Chillbain of Zodia #2
Operation: Zodian Freedom pt. 2

“General Darthax!” yelled the CoLitharien Prime
Councilman, “Report to the Council at once!” The
Councilman turned off his com-link and sat next to the
other, less significant Councilmen. They were the
first of the CoLitharien/Zodian government. They
passed the original law to kill the Zodian mutates.
When they found out about the freeing of three camps,
they knew that all mutates must be dead.
Urom Darthax sighed as he turned of his com-link. He
has spoke with the Council 5 times in one month. He
knew what he was in for. The liberation of 3 camps
within a month meant death. He was going to get the
death penalty. And he knew it.
Darthax was the General in charge of the Iyromaen
sector. 3 of his 5 camps were destroyed. His face
was emotionless, but his fists were clenched tightly.
He walked in a very militaristic manner down the
metallic hallways. He came to the Council room. He
stood up, putting his head close to the
voice-activated lock and:
“General Urom Darthax.”
“Access Granted.”
Darthax walked into the long and tall room, 300 black
eyes on him. He sat at the end of the long table
closest to him and put his ID card in the slot on the
“General Darthax,” began the Prime Councilman, “you
are being charged with a Failure to Execute Commands.
How do you plead up on the Council?”
“Guilty,” said Darthax, his head faced down at the
Zodiac table.
“You realize of course that you have been sentenced
with Penalty of Death.”
“Yes,” said Darthax, “I did not carry out my
commands. Just…let me die with honor…”
“I was not finished General.”
“Zodia is not the first planet we have failed on, but
it is the weakest.”
“Sir, I am sorry. Just le me die with-“ He was cut
off by the Councilman.
“We have decided to not give you the honor of death.
Instead, since you have proved yourself in the past,
you will be given a second chance. This time you have
the duty of eliminating the Zodian opposition.”
“Councilmen, I thank you.”
“No General. You will not thank us. This mission
will claim your life. You will not come back to live
your life in the CoLitharien military.”
“I understand. I will gather my best and strongest
soldiers and destroy the Zodian mutates.”
“You are dismissed, General.”
General Urom Darthax got a second chance. That
doesn’t happen very often in the CoLitharien
government. He was grateful that he would get to die
in the heat of battle, rather than having his body
turned inside out.
Urom Darthax walked down to the ship hangar.
“General Urom Darthax,” he said again and was allowed
inside the hangar. He stepped up to his Colossus-411
ion ship and turned on the forward thrusters. He flew

off into the 2nd Zodian sun…

“My squad will be Alpha Squad,” said X-Ternal. “Chill
yours will be Beta Squad and, Sky, yours is Gamma
Squad. Any questions?”
“Yeah…” said Chillbain, “when do we get to pick out
“Right now,” X-Ternal answered.
X-Ternal walked over to the crowd of newly freed
Zodian Mutates.
“This 1/3 will be mine. Chillbain, yours is the
middle. Sky, you get the right 1/3. These are our
“Ummm…not what I had in mind,” said Chillbain, “but
“Ok so now what do we do?” asked Skyburn.
“Each of us will take our squad and continue to do
what we were doing before. This way we’ll cover much
more ground. The CoLitharien won’t know what hit
‘em,” said X-Ternal.
“Alrighty then,” said Chillbain, “BETA SQUAD! Move
Chillbain flew overhead and went north with his
“This is where we part,” said X-Ternal, “So long
“See ya, pal.”
“Chillbain!!” yelled X-Ternal.
“Be careful! Don’t get reckless!!”
“ME?! Reckless?? Never!”
X-Ternal and Skyburn broke out laughing as Chillbain
flew away with Beta Squad. The two friends shook
hands and went opposite ways, taking their squads with
them. Some day they would reunite and fight side by
side again, but that day would not happen any time
soon. First they would need to free Zodia. And they
showed no signs of slowing down.

Chillbain flew overhead, above his squad. Few others
flew with him. The others on the ground ran.
Chillbain didn’t know where they where they were or
where they were going. All he knew is that he needed
to free as many Mutates as he can. He also knew that
he needed to learn to control his powers better, if he
didn’t…the results would be catastrophic.
“Hey Chillbain!” said a mutate.
“Thanks for freeing us…”
“Aw man, it was nothing. We needed to.”
Chillbain felt really good about freeing all the
Zodians he had. He felt a sense of leadership and
pride he never felt before. He decided today he would
make himself a legend. He imagined how one day there
would be stories about how The Great Chillbain
single-handedly eliminated the CoLitharien threat.
Chillbain thought about how great it would be. He was
in a daydream when suddenly he heard his squad
He looked down and saw the ground falling below them.
He instantly sent ice down to cover up the gaping
hole. He lost around 25 Mutates to that hole. The
ice instantly melted and out of the hole, 25
CoLitharien fighter ships flew up and circled the
Mutates. Chillbain grew angry and charged at the
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