By: Nelson Carrasquillo (AKA Big Puerto Rico)

As I stand before the breath taking statue of the great Atlas, I wonder. I lower my head and start toward the doors of city hall. I stop short of entering, and I turn around to the sight of great heroes, some conversing, others meeting for a grand mission to once again save Paragon city from the grasps of ruthless villains. I over hear a team talking and laughing about the time they whipped the clockwork’s butt. I smile and reminisce on a time I had once done the same. But, soon that smile vanished from my hidden, masked face.

I was once in a group, but that day I was kicked out, I kept thinking there was no reason for my discontinuation as a member. Why it was just a couple of days ago that had fought side by side with my team. I realized something on that day; I realized that I have been surpassed by my allied heroes. The question how came to my mind.

“How could I have fallen behind so rapidly?” I muttered out loud to my self as I watch my colleges venture off into the sun set on that very day.

I was a devastated man. I guess now as I look back it is understandable why I was thrown out. Why has this happened to me? I don’t know the answer, I not sure I ever will. My hopes were raised as a good friend recognized my anguish, and invited me to help him with a mission of his own, eagerly I accept.

We both hover into the air and start for his conquest, as many times recently, I fell behind. Such strength he had as he soared to the building, while I was slowly hovering to the destination. I felt even more useless. We entered the building to find exactly what we wanted. A great battle ensued, and I was taking those guys down, but not without struggle. As we advanced through the maze of a building I felt my self drained and weak. It was hard trying to keep up with my friend, but I did it. We encountered the head of the pack he was one tough son of a gun, in my state I had no chance in defeating him, but at that time it was unknown to me. I charge in like the tanker that I am ready to do the dirty work, but to much dismay I only got in a couple of hits and I didn’t do my job as well as I hoped. I knocked him back a little, but it wasn’t enough. I was over powered, for the first time in my life, I was over powered.

“Why did this have to happen now!?” I yelled as that punk held me down ready to pummel my skull into the ground.
“I got your back, Big PR.” My friend yelled at me as the enemy raised his fist.

He threw a blast with great power, instantly disposing of the villain that was holding me down. I quickly scurry to a standing position.

“Thank you, old friend.” I say, with fatigue, as I approach him.
“Any time, dude, no problem.” He replied

As I continue to him, I peered over my shoulder and saw a figure. As I turned to look I see a laser beam head toward my friend and with out a moment’s hesitation I jump in front of it. Holy mother of God, this really hurts. I try to stay conscious, but I fail. As I come to again I’m at the hospital, it’s not familiar visit but I’ve been there before. I sit up in pain and I can’t help but moan. Weakness, it’s the only thing in my mind. As I sit there with my head down my good friend put his hand on my shoulder and sits beside me.

“I’m sorry, man I’m too weak.” I say to him with great sorrow.
“Listen, Big PR, there is no need to feel sorry man. You saved my life. I don’t think I would have survived that blow, in my mind I know you are a true hero.” My friend replied.

It was at then that I remembered why I came to Paragon city; it’s my destiny to be a HERO. After that, I don’t think I’ll ever ask the question why. All I will do is continue to fight until the day I die.
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