Chillbain of Zodia #1
Operation: Zodian Freedom pt. 1

Chillbain, X-Ternal, and their militia of around 150
mutates flew across the vast Zodian desert, in search
for another camp. They would fly and run for 4 days
before finding anything. It was Chillbain who
discovered it. He was flying around while the others
waited and rested. He saw a large facility surrounded
by an electro-magnetic fence, meant to keep the
mutates in. He smiled and flew back to his allies.

X-Ternal watched as Chillbain flew off in the
distance. He had allowed his friend to go off in
search for another camp. X-Ternal stayed to rest with
all the others. He wanted to go help Chillbain, but
Chill wouldn’t allow it. He got around 3 hours of
sleep before he felt the temperature around him get
“I’m baaaaaaaack!” said Chillbain, flying down to the
“Find anything?” asked X-Ternal.
“Yes indeedy,” answered the ice-empowered mutate,
“but it’s much larger than ours. That means more
“It also means more mutates.”
“Ohh yeah…ha right.”
“We’ll wait until everyone is rested up,” ordered
Chillbain slowly fell to sleep on the hot ground of
the Zodian Desert. X-Ternal tried to fall asleep, but
there was no way he would be able to dream that night
with the echoes of the screams of pain in his head.
He could hear the mental thoughts of agony from the
nearby camp. He stayed up the whole night, almost
bathing in a pool of his own sweat. He knew what had
to be done the next day. He knew what was going to
happen in the near future. He had created what would
turn out to be the greatest war of Zodian history.

Chillbain, eager to destroy some guard bots, awoke
first. He rose into the air and made it snow. This

awoke the whole militia. Some laughed, some cursed,
others just accepted it. Now with everyone awake they
were ready to take on the guards.
“Listen up everyone,” said Chillbain, “Yesterday I
found another camp-“ he was cut off by the cheers of

the crowd. “Yeah yeah, its spectacular. We are going
to free it today. Right now. Take no mercy for these
guards, because you won’t receive any from them. They
only protection we have are our containment suits.
They’re made of metal. Be ruthless. Take no
prisoners. We will save our brethren from the
CoLitharien. Now MOVE OUT!”

Scorcher took up his shovel and began to dig into the
hard ground, searching for Zodiac, one of the more
precious stones in Zodia. He thought himself lucky to
be on a Zodiac mine. He knew other mutates who were
sent to worse places. He felt lucky. He’d feel even
luckier when he saw the 152 mutates flying toward the
He shoved his shovel into the ground and found a
piece of Zodiac. He held it up in the air and it was
suddenly snatched from his hand by a guard bot.
“You have found a large piece. Return to your
holding cell.”
“I’m done for the day? Wow I hit the jackpot.”
As Scorcher was walking toward the facility, he
turned back because he forgot his shovel. When he

turned around he immediately stopped. His jaw dropped
and his eyes widened at the site of 152 mutates
charging the camp. He saw one with light blue, spiked
hair shoot huge ice shards from his hand into the
guard bot that let him off duty. He looked at another
one with long black hair, touching his forefinger and
middle finger to his temple flying toward him.
Scorcher’s collar fell off and he immediately felt
much warmer. His eyes turned orange and his hair
returned to the color it was at birth, glowing orange.
He looked up as the militia flew over him. He joined
Chillbain now covered himself completely in ice. His
icy skin glistened as he flew straight through a bot.
He had frozen the air around him so anything he
touched would instantly turn to ice, making it very
easy to bash through anything.
X-Ternal used his telekinesis to pick up two guard
bots next to the doors and blasted them through the
wall. The mutates flooded inside and started knocking
off the guard bots.
A mutate known as Stonewall had turned into his rock
form and started to pick up bots and throw them
through other bots. Scorcher turned his skin into
fire, in the same manner that Chillbain turned his
skin into ice. He flew around and melted the metal of
the guard bots. This battle was looking very
good…until they showed up.

X-Ternal went off on his own to the holding cells to
free all the mutates of their collars. He did so,
releasing around 750 mutates at one time. This was
only one section of the building. There was one more
holding cell area, plus the mess hall. X-Ternal lead
the mutates to the other holding cell section and
freed another 600 mutates.
Chillbain was in the mess hall with the original 150
mutates and wiped out every guard bot in it. They
freed all the mutates manually, unlike X-Ternal who
uses his mind to free many at once. There were around
500 in the mess hall. Chillbain led his party to the
assembly line where they would stop the production of
guard bots, but the line of CoLitharien Elites stopped
“You mutates have gone far enough,” said the Elite
“We won’t give up to you filth,” Chillbain spat at
the Elite.
“Then you will pay the price.” The Elites were not
robot. They were natural CoLitharien. They were
strong and fast. They also carried high-powered
energy rifles. The Commander aimed his rifle at
Chillbain and fired. However, Chillbain was still in
his ice form so the energy beam was reflected back at
the Commander. It hit the Commander in the head and
killed him. The other Elites charged at the mutates.
All the Elites had a double-bladed CoLitharien knife
and a beam rifle. The front lines of both forces
charged each other, the Elites killing more mutates.
Chillbain sent a huge ice shard through the middle of
the Elite forces, killing 1/3 of them. However, one
Elite caught him off guard and jumped on top of him.
It tore away the metal containment suit of Chillbain’s
chest and dug into his abdomen. Chillbain decreased
his temperature rapidly and froze the Elite.
Chillbain refroze his injury to stop it from
At that moment, X-Ternal and his force came bashed
through the wall behind the Elites. X-Ternal lifted
up another 1/3 of them and sent them flying into the
wall. The remaining 1/3 of Elites blasted away at
mutates, killing about 100 mutates. However the
remaining 1,900 mutates easily overcame and swarmed
the Elites. They had overcome the CoLitharien. They
had won this battle and greatly increased their
“We have won!” shouted out Chillbain.
“Yes! Today we freed many more of our brothers and
sisters. Come!” yelled X-Ternal. “We will now move
out to free more camps.”

The Zodians moved out of the main building and out to
the front courtyard, only to be met by 2000 Elites.
They immediately opened fire on the mutates, taking
out the entire front line. 400 mutates fell to the
ground, dead. Chillbain flew to the front, decreased
the temperature around his body drastically, and flew
straight through the middle of the Elite army. From a
top down view you could see a zigzag line of icy
Elites falling apart. Chillbain then flew up and went
the opposite way, taking out even more Elites. They
soon caught on to his plan and the General shot a heat
wave at Chillbain, causing his ice skin to revert back
to normal. He was then open to any attack. 200
Elites blasted at Chillbain, disintegrating the top of
his containment suit. The hot white energy beams of
the Elite beam rifles burned his open chest. He fell
to the ground. The Elites were about to swarm him
when they were suddenly all pushed back by the
telekinetic force of X-Ternal.
The mutate known as Field Agent created a force field
around Chillbain and X-Ternal, in order to allow X
some time to revamp Chillbain’s mind. X-Ternal
entered Chillbain’s mind and started to boost it.
Chillbain was lucky that he was a Zodian. If not for
his naturally enhanced endurance, he would have died.
He spent a good 15 minutes doing this. In the
meantime, Stonewall and Scorcher teamed up. Stonewall
picked up Scorcher, in fire form, and hurled him at
the army. As he was flying, Scorcher blasted the fire
from his body, covering a large area. He was able to
take out 200 Elites with this attack, not nearly as
much as the 1200 Chillbain took out. Gravitron then
sunk 100 Elites into the ground, sending them to a
rocky doom. Extreme sent sonic waves at the ground
and sent 200 Elites flying into the mountainside. The
remaining 300 Elites retaliated with a wave of plasma
blasts, killing 200 Mutates, including Xtreme and
nearly killing Scorcher and Gravitron. X-Ternal
looked at all the death around him and in a mad rage
picked up the 300 Elites and tore them to pieces, then
continued to work with Chillbain’s mind.
X-Ternal was able to revamp Chillbain’s mind. Chill
was in a lot of pain and would not be able to battle
during their next crusade.
“Nice work Chill,” said X-Ternal, “almost got
yourself killed.”
“We won though.”
“Yeah, thanks to you and the newbies.”
“See? I knew I was doing the right thing.”
“Chill, you seem more like a newbie everyday.”

“It’s what I’m here for,” and with that Chillbain
closed his eyes and fell asleep.

5 days later Chillbain woke up. X-Ternal had found
another camp. Chillbain was now fully healed and
despite the wishes of his allies he followed them to
the camp. When they got to the camp, there was not as
much opposition. It was the size of their old camp.
They eliminated the few Guard bots with telekinesis
and fire. When the busted down the doors, what they
saw put them in utter shock. Mutates were flying
around and blasting away at guard bots. One in
particular stood out. He had a red cloth tied around
his forehead and was blasting energy blasts at the
bigger bots. When they were finished, he flew down to
greet X-Ternal and Chillbain.
“So Skyburn, looks like you took care of things
here,” said X-Ternal.
“Yeah, I figured you guys would get here eventually,”
responded Skyburn, “but I couldn’t wait.”
“Well Sky,” said Chillbain, “good thing you’re here.
Now we can REALLY sock it to ‘the man’.” The three
laughed at this and exited the camp. Finally reunited
at last. Today would be the day that The Xtreme
Warriors were founded. X-Ternal, Chillbain, Skyburn
and their militia were now the Xtreme Warriors and
they would stop at nothing to eliminate the
CoLitharien threat.
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