“The Boston Stranglee Part II” or “Is there a doctor in the house?” by Simon Heseltine

The woman screamed as she watched the vahzilok surgeon pick up what looked like a foot long hacksaw in one hand, and a meat cleaver in the other. Both blades had what looked like a dark reddish substance that she realized was dried blood, dulling the gleam of the metal. She continued to struggle against the restraints, but still nothing gave. Her eyes met the baby blue eyes of the surgeon, and she saw madness staring back at her. She knew there was no hope, in a city full of heroes, there was no-one to save her. Tears began to well up, and she sobbed in desperation. The surgeon laughed and advanced on her. "Hmm, nice legs, I have a mire eidelon I'm working on that could use one of those". She felt a rough hand clamp down on her naked left thigh, then slowly she felt a blade biting deep into her flesh. She was awake as her legs were removed, she felt every agonizing cut, and every yank as bones were ripped from their sockets. That injection that he'd given her earlier must have had something in it to stop her from passing out. She was aware of the doctor applying something to the cut areas to "prevent you from bleeding out, I may find a need for your torso later, waste not want not, mmm?". After a while her arms were removed in the same agonizing manner. She wished she would faint, or black out, but try as she might, she couldn't will it to happen. The pain was agonizing, every nerve was on fire, every fiber of her body screaming in unison. Through the haze of the pain she heard a voice repeating something over and over, concentrating as hard as she could, she was able to listen to it, it sounded like a woman saying "why me? why me? why me?", after a moment she realized that the voice was hers.

Snapping back to reality she realized that the surgery was over, and had been for a few minutes. Looking around she saw that 2 figures had joined the surgeon. Focusing on them she realized that they were vahz zombies, mindless brutes stitched together from the remains of... well... people like her. She watched as he said something to them that she couldn't quite hear. One of the mindless creatures lumbered over to her and picked up what was left of her, the other wheeled off a cart containing her severed limbs. She closed her eyes and felt her head swung from side to side. Hearing a clicking sound she opened them, the surgeon had opened up a door, and she saw what looked like a meat locker, inside were other head/torso combinations hanging from hooks, most looked blue, with frost gathered on the faces, and racks with arms and legs scattered around in a haphazard fashion. The creature carried her through the door, and she felt the cold air slap her in the face. She was turned round to face the creature carrying her, and then hoisted up into the air. She had thought that she could feel no more pain, then she felt something metallic slide into the back of her neck. The creature stepped away, letting go of her, she began to sway gently from side to side. As she watched the creature head to the door she heard voices from all around her whispering "help me... help me". A laugh came from the other side of the door, which the swung shut with a loud clang. Then there was darkness. All was lost. She screamed... A hand reached out to her and shook her. She screamed again and leapt out of bed. A light went on. She was in her bedroom, it had been... a dream? Someone was talking to her, trying to comfort her, she looked up and saw her husband, yes her husband, how could she forget him? He was saying something about her hair being white, he hugged her. She felt safe, the panic began to subside. She looked up and met his baby blue eyes, horrified, she screamed again.

He had no fear now. If She still existed She would have made her presence known by now. The world was His, one dream at a time. Each person who fed Him increased His power. He had taken it slowly for the last few months, just in case She had been around, but now He was sure that She was gone, and His was strong. It was time to create His eternal sleepers anew. Dreamers that lived forever in His realm, giving Him the power to move beyond this city. Luckily, this city did have the resources that He needed to fill the ranks of the eternal sleepers, it was filled with extraordinary creatures, with extraordinary dreams and fears. Before His imprisonment it had been difficult to find even one, but now it should be mere child's play. All He needed was 13 of these 'super-powered' beings, and all would be His. Scanning His realm, He saw the glow of many dreams, He plucked the brightest one from the ether, and entered it.
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