The Boy Amongst Heroes

It was surprising to the hero to see his young admirer standing there with his hand engulfed with flames. Big PR’s brain was running a mile per-second with questions after question with out any solutions. Nothing of it made sense to the hero, for it was just a week or so ago that the boy needed to be saved from a low-level thug. Now, on this day the small boy blasted Frost Fire, even though the villain was pretty close to defeat it seemed impossible in the mind of the hero that a kid could have enough power to finish him off.

“T…Tony?” The hero asked, although he knew the answer. “How did you do that?”

“You see, Big PR? I told you that I could handle myself. I have powers.” Tony smiled and put his thumb up.

“Well, then why didn’t you use it when Tommy was in trouble?” The hero said with a little anger in his voice.

Tony’s face turned from happiness to sorrow. He hung his head and mumbled something under his breath.

“What did you say, Tony?” the hero said without any anger as he approached the young boy.

“I said that I didn’t have it back then. Or at least I don’t think I had it,” the boy continued, “I discovered it recently. That whole week that went by when Tommy was in the hospital and my parents were visiting them, I was very angry. To get my mind off of things I would pretend to fight bad guys, I would watch at a distance when a hero would fight a group of villains near Atlas Plaza. A couple of days before my fifth birthday I was watching a blaster taking care of some Hellions, when out of no where one snuck up from behind and got in a cheap shot. I didn’t know what to do and there weren’t any heroes in the area. So, I concentrated and stuck out my hand, but I doubted myself so I ran a little closer and yelled. The thug turned and ran towards me, I was afraid so I put my hands up and closed my eyes. When I opened them the thug was on the ground with smoke rising from his chest.”

“Did that other hero see you, Tony?”

“No. I think that he thought it was some other hero that saved me or something, so he just ran off.”

Big PR stood there trying to process the information that was just given to him. He looked around and saw that all of his fallen companions had gone to the hospital.

“Okay, Tony, this is still pretty new to me so you’ll have to forgive me if I seem distant. We should go…I think that I’m going to take you home. Is that okay?”

The boy nodded and followed the hero out of the building. When they got out side Big Puerto Rico knelt down and motioned for the boy to hold on to his back. Tony climbs onto the hero’s back and they head off to Atlas.

“Where’s Tony at, Thomas?” Clarrisa yelled to her husband up stairs.

“Not sure, mija. I think he’s at,”

The door bell rang and cut off Thomas. Clarrisa gets up from her seat and opens the door. When the door was completely open Tony comes rushing in and hugs his mom.

“Tony, there you are. You know I was just asking your father where you were.” Clarrisa said with a smile.

“Look, momma it’s Big Puerto Rico,” the young boy pushes himself away in happiness and points to the hero waiting outside.

Clarrisa flashes a warm smile and motioned for the hero to come in. Big PR comes in and sits down in a chair at the dining room table. He motioned Clarrisa to come sit with him.

“Hey, mija who is it?” Thomas said as he was coming down the steps, unable to see the guest.

“It’s Tony and Big Puerto Rico,” Clarrisa answered before Thomas finished coming down the stairs.

Thomas comes and sees the red, white and blue hero sitting at the dining room table.

“Hey, would you look at that been here a minute and already he’s waiting for something to eat.” Thomas chuckled and shook the hero’s hand.

“*We need to talk*,” the hero said in Spanish.

Clarrisa new that the hero didn’t want the young innocent boy around for the conversation. So, she sent him to go take a shower.

“What’s the matter?” Clarrisa asked.

“Nothing really bad, Clarrisa, I just needed to talk to you guys alone. I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Thomas asked.

“Well, your son has powers.” The hero put it plan and simple.

Both parents laugh. It wasn’t serious to them, they knew their son and they knew he had no powers, at least they thought they did.

“Did Tony put you up to this?” Thomas asked with a chuckle.

“No. I am telling you guys the truth. In fact your son helped me out today.”

The parents stop giggling and realized that the hero was not pulling their leg. They look at the hero’s masked face and saw the serious expression on it.

“What…but…how?” Clarrisa asked in shock.

“I’m not sure, but you need to tell him that he shouldn’t follow me into battles the way that he did today! I don’t want to loose,” the hero stops and collects himself.

“I’m sorry, but you know you look familiar.” Clarrisa proclaimed to fill the silence that was around them after the hero spoke and to change the subject since the hero seemed to be uncomfortable.

Big Puerto Rico looks up at Clarrisa and Thomas and looks at them for a while as though he was deciding to do something.

“Thomas, Clarrisa, the reason I look familiar to you is,” the hero pauses, sighs and looks around. Then he grabs his mask and pulls it over his head and exposes his face to the couple.

Both parents reel in shock and disbelief. They both stood up, as did the hero. Clarrisa covers her mouth and tears of surprise roll down her cheek.

“Cristobal?” Clarrisa said

“Oh my God, it’s you Cristobal. No wonder Big PR seemed so attached. Because…Big PR is my cousin.” Thomas said slack jawed. The last part was more directed at himself.

Both parents go and hug the hero in astonishment and return to their seats. The hero sits down and pulls his mask over again.

“Now that you know it is easier for me to show my concern. Also it is easier for me to explain to you why I think Tony has powers. You guys I think Tony is a mutant like me, it runs in our family, Thomas. The gene is in your blood.” They all fell silent.

“Momma, where’s my PJs?” Tony screamed from the restroom.

Clarrisa gets up and goes over to help out her son.

“Clarrisa, don’t tell Tony.” Big Puerto Rico said softly to Clarrisa. She nodded in agreement.

It was bright and early and Atlas Plaza wasn’t as filled up with heroes or people, most likely they were still in bed. Big Puerto Rico was talking to MS Liberty when Tony comes running up to him suit and all. He looks down and sees Tony and before he could say anything he notices that Tony’s parents where right there with them.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” the hero said as he waved good bye to MS Liberty. The hero approaches the couple with Tony following behind them.

“Well, Cr…Big Puerto Rico, we decided…”

“There going to let me be a hero!” Tony interrupted his father.

“What? Really?” the hero replied.

The hero was amazed that his cousins would let their now only son become a hero. He didn’t know what to say except, “Why?”

Clarrisa put her hand on the hero’s shoulder and said, “Because what good are powers if you cant use them for the greater good?”

“Yah, Big PR, we want our son to be brave just like you. Obviously he can manage; he finished that one guy Frost Flame.” Thomas said.

“It’s Frost Fire, hon.” Clarrisa corrected.

“Yah, whatever, the important thing is that he will be with you and I know that he will be okay.”

Thomas shook the hero’s hand and patted his boy and the head. Clarrisa said her good byes as well and they headed back home. The hero and his new companion stood there for a while and didn’t do anything at all until Big PR got an idea.

“Did you Register, Tony?”

“Register for what Big PR?”

“For your super-hero registration, you need one to be a hero in Paragon City.”

“Ah, no I didn’t, I guess I’ll have to go do it.”

“You better, Tony.” The hero said in a voice that a parent would use.

Tony headed off and went to city hall to register, as Big Puerto Rico stood in the same place contemplating what to do next. After a while Tony comes back to the spot where the hero was standing, right next to one of the small pools of water at the Atlas statue.

“So, what are we going to do?” Tony asked.

“Well first you’re going to tell me what your super hero name is.” the hero said with a smile.

“Well, in honor of you Big Puerto Rico, my name is…Boricuatron!” the boy laughed and ventured back just enough to catch the corner of the pool and tripped over it. Luckily someone caught the boy. “Oh thanks, mister.” The boy said to the hero who looked almost like a ninja, but the mask only went around the eyes, showing his curly hair.

“No problem, it’s a good thing I saw it coming,” the hero pats his chest with pride hitting a strange eye emblem that was on his chest. And with a swirl of his staff he headed off.

The boy looks at Big PR and shrugs. “Don’t lie, Big Puerto Rico, you know that you thought that I was going to say Little Puerto Rico.” The boy chuckled as did the hero.

“Well that name does sound like it came from the imagination of a five-year-old boy.” The hero said as he pulls Tony away from the pool. “Well, Boricuatron, I need to see how strong you are. So, we are going to hunt.”

“I don’t like shooting animals Big PR,” the boy replied in a confused manner.

“No, no not that type of hunting. Hunting in Paragon City means when heroes go and round up random criminals.”

“Oh. Ok, that sounds like a great idea. Let’s start!”

Big Puerto Rico nods his head and motions for the boy to follow him. They run to one of the big buildings and encountered some thugs, the hero stands back and lets the boy handle the thugs. Easily taking down the group Big PR decided that the young boy needed a more of a challenge. Conveniently, Big PR knew someone who would be able to help.

“Hello?” a strong male voice answered the call.

“Hey, bro, how are you doing? It’s Big Puerto Rico.”

“Well, I’m fine. How ‘bout you man? It’s been a while.”

“Yes it has, Rey Tormentor. Listen, I heard that your suit didn’t hold up and that you needed a new one.”

“Yah that totally sucked. Man that technology was experimental so I figured that it would break down sooner or later, but the real bad thing is that I gotta start all over again.”

“Well, Rey, for me that can be a good thing. I got a new hero here, who is very special, and I want him to go on a mission with you.”

“Alright,” Rey said surprisingly, “I am surprised that you would go to such a length, I know that you could train someone your self.”

“I could, but it wouldn’t be the same. This kid is a blaster and I’m not.”

“Kid huh? How old is this rookie?”

“Five.” Big PR said casually.

“Wow…well if you think it’s okay then it’s ok with me.”

Big PR smiled and found out where Rey Tormentor was and headed over with the boy. Tony was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get to do his first real mission. They arrived at the site and met the big orange and black technology blaster with a whole arm made of robotics.

“Hi. I’m T…,” the young boy paused to make sure he does give away his real name, “Boricuatron.”

Rey looks at the boy through his helmet and nods. “We need to go in and take out all the gang members inside. Do you think that you can handle it?”

The boy eagerly nods his head and turns to Big PR, “Are you coming, too?”

“I’m sorry, Boricuatron, but I can’t I need to know that you can work with other heroes. You know that I may not always be there.

The boy nods and enters the building. The two heroes say there good byes and Big Puerto Rico flies away.

The place was deceptively large and was filled with plenty of thugs to fulfill the goal of Big Puerto Rico. The Heroes made their way through the building making sure that nothing was left. Along the way Rey would give pointers to the young boy that only another blaster could give. Tony walked away from the mission with more knowledge then he ever could think that a blaster would need to be an affective hero.
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