X-Dimension #1

The Rikti ships were dropping quickly, thanks to Statesman. Things started to look brighter for the heroes. Casualties were high on both sides, but Rikti now started to fall quicker. The super-powered individuals knew they would win eventually; after all, good always conquers evil.

“Chillbain!” yelled X-Ternal.


“I’m goin’ up!!” X-Ternal flew up into the air and helped Statesman dispose of the Rikti ship. Statesman flew straight through it a couple of times and then X-Ternal used his telekinesis to send the wreckage off in the distance.

His long black hair was rather dirty and quite sweaty. He didn’t look much like a shaman anymore. His hair was covering his scowling face, his face was eking with sweat, his Xtreme Warrior uniform was torn, etc. His shaman nature was completely gone. He couldn’t help it. He was to protect the innocent and weak. He couldn’t help it.

“X!!! Watch out!!” yelled Chillbain.

X-Ternal turned around to see a Rikti ship blast towards Atlas. He flew straight towards the blast, constantly sending telekinetic bolts out, in an attempt to stop it. He eventually turned the beam around but in a direction that would cost him his life.

“I didn’t mean fly at it you idiot!!” yelled Chillbain. He was soon distracted by a Rikti soldier. Chillbain wasn’t much of a shaman anymore either. He formed his ice-sword and shoved it straight through the Rikti’s head. He was covered in Rikti blood.

“Chill,” said Sky Burn, “where’s X-Ternal?”

“I don’t know,” the Zodian replied.

The two teammates searched desperately for their leader. They pushed over rocks and other rubble and found nothing. When uncovering a large piece of rock, Chillbain found an arm. He uncovered the rest and found his best friend…or what was left of him. X-Ternal was missing his left arm and left leg. There was a gaping hole on the left side of his torso.

“X-Ternal,” started Chillbain with tears in his eyes, “what happened??”

“I had to save Atlas Park from the blast…”

“You shouldn’t have done this!” yelled Chillbain.


Chillbain was silent. His tears quickly froze on his face after leaving his eyes.

“I need you…to lead…our Xtreme Warriors…”

“No…you won’t die!”



“Good bye…my brother…”

And with that, the leader, and founder, of the Xtreme Warriors apparently died. Normally this would be the end of a very, very short story. Oh contraire, readers. This is only the beginning of a rather bizarre, yet, familiar tale. This is the story of X-Ternal after “death”.

The heroes didn’t have much time. The Rikti had the advantage. They would soon win. The Statesman died early, in an attempt to attack the Rikti on their own playing field. Most of the Freedom Phalanx died along with him. Defeat was imminent.

“Chillbain!” yelled X-Ternal.

“What?!” asked Chillbain, who was fighting alongside Sky Burn, killing the few Rikti that they could.

“I’m goin’ up!”

Chillbain sighed and decapitated a smaller Rikti soldier.

X-Ternal flew up and ripped a hole in a Rikti drop ship with his telekinesis. It then proceeded to explode, sending pieces of metal crashing down into the heroes. X-Ternal couldn’t believe what he had just done. Hundreds of heroes just died from the wreckage. When he wasn’t looking a piece of metal hit him in his back and went straight through his abdomen. He flew down with the piece of metal right next to Atlas. He looked around and saw Chillbain torn to pieces and Sky Burn’s body with no head. His eyes filled with tears as he slowly gave in to the darkness…

They were born at the exact same time. They broke free at the exact same time. Though they lead completely different lives, all the major events of their lifetimes were done at the exact same time. Including their deaths.

“Where am I?” said X-Ternal.

“Who’s there?!” questioned the other X-Ternal.

“I can’t see anything…”

“Who are you? Where am I??”

“You are in the plane of Death,” said a mysterious voice.

“What?” asked the puzzled X-Ternal.

“What the hell is that??” said X-Ternal number two.

“You were both killed at the exact same time,” said the voice again. “This does not happen as often as one would like to think. You are the same being. You are, at the same time, completely different individuals. Once in a millennia does this happen. Two beings are created at the same time and die at the same time. Your case is quite peculiar.”

“What are you talking about?” said both X-Ternals.

“You both died at the same time. You share the same genetic code. The only difference between you is that you are from different dimensions.”

“So why are we here?” asked our X-Ternal.

“Your lives were a mistake. You were supposed to be one being. During creation, something went astray. Now I am here to fix that mistake.”

“What’s going to happen to us?” asked the other X-Ternal.

“You will be forged into one being and sent to Dimension X. That is where you died Arcaim.”

“Why are we going there?” asked Arcaim.

“That is where the one being was intended to go. You, Arcaum, were the mistake.”

“This is all very strange…”said X-Ternal.

“Who are you??” asked Arcaim.

“I am Otua, The Definer. You have been re-defined.”
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