The Boy Amongst Heroes
By: Nelson Carrasquillo

Night had fallen upon Paragon City, and the citizens were eager to get home safely before trouble ensued. Even the citizen near Atlas Park seemed weary, except two young boys. The boys, one ten the other only four, were leaving Atlas Park, having finished a joyful day of watching the new heroes arrive.

“Man! I love watching the heroes at Atlas Park, Tommy, don’t you?” The youngest boy asked of his companion while walking towards the tram.

“You bet I do, Tony. It must be great to have powers and be able to save people.” Tommy replied.

Both boys continue their quest to the tram, with out a care in their mind of any danger that can lurk around any corner. As the boys continue on, Tommy decides to flip his custom-made silver coin with the Statesman’s head on one side and Paragon’s city crest on the other.

“I love that thing, Tommy it’s so cool. Where did you get it?” Little Tony asked.

“Don’t worry, Tony I’m going to get you one for your birthday. If I tell you where I got it you might run off and get one for your self. You don’t have to wait for long your birthday is only a week away. Okay?” Tommy said as he knelt down to look Tony in the eyes.

Tony nods his head and flashes his bright smile in anticipation. As the boys continue to the tram Tommy accidentally dropped his coin from his hands. The coin lands vertically and rolls into an alley way just to the left of the boys. Tommy and Tony quickly chase after the coin, hoping that it wouldn’t get out of there sight. With their heads down and their eyes focused on the coin, the boys scurry down the pathway. The coin finally stops and lays flat on the ground.

“Good it finally stopped.” Tommy sighed in relieve.

As Tommy went to retrieve his coveted coin, a large boot quickly stomps on it instantly stopping Tommy’s hand dead in its tracks.

“Well, what do we have here?” The skull’s member asked as he looked at the two boys.

The gangster laughs and pushes Tommy out of the way. He bends over and picks up the valuable coin and examines it. The gangster flashes a greedy smile and palms the coin.

“Hey! That doesn’t belong to you!” Young Tony yelled at the man.

“It does now, you little brat!” the low-life mugger proclaimed as he stepped up to Tony.

Tony gives the man a cold hard look, which gives the man the giggles.

“Look at you, little man, you think you can do something about it?” the skulls member questioned.

Tony turns his hand into a tight closed fist ready to throw a. The thug noticed that the little fragile boy had stiffened up and was ready to strike.

“Tony don’t!” Tommy yelled catching the attention of the criminal. The gangster turn toward Tommy and arched back his arm. Tony quickly pounced on the man’s back and started to grind his fingers into the man’s eyes. The thug was still able to strike young Tommy, instantly sending the fragile body of the ten year old flying towards a wall near by.

Tony still pursued his mission of tanking down the thug, but to no prevail. The thug quickly disposed of the boy from his back, and pulled out his gun.

“I had just ‘bout enough of you little brats.” The Skull’s member yelled. He cocked his gun and was ready to pull the trigger and kill the innocent young boy.

“No!” a strong deep voice echoed thorough the narrow walls of the alley way. In a flash of red, white, and blue the man that the voice belonged to engaged the gang member.

Tony slowly gets up from the ground and sees the colors of the hero’s costume. Tony’s face lights up with joy, and the only thing he can think of was that the hero was the one and only, Statesman.

“Statesman!” the boy proclaimed in pure joy and happiness.

“Sorry, kid,” the hero quickly replied while delivering a punch that knocks the villain out.
The hero turns around and faces the young life that he had saved. “Sorry I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I’m Big Puerto Rico.” The hero hung his head in the thought that the kid would be disappointed.

The kid gasps. “Cool!” the boy jumped to the hero and gave him a big hug out of gratitude.

The hero was stunned that kid did not repel from him and leave without even saying thanks. He pats the kid on the back. The hero grabs the boy by the shoulders and examines him. “Are you okay, young man?” the hero questioned.

“Yah,” the boy replied,”my name’s Tony. I know who you are; I was there when you first came to Atlas Park. Man you look much stronger now!” The boy went over and squeezed the hero’s biceps. The young boy chuckled as did the hero. “Hey, Tom look it’s Big Puerto Rico. Do you remember him?” The boy asked and turned to where he last saw his friend. When Tony did not see Tommy he looked frantically and saw that his friend was still down from the blow of the thug.

Big Puerto Rico sees the confusion and sorrow in the boys face and looks in the direction the boy was. The hero rushes over to the fallen boy at the same time Tony did.

“Tommy! Tommy, are you okay?” The boy screamed with great pain and suffering.

“It’s ok, Tony I’m going to fly him over. You can hold on to me too, if you want.” The hero states as he scoops up the limp body of young boy. He puts the boy over his shoulder and holds Tony close to him as he takes off to the hospital.
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