The Boy Amongst Heroes
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
Chapter 2

Revenge kept rearing its ugly head in the boy’s mind as he tried to think of something else, but it would not relinquish itself. Tony cried many days after Tommy’s death because to him, Tommy wasn’t just a brother but he was also Tony’s best friend. The young boy sat down at his desk in his room and held Tommy’s coin in one hand and the badge that his new favorite hero gave him in the other. Each item represented a choice that he could make. The coin, on one hand represented the road of revenge and danger, while the badge represented justice the right way. In Tony’s mind there was only one way to settle this tear between doing the right thing and doing what felt right. The young boy goes to his closet and pulls out his Halloween costume and lays it on his bed.

“Mijo? Are you up there? Mijo, the phone.” Clarrisa called out, but Tony could not hear her calls because he was shrouded in thought. His creativeness flourished as ideas ran through his mind on how to alter the suit. “Tony, didn’t you hear me call you?” Clarrisa proclaimed in a worried voice. “What are you doing young man?”

“Nothing, momma. I’m just changing my costume so that it looks fitting for a hero.” Tony proclaimed in happiness. His mother didn’t take him seriously, since on many occasions he pretended to be a hero, so she laughed.

“Okay, Tony I will help with the upgrades to your super-hero suit.” Clarrisa pats her son’s head and goes and gets her sewing kit along with other things to alter the suit.
“By the way, Tony your cousin called and wanted to know how you were doing. He also asked who that hero you were talking to was.”

“Oh, that was Big Puerto Rico. You know him, mamma. He was the one that saved me and brought Tommy to the hospital.”

Clarrisa nods and smiles. “Yes I remember him, Tony. Thank God that he came in the nick of time. We owe him a debt of gratitude, next time you see him tell him to come over for dinner.”

Tony smiles and nods his head yes. He quickly gets a pen and piece of paper to write ideas down to help with his costume design.

Mean while, Big PR was helping out a friend with a mission in the tunnels of the Hollows.

“Heroes no belong here!” The Troll cried as the team of super heroes comes upon him.

“Handle him, Big Puerto Rico!” One hero shouted out to the tank. With out a moment’s hesitation Big PR goes to confront the villain. As the heroes blast upon the Ogre, the attention of his buddies turn from what ever they were doing to the battle that ensued just yards away.

“Uh oh! Incoming!” a hero calls out. As the Three lieutenants and three bosses make their way to the group. The Ogre that was first encountered in the battle falls, turning Big PR’s attention to the others. Chaos erupted as fist flew and beams of fire, lighting, and bullets engulfed the immediate area. Big PR was in a heated battle with one of the bosses along with another hero. The boss throws a wicked punch that sends the scrapper flying into the wall fifty yards away. The boss pursued the fallen hero to try and finish him off.

“Hey, you ugly piece of trash!” Big Puerto Rico taunted. Instantly grabbing its attention, the Troll screamed in rage and rushed the hero. Big PR was pushed to the ground, but quickly got back up.

Big PR continued his fight with the boss. The Ogre conjured up his rock shield and threw a devastating punch, which luckily Big Puerto Rico dodged. The villain stumbled and gave the perfect opening for Big PR to finish him off. The villain falls to his knees as the hero took advantage. As the villain fell, a ring came into Big Puerto Rico’s ear. It was his communicator. As he was distracted one of the lieutenants bum rushes him sending him into the area across from where he was.

“You okay, Big PR?” one hero asked as he came to assist the hero.

“Yah, I’m alright.” The hero replied and gets back up. He and the other hero confront the villain and take him out.

“I got it!” a voice yells out from the distance, “Let’s go!” The heroes run and exit the horrid place.

The mission was done, and Big Puerto Rico was tired from a hard day of fighting so he decided that he will call it a night.

“Hey, Big Puerto Rico what happened when that troll bum rushed you? You looked a little distracted.” The leader of the team called out before the hero left.

The hero stopped and turned. “Sorry about that, I got a buzz on the phone, it was…a friend. I guess he wanted to know how I was doing or something. I’ll see you guys later, bye.” The hero jumps and flies away.

“Wow, mamma! This looks great. I think it is very suiting for a hero.” Tony smiles at his mom and gives her a hug.

“Good, I’m glad you like it, Tony.” Clarrisa said. The phone rings and Clarrisa gets up to answer it. “Tony, it’s for you. It’s your cousin Cristobal.” Clarrisa puts the phone down on a table for Tony to get it.

“Hello?” Tony answered as he picked up the phone.

“Hey, Tony, did you call me earlier?” Cristobal asked.

“Yes, I did. I was returning your call you gave earlier.” Tony replied.

“Oh, okay. Sorry I couldn’t pick up I was a little busy at the time. So, how about we go over to Atlas Plaza and watch the heroes?” Cristobal said a little out of breath.

“Ah, that would be awesome, but my mom and I just finish making a hero costume and I’m a little tired from all the thinking. I think I’m just going to stay home and relax for now.” Tony replied and sighed showing his fatigue.

“Sure, maybe next time. I’ll see you later, Mijo. Adios.” Cristobal hung up.

“So, what’s going to happen, Tony?” Clarrisa asked.

“Nothing, momma, I’m going to bed, I’m pretty tired.” Tony gives his mom a hug and goes up stairs.

The next day as the sun was shining down on Atlas Plaza, the heroes gathered in bunches and conversed as usual. Big Puerto Rico was among the heroes staring off into the distance in deep thought.

“Hey, Big Puerto Rico.” A voice called out as something tugged at the hero’s arm. He looked down and saw that it was young Tony.

“Tony. How you doing little one?” the hero replied, “and what’s up with the costume?”

The costume was similar in color to Big Puerto Rico’s costume and was very simplistic. On one side of the chest was the Top Dog Badge pinned down, and across that on the other side was the coin that belonged to Tommy embroidered with gold lacing.

“How did you know it was me, Big PR?” The boy asked.

The hero smiled and said, “I knew because I know your voice. It’s easier to hind your face than it is to hide your voice.” The hero pointed to the young boy’s mask with a smile.

“Oh well. I’m ready to fight crime with you today Big PR.” The boy raised his thumb and smiled.

The comment shocked the hero. He searched for something to say. “Listen, Tony. You can’t come with me. It is way too dangerous for someone like you.” The hero said as he knelt down.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I can handle myself.” The boy replied confidently.

“NO.” The hero said in a stern voice. “I am not going to lose you, too.” The hero calmed down and looked Tony in the eye. They stared at each other for a little and stood still underneath Atlas. Then Big PR got a call from a friend.

Big Puerto Rico turned and answered it, “Yes? Oh hey, what’s up? Frost Fire? Sure I’ll be there.” The hero says good bye and turns to Tony. “Look, I need to do my job and take down this bad guy, Tony. We will talk later okay?” The boy nodded and the hero flew to The Hollows.

Big PR gets to The Hollows and heads to where his friend was.

“You ready Big Puerto Rico?” the fellow hero asked. Big PR nods and they enter the building. The first two floors where already cleared out, thanks to the rest of the team, and all that was left was the third and final floor.

The heroes rush to the third floor and join the other teammates. They did not dare enter the last room where Frost Fire and many others where scheming and planning. Once everyone made eye contact a hero opened up the door.

“Here goes nothing.” The hero that opened the door proclaimed. At first the attention of Frost Fire was not taken by his colleagues exiting the room. Once a few where taken out someone yelled to Frost Fire and all hell broke lose. Frost Fire was instantly filled with anger as he saw the intruding heroes. He orders his men on the heroes as he stays behind and does nothing but blast random heroes from the distance. Frost Fire’s actions where not out of coward ness, it was out of wisdom, at least in his mind. As his men fell the heroes where weak. It was the perfect time to strike and he did. He targets one of the blasters in the group.

“Oh no you don’t, you scum bag!” Big Puerto Rico taunted, but to no prevail. Frost Fire didn’t hear him over the raging flames that covered his body. Frost Fire shoots the blaster, instantly knocking him out. A scrapper approached the villain and landed some good hits, but he couldn’t continue with the attacks since he spent his energy on the other bad guys. Frost Fire slaps the scrapper away and does the same to another that approaches him. It was all up to Big PR and his friend. The two worked effortlessly against the villain and got him down, but Frost Fire would not give up. He blasted Big PR’s friend and knocked him out. His sights where now on the lonesome hero. Big PR did not back down and he continued to fight. Both fought for a good while and it seemed that both where down and almost out. As the titans clash a Freezer, that still had enough energy, froze Big PR and then blacked out again. Frost Fire had the hero right where he wanted him. As the villain arches his hand ready to deliver a final blast, a bolt of fire finishes off the villain. Big PR looked around and saw that all his friends were still knocked out. As he got free from the ice that held him, he saw that it wasn’t one of his friends, but it was little Tony that sacked Frost Fire.
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