Chillbain of Zodia: Prologue

By: Steven Scheibal

Natane Greyett was born a mutate. He knew he
was a
mutate. He didn’t much mind, until they came.
Discreetly they took over the government. They saw
the mutates as a threat to their invasion. The
mutates had to be eliminated.
At first they were ordering all Zodian Mutates
to be
killed at birth. Then they rounded up all adult
mutates and would destroy them in labs by
experimenting to find a cure for the mutated gene.
The CoLitharien were attempting to rid the mutates of
all existence so they would be no threat in the
Once the public became suspicious and
irritated at
the new change in government, the CoLitharien had to
put the mutates someplace in order to contain them,
rather than eliminating them. They formed camps,
where they claimed all mutates would be cured of their
“disease”. What really happened in these camps was
much more horrific. Some mutates were killed, but
most were enslaved. Thousands of these camps were
built, all around the world. The CoLitharien’s plan
was falling into place. They would soon be rid of all
Natane Greyett was born a mutate. He knew he
was a
mutate. He didn’t mind much…until they came. At age
15 he was enslaved and taken to a camp. He was given
the call-name Chillbain, mocking his mutation of
cooling moisture around him. He lived in the camps
until he was 22. That year he decided he would
escape. That year he met his two best friends. That
year…that year would spark the Zodian Rebellion.
“Hey, X-ternal,” Chillbain called to his
“come sit over here!”
“Comin’,” the other mutate replied. “Enjoying
sludge?” X-ternal said in a sarcastic manner.
“Enjoying it as much as I do everyday,”
Chillbain, “haha man I miss my uncle’s fried Zordack.”
“Man, don’t get me fantasizing about actual
X-Ternal was cut off by a CoLitharien guard.
“You two shut your faces,” said the towering
“or I’ll make ya.”
The two of them stayed quiet and spooned their
sludge into their mouths, thinking of what it would be
like to escape and set that guard in it’s place.

Later that night X-ternal formulated a plan.
need Chillbain’s cooperation, but he was confident
that it would work.
“Chill,” whispered X-ternal, “come over here.
Listen up.

” “Yeah?”
“I’ve got a plan…to get out of here. I need

“I’d do anything to get us out of here,”
Chillbain anxiously.
“Here’s my plan…”

Chillbain sat in his seat at the assembly
line. He
picked up his wrench and started to screw on the head
of a guard bot. X-ternal sat down next to him and
took over. Chillbain got up and walked over to one of
the Guard Bots.
“Hey bucket head!” yelled Chillbain, “EAT
Chillbain threw a punch at the Robot’s head. The
punch did virtually nothing, however, Chillbain nearly
broke his hand. The robot picked Chillbain up and
threw him into the steel wall. Chillbain got up,
wiped the blood from his lip, and dashed at the robot.
X-ternal rearranged the wiring in the next
changing its programming from destroying mutates to
destroying guard bots. Just as he finished he heard a
loud clank. He looked over at Chillbain who was
standing up and wiping his lip.
“Chill! Fall back! It’s done!” yelled
Chillbain didn’t hear and dashed at the robot.
ran into its midsection and fell backward. He again
was picked up by the robot and hurled at X-Ternal.
The two mutates were sent back onto the assembly line
belt. They fell forward and off the belt, just as the
new X-Ternal bot emerged from the machine. It charged
its weapon and blasted at the Guard Bot. It exploded
and pieces of Zodian metals were sent crashing into
the walls and assembly line.
“Nice work X,” congratulated Chillbain. “You
are one
smart Zodian.”
“Thanks,” said X-ternal, “now lets get it to
free us
of our collars.”
X-ternal walked over to the bot and typed in a
command to its mind sphere. It freed both of the
Zodians of their collars. Chillbain immediately
changed his body temperature to -85 degrees and
changed his skin into rock hard ice. X-ternal
levitated the assembly belt off of the base and hurled
it through a wall. Chillbain created a slick path of
ice and came flying through the opening of the wall.
They had entered the bot storage room. Chillbain
proceeded to freeze the circuits of the bots and
X-ternal used his telekinesis to break them apart.
“After you my friend,” said Chillbain.
“No no,” said X-ternal, “I insist. You go
“Why thank you,” Chillbain said as he froze
ceiling and broke through.
They found themselves in the mess hall.
smiled and shot ice shards straight through 2 of the
guard bots. The other 3 were dismembered by X-ternal.
The Zodian prisoners stared with astonishment. The
room went from dead silent to a huge roar of cheers
and curses of the CoLitharien.
“MY BROTHERS!” yelled X-ternal. “TODAY!
Today we
take our freedom. Today we end the CoLitharien
oppression of our race. Today is our day. We will no
longer stand by and watch our brothers and sisters be
forced to do their will. No longer shall we watch, as
our children are beat and whipped and forced to dig
their own graves. No longer! NO LONGER!! TODAY WE
The roar of the crowd was immense. They were
with so many feelings, courageousness, patriotism,
relief, and a sense of importance. Today was their
day. Today would spark the Zodian Rebellion.
Chillbain was incredibly enthusiastic about this
freedom. He was wanting to destroy all the robots and
force out the CoLitharien. He knew he would get his

X-ternal freed all the prisoners in the mess
hall of
their collars. Then their ally bot flew up from the
floor and awaited its orders. A third of the mutates
flew into the air and others powered themselves up in
various ways. They all followed X-ternal out of the
hole created by the mutate codenamed Xtreme, who had
the ability to blast powerful sonic waves from his
body. They proceeded to the courtyard where the
CoLitharien Armada of Camp #1245 greeted them. The
CoLitharien used mainly robots in their armies. The
mutates, of about 300, charged the Armada, of around 750.

The two races clashed in a huge bloody battle.
Flying mutates had the advantage, because the bots
could not fly. The steel and rock morphing mutates
also had an advantage. Others were not so lucky.

Chillbain flew into the air and sent down
ice shards and took out 50 bots at once. X-Ternal
could handle another 50 on his own by sending them off
and crashing them hard into the ground. Xtreme took
out another 50 by blasting his sonic waves and
exploding the bots. A mutate known as Gravitron
increased the gravity under 200 bots and crushed them
into thin plates of metal. However, mutate casualties
were also high. 50 mutates were killed when trying to
rush the bots head on in the beginning. The bots
disintegrated them.
The Zodians dealt with the remaining 400 bots
various ways. There were a total of 150 Zodian
mutates left after the battle.
“Listen up everyone!” shouted X-Ternal.
“Today we
have won, but at a great cost. Though we are free,
millions of our brethren are still being held by the
CoLitharien. We MUST free them at ANY cost! Today
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