The Boy Amongst Heroes
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
Chapter 1

“It’s been one week now,” the doctor told the parents of young Tommy, “and he doesn’t seem to have a chance at ever waking up from his coma. You see the blow to the head really hurt him bad, and though the surgery was a success, your boy’s spine will never be the same.” The doctor puts down his chart on a table near by and puts his hand on the shoulder of Tommy’s dad. “I’m truly sorry, sir but I don’t think your boy will make it.”

Tommy’s dad lowers his head and lets the tears flow freely down his cheek. Tommy’s mother grabs his father and embraces him.

“I know, Thomas I…I don’t know what to say.” Tommy’s mother continues to hold Thomas in her arms.

“Why, Clarrisa? Why does Tommy have to die?!” Thomas lets out a cry of such sorrow that the mood of the room seemed to mirror his emotion. As the tears flowed down onto the shiny floor of the hospital, Clarrisa’s cousin approached them. He extended his arms and joined the two grieving parents.

“Is the news that Bad?” the man asked Clarrisa.

“Yes, Cristobal it is. The doctor says that he doesn’t think that Tommy can make it.

Cristobal’s face shows his disbelieve in the situation. He turns to the doctor and examines him. “Are you sure that there is no chance he can make, doctor?”

“Well, there is always a miracle.” The doctor replied.

The family there walks to the room that the young boy is being held in, along with the doctor. They stand in front of the glass that allowed them to view the comatose young man. The doctor notices something on the monitoring system and enters the room. He looks at the screen and looks at Tommy. As the doctor finishes his inspection, Tommy’s heart rate jumps to a dangerous high.

“What’s happening? What going on? My son, my son!” Clarrisa screams at the doctor through the glass window. The doctor motions for the family to stay there. He quickly calls in for help. As help arrives, young Tommy starts to convulse violently. In the mad rush all goes deaf for Tommy’s family as they watch the doctors frantically trying to bring the boy back. As the family became aware again to their surroundings, all they hear is the long beep of the heart monitor in the corner.

“Noooo!” Both parents of the boy cry out in suffering. Both drop to their knees, unable to hold themselves up, and let out such emotion it brought tears to the eyes of the staff surrounding the general facility. Cristobal picks the two up and walks them to a seat.

“Damn, we lost him…the time of death 4:44 pm.” The doctor approaches the family. “I’m sorry, Tommy is dead.” The doctor lowers his head and pats Thomas on the shoulder. A page calls the doctor away from them, and he slowly walks away. Cristobal helps Thomas and Clarrisa to their feet and out of the building.

“Are you going to tell Tony?” Cristobal asked.

“…We will…maybe tomorrow, I don’t know.” Thomas said holding back his tears to communicate his answer.

“Where is he?” Cristobal asked.

“Well, it’s his birth day, so I guess he’s where he always loves to be, Atlas Plaza.” Clarrisa replied while whipping the tears off of her cheek. Cristobal nods his head.

“I’ll go and break the news to him for you.” Cristobal leaves and heads to Atlas Plaza. He comes upon Tony under the Atlas statue sitting on the edge of the base that the statue stood on. Cristobal sat down next to him and told Tony slowly, and in a way that would not scare the boy badly. Tony instantly cries and leans into his cousin’s torso.

The Boy Amongst Heroes
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
Chapter 1 pt.2

“I need some time alone, Cristobal.” Tony said as he lifted him self off of his cousin.

“Sure, mijo. Are you sure you are going to be okay?” Cristobal replied. Tony looked up and nodded his head.

“I’m just going to stay here and watch the heroes, I’ll be fine.” Tony hugs his cousin and turns to watch the heroes crowd around Atlas Plaza. Cristobal stands up and leaves. A moment later a hero approaches Tony.

“Hey, Tony.” The sympathetic voice called out. Tony instantly recognized the voice and turned to face Big Puerto Rico.

“Hey, Big PR. Did you hear what happened to Tommy?” The thought of Tommy’s death brought the tears back into the eyes of the young boy.

“I did, Tony. It hurts me. If I was there just a couple of moments earlier I could of…” the hero covers his face to hide the emotion his mask couldn’t.

“It’s not your fault, Big PR. It’s the bad guy’s fault.” Tony’s voice choked as he fought to hold back tears. “I swear to Tommy I will find all of those Skulls, and every other bad guy, and take revenge. But, I will not just fight them I will do to them what that man did to Tommy!” The young boy raised his voice in anger and stood up to face the hero.

“Tony, please calm down. Killing someone will not ease the pain of death in the family.” Big Puerto Rico said as he held Tony by the shoulders. Tony looked into the hero’s eyes and it was evident that the boy was still hell bent on revenge. “Tony listen to me. You are just a little boy,”

“No I’m not, I’m five now. I can do it!” Tony interrupted the hero.

“Tony, those men out there are vicious, and you don’t have anyway to protect your self.” The hero quickly replied.

“You don’t understand, I must do this no matter what,” the boy said, “I can…”

The hero did not let the boy finish. He held the boy close to him and started to slowly hover to the top of the Atlas statue. As they reached the top the hero places the boy down and sits on the top of the globe. The night was dark, and the only thing illuminating the sky was a strange green light coming from above Perez Park. The hero didn’t think too much of it, since he knew that some heroes were probably on the case already.

“Why did you bring me up here, Big PR?” the boy questioned.

“Because many heroes come to the top of Atlas to think or clear there heads.” The hero replied. “And, did you know that every hero that comes up here gets a badge?” the boy shakes his head no. The hero smiles and pulls out the Top Dog badge from his belt and hands it to Tony.

“Wow, this is cool.” The boy proclaimed.

“Well, it’s yours now.” The hero reached over and closed Tony’s hand that had the badge in it. The hero flashes a smile and hoped that the badge would cheer up the grieving boy.

The boy’s face lit up with joy as he quickly puts it in his pocket before the hero can give it a second thought. The hero chuckles and stares off into the distance.

“Big PR?” the boy looked at the hero with a confused look. “How did you know that Tommy was a family member?”

The hero looked at the boy cautiously and did not answer right a way. It almost seemed as thought the hero was searching for an answer, but before the boy could notice he looked in another direction.

“I just…guessed, I didn’t really know.” The hero replied and stood up. He motioned for the boy to come to him. They slowly hover down and the hero says his goodbyes and leaves. Tony waves and runs to the tram, and goes home.
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