunshots. He turned around and was instantly
sent backward by the ion bullets. Propel flew at a
great speed toward the mountain. He increased his
density and broke into the mountain, causing an
avalanche that brought some of the soldiers crashing
“Kill the mutates!” screamed one of the surviving
“For Zodia!!” yelled Gravitron as he crushed a foot
soldier into the ground.
Chillbain didn’t get back up. Propel saw this and
flew to his leader’s side. Syphon drained the
remaining foot soldiers of their life force and ran
back with Gravitron.
“Propel,” said Gravitron, “you get Chillbain back to
the others. We’ll stay here with the Ircaroh. Bring
the others to this location.”
With that, Propel took the fallen Zodian in his arms
and flew as fast as he could back towards Beta Squad.

To be continued…
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