The Boy Amongst Heroes

It had been a couple of weeks since Tony had first trained with Rey, and now Big Puerto Rico was helping the team as well. Each day they would challenge themselves with tougher missions, and each day Tony grew wiser.

“Wow, what a day,” Tony said as the heroes were exiting Boomtown.

“Yah, it was some good huntin’,” Replied Rey Tormentor. “You know, little guy, you grew pretty strong in these last couple of weeks.”

“That’s right, Boricuatron, I am very proud that you caught on to this hero thing pretty quickly. You’re one smart kid,” Big PR grinned and patted the young hero on the head.

“Yah, the best part today, other than being with you guys, was the people that we saved. I liked seeing the smiles on their faces when they said thanks.”

“Yes indeed, that is one of the great things of being a hero,” Rey replied.

“Was it like that for you, Big Puerto Rico, when you saved me?”

“Yes, it was. Especially since you were so young, I was glade I got there to at least save you.” Big PR lowered his head in loving memory of his deceased cousin.

Silence was the only thing around the heroes as they walked to the security gate of Boomtown. Big Puerto Rico flashes his card and the guard lets all of the heroes through. They reach the other side and before they can do anything Big PR receives a ring.


“Ah, goo…I got yo…it’s Bob.”

“Hey, man your breaking up.”

“Sorry, it’s…amn sewers. I really need you.”

“What’s the matter?”

“…It’s Vahzilok…ot most of my team. I think I’m the only one left. SHIT!”

The line went dead and there was silence. Big PR tried to yell to see if his friend was still on, but to no prevail. Big PR knew that this was a serious call, simply because Bob never really cussed, unless he was in real trouble or if he walked into something.

“What’s the matter, Big?” Rey asked. He saw the urgency in Big PR’s body movement.
“I just got a call from a buddy, he needs help. It has something to do with Vahzilok, not sure he said he was in the sewers, but I don’t know which one.”

“…Damn, this sucks,” Rey Replied.

“We gotta think. That person needs our help!” Tony said excitingly.

“Well, I know that he and his team can handle Vahziloks by themselves. Wait a minute he said Vahzilok, not Vahziloks…no way.”

“Damn right no way, a team I was in took care of that crazy ‘ol doctor a few weeks ago,” Rey Tormentor replied.

“Well, I guess he got out some how. We need to hurry up and get there. Were did you encounter him last, Rey?” Big PR questioned.

“King’s Row.”

“Why are we waiting here for guys? We need to go safe Big PR’s friend.” Tony proclaimed and started to head off.”

Big PR grabbed the young boy and held him back. “Hey, slow down little guy. You’re not going on this one. It’s way too dangerous for a five-year-old boy. I’m sorry.” Tony still continued to try to move forward. “I’m serious, Tony!”

Tony stopped dead in his tracks as though his own mother gave him the order. “You, said my real name,” Tony said very low.

“That’s because I am very serious. I don’t want you to get hurt, this guy is serious news. He is not some regular villain that we encounter on the streets.”

“But, I think that I can do it Big PR.”

“Yah, me too. He has made great progress.” Rey Replied in the aid of the little boy.

“Rey, you are not helping. Listen, I know that you have made good progress but I don’t know if you can handle something of this magnitude.”

“It’s not fair! This sucks!” Tony replied.

“I’m sorry. Tony, you have to go home now.”

“NO!” Tony yelled. “I am coming with you.”

“Damn it, why must you be so stubborn?”

“You know what, Big; I’ll make sure that he will be okay. There’s nothin’ to worry ‘bout Big Rey Tormentor has got your back kid.” Rey taps the kid with his robotic arm and gives a thumb up to Big PR.

“…Alright, let’s hope that I don’t regret this decision,” Big Puerto Rico sighed and left to the Tram, both heroes on his tail.

They came off the tram and didn’t have to travel too far to get to the entrance of their destination. They opened the hatch that led to the dark, misty, dirty and smelly sewers. Upon their entrance each hero held their nose, for Tony this was the first time he had ever smelled the disgusting, horrid smell of Vahzilok. The smell of sewer mixed with dead bodies was nothing new to the seasoned heroes, but it still wasn’t any easier enduring the stench. The heroes run down a series of halls and door ways, crossing over fallen Vahzilok. They stopped as they heard a voice call out in the distance.

“Oh, little man, where are you?” The voice of DR Vahzilok called out looking for the hero that dared to cross him earlier. “What’s the matter? I am not going to kill you, I will let the pain do that for me!” the doctor let out his laugh which struck fear in Tony.

“At least we know that your buddy is still a live, Big.” Rey said.

“Yah and the doctor is helping us find him. By now he must be weak from the fight he had with Bob and his team, so I don’t think he will be fighting at his full capacity.” Big PR replied.

The two other heroes nod their heads and they start to follow the villain’s voice. As they pass a threshold Big PR hears a murmur.

“Ah…Big Puerto Rico?” the fallen hero managed to say.

“Bob, are you okay?” Big PR replied.

“Yah, yah, just a few scratches and bumps, nothin’ a little rest won’t fix. That damn psycho has been chasing me since I called you. I think my teammates are already at the hospital, but I can’t leave here and let this guy run free so easily.”

“It’s okay man, we’re here now.” Rey said as he knelt down to give the fallen hero something to help him recover faster from his wounds.

As Rey stood up the voice of the doctor had grown closer. Tony helped the hero up. Big PR peeked at the next room and saw that it had a steel stair case and the evil doctor was standing right under it. ‘Perfect’ Big PR thought. He motioned for the other heroes to follow him and to stay low as not to alarm the big ugly doctor. The heroes slowly approach the stair case, when Big PR reached it he motioned for the other to stay behind. He crawled up the stairs making sure that he would not make a noise. DR Vahzilok was clueless that the other heroes had come to the aid of his pry, and to the fact that Big Puerto Rico had been right on top of him. Big PR slowly stands up and stares at the doctor as he continued his rant. He waited for the right time and leaped forward on to the doctor’s back.

“NOW!” Big Puerto Rico yelled at his teammates. They come rushing in to attack the evil doctor.

As they approach him two Mire Eidolon come out of no where and attack the three heroes. The doctor struggles to try to get the hero off of his back.

“Get off!” the doctor yells.

Big PR throws a cross face strike, smashing his fore arm into the doctor’s head, and then kicks the mid section. The evil doctor quickly backs up into a near by wall. Big PR still held on and gave him another cross face strike. The doctor once more smash the hero up against the wall, but this time with all of his weight. The strike drew the wind out of Big PR, and he had no choice but to let go.

The doctor laughs and throws a back hand to the hero, knocking him down another hall way. As Big PR and DR Vahzilok fight in the other room, Tony, Bob and Rey battle it out with the remaining Mire Eidolon. For Tony this was his toughest challenge to conquer. Luckily, for him Rey and Bob were there to help. After a couple of rounds of bullets, fire and fists the villain falls in defeat. The three heroes quickly turn their attention to their teammate Big PR. They head down the hall to find Big PR punching the doctor in the mid section and the head. Every punch brought pain to the doctor but not enough. For every punch that the doctor took he retaliated. Big PR threw a vicious punch that knocked the doctor back and left him open for a ranged attack. Both blaster took advantage of the situation and blasted the doctor, getting his attention. The villain started for the two blasters and the scrapper but Big PR intercepted him.

“Where are you going, you smelly piece of crap,” the hero taunted.

The doctor threw a furious punch with his left hand, which Big PR dodged, but quickly came with another punch with his right. The punch connected and sent the hero flying into the air. The hero’s body punched through a corner of a wall, totally destroying it. The hero spins in mid air and lands on his face. If it wasn’t for his tough body he would have had ruptured something.

“Ha, ha, what’s the matter? Big boy can’t take pain. That’s okay, once I get done with you, you won’t have to feel pain again. ‘Cause you’ll be dead!” the doctor grinned which could be seen in the movement of his surgeon’s mask. The scrapper, Bob, quickly approaches the villain. “Oh, you again.”

The scrapper hits the doctor with quick combos but the doctor seemed to ignore it. DR Vahzilok throws a punch and knocks back the hero. As he did so another one of his flunkies, a Embalmed Abomination, comes up and attacks the scrapper. Rey decides to help the scrapper out, and runs closer to help. Tony stood where he was trying to make a decision on what to do. He saw that Rey and Bob where handling the Abomination so he decided to distract the doctor until Big PR could regain stature.

Tony throws a fire ball at the villain and calls out to him. The fire ball connects and grabs the doctor’s attention. He walks up to the heroes fighting the Abomination and strikes Rey sending him flying to the wall Tony was standing in front of. The scrapper defeats the Abomination and starts to punch and kick the doctor. The doctor grabs the scrapper by the head and punches the man in the stomach and throws him into the wall near Tony. The scrapper is defeated and teleported to the hospital, meanwhile the doctor is heading his way to the young hero. Tony starts to shake with fear but the hand on his shoulder, which belonged to Rey Tormentor, reassured him.

Big Puerto Rico gets up and regains his health as the two blasters do a collective strike. He tries to move but he is slowed down due to dizziness. The doctor takes a step back and Rey tries to shoot, but had no more bullets so he rushed the doctor. DR Vahzilok catches the hero by the head and picks him up. Rey threw a punch and landed it even though he couldn’t really see his target. The doctor comes back with a punch of his own knocking the wind out of the blaster. As he drew back his arm to strike again Tony threw a fire ball but he missed. He ran up to the doctor and grabbed his arm.

“HAHAHAHA! Look it’s a munchkin hero,” the villain laughed.

The doctor shook the arm that Tony was attached to, but Tony would not budge. The doctor throws Rey back to the wall and used his now free hand to detach the mini hero. As the doctor held up the boy, Tony got ready to throw a fire ball but the doctor quickly countered him with a hard back hand sending the boy back.

“NO!” Big Puerto Rico yelled as he tried to break free of his disability. As the boy slowly gets up, along with Rey. They reached their feet and leaned up against the wall. The doctor leaned back and grabbed the fallen Embalmed Abolishment. As soon as he grabbed it, the doctor throws it to the two blasters. The body hit both and blew up causing a massive explosion destroying the wall and the heroes. Finally, Big Puerto Rico regains himself and engages the doctor. The doctor was weak and could not defend him self too much from the hard blows of Big Puerto Rico. Big PR kicks the villain in the head sending the doctor to his knees.

Big PR grabs the doctor and continues to pummel his fist into the doctor’s face. “You sick freak!” the hero screamed as he made sure that the evil doctor was out.

The hero let go of the doctor and looked around. He saw that Rey was transported to the hospital, but Tony was not. He quickly ran to Tony and held him up.

“Tony, why aren’t you going to the hospital?” the hero said franticly

“Because, I was never able to register,” Tony said as he coughed. His smoldering suit made it worse. “Th…they said I was too young.” The boy tries to smile but was unable to.

Big PR quickly flew up the halls and path ways to the entrance in whence they came from. As he neared the entrance he removed his mask to show Tony his true identity.

“Listen to me, Tony, don’t give up. You can’t die on me, too,” The hero said as a tear ran down his cheek.

“I…it’s you, Cristobal. C…cool.” The Boy replied.

“Now you see why I was so protective of you…Tony, Tony…TONY!” the hero shook the young boy to try to wake him up but it wasn’t working. Big PR set the boy down and performed CPR, but it didn’t work. “No. No DAMN IT! Not you, too.” The hero cried out.

The boy was dead. Just like his brother. It was barely a month apart. Big Puerto Rico lost two of his own family members. Both were young and full of life. And to him, both were his fault. With Tommy, he didn’t get there fast enough, and with Tony it was the same.

Big Puerto Rico puts his mask on and exits the God forsaken place with Tony in his arms. He didn’t know what to do except bring the body of Tony to his parents and tell them the horrible news. Big PR knocked on the door with Tony’s body in his hands.

Thomas opened the door with a smile but quickly lost it. “Cristobal, what happened? What’s wrong?”

The hero lowers his and starts to cry, “I…lost him, too.”

“….Mijo?” Thomas starts to shake and scoops the lifeless body of his young son into his arms. “No, they took you too.” Thomas starts to bawl and scream.

Clarrisa comes into the living room with a cup and sees her cousin on the ground unmasked and crying. “Thomas?” Clarrisa quickly shakes her head. “No, it can’t be.”

Thomas shows Clarrisa their now dead boy. At the very sight of him Clarrisa screams and drops the cup. The cup shatters as she runs to the body.


It was the perfect day for the funeral, it was sunny and beautiful, just the way Tony liked it. Along side of the mourning family members there were some heroes that interacted with Tony, including Rey Tormentor and Bob. At the wake Cristobal was present, but at the burial it was Big PR who was there, he had to play both roles on this day.

As the casket lowers Clarrisa wipes the tears from here face and hugs her husband. She then goes up to Big PR.

She hugs him too and said, “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I know you think that it was, but it wasn’t. Tony’s in a better place now. Okay? You did all you could, and we love you for that.”

She leaves and Thomas Follows her, hugging his cousin on the way. Slowly the rest of the crowd leaves until it was just Rey and Big PR. Rey patted Big PR on his shoulder and left. Big PR stood there in tears and pulled out Tony’s mask. He unfolded it and placed it on the casket.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Mijo.” The hero said in a low voice and left. He turned and left.

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