Chapter 1

Even now the smell of smoke, sticks in my nose, the screams of pain linger in my ears, and the emptiness of loss still lingers in my soul. All of these things fuels the hate it takes for me to hunt them all down and kill them all. But I wasn’t always like this.

My father died before I was born. My mom told me the story on what had happened when I was old enough to understand.
My mother and father were out eating at Perez Park celebrating the soon to be birth of their child. From out of the wooded area they heard a scream. Now my father was no costume, but on this day something gave way and he could not just stand by and watch someone get hurt or worse. Holding my mothers hand, they peered into the wooded area and spied a woman holding a child, floating in the air engulfed by a green fog. On the ground were two figures dressed in ancient and mystical garbs. They were mumbling and waving their hands around, then a flash rises from the ground, a scream of agony and fear rises from the woman mouth, and child scream pierce the darkened wooded area. My father looked into my mothers eyes and at this moment she knew what he was going to do, her grip tightened on his hand, he placed his other hand on her belly like he was touching me, leaning forward kissed my mother gently on the lips and whispered “I love you both”. This would be the last words he would say to us. With tear soaked eyes my mother watched her husband first be a hero by turning the attention of the two mysterious figures away from the woman and child long enough for them to make their escape. And then she watched her husband’s life taken from him with a jagged dagger in my father’s chest.

There are no statues, or a day of celebration for what my father did on that day. But there are two people who truly understand what it means to be a hero, and have instilled those values in us both.

Chapter 2
As most teenagers I began to rebel, hanging out with a rougher crowd. We spent most of our days skipping school, hanging out and getting drunk or high in abandoned warehouses in Kings Row. Between the ages of fourteen and sixteen my friends and I used to run drugs and guns for the Skulls, we thought we were in the big leagues. Making money, using scare tactics to gain respect from the locals, and we also had access to a lot of free drugs that we took off the top of every delivery. This is when the trouble begins.

Dennis a friend of mine was making a drug run for a boss of the Skulls when he decided he needed the drugs worse then the buyer did. It turns out that thieves don’t like it very much when you steal from them. Days went by and Dennis had not been heard from or seen, he was most likely to high to walk. The boss called the rest of our crew to a meeting inside an abandoned warehouse in the garment district of Kings Row. When we arrived we were greeted at the door by a couple of the minions of the Skulls who led us inside. We made our way to the back of the warehouse where Jacob the Skulls boss was seated on a homemade throne. “Someone has been very naughty” in a deep, air saturated voice. Jacob then reached for the handle of a five gallon bucket that was placed at the side of his chair and tossed the bucket at our feet. I could feel the air being sucked out of my lungs as the head of Dennis came stumbling out of the bucket. Adam and Dan started screaming and begging for their lives to be spared, Tony started darting for the door but was gun down in the back before he was able to place his second step. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, my mouth dried up, and all I could do was stand there and see the face of my mother crying at yet another grave site, but this time not the grave site of a hero, but the gravesite of a coward.

My ears recognized the sound of a gun shot, and then my gut felt the burn as the first shot entered. The second shot was not so graceful and it entered my right thigh, shattering the bone as it passed through. With the second shot my body hit the ground, and I started feeling the warm fluid that was once inside me drain from the holes the bullets had left. I opened my eyes to try and see through the haze of tears, to find Jacob standing over me with a shotgun aimed directly at my head. I closed my eyes to wait what I knew was about to happen, then I heard a voice inside me “This is not your destiny, this is not the end”. Suddenly I felt a rush come over me, I felt as if my body was being lifted off the ground and spun around like the sensation of a rollercoaster ride. I could feel the energy pulsing through my body; I could hear the crackling sound of electricity in the air, and then a tremendous pulse of energy surged from my body, then silence. When I opened my eyes I was outside the garment warehouse, the burning sensation no longer there, the pain of splintered bone in my leg gone. Tony was no longer laid out on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, but now sitting on the ground rocking back and forth mumbling to himself. Dan and Adam were both crying while holding onto each other, screaming at me to stay away from them, calling me a freak.

As I lay in bed that night, I knew my life would never be the same. As I drifted off to sleep the words I heard still echoing in my head “This is not your destiny” but now it left me with the question, what is my destiny?

Chapter 3

Half way through my freshman year at Paragon City University I was hired for an internship at Crey Inc. My first assignment was working in the mail room. Now this is not a bad job to start out at, and it gave me an opportunity to get to know a lot of people in the office. This is where I met Dr. Zeus, Dr. Zeus always insisted that I call him by his first name, but I looked up to him and thought it would be disrespectful to not give the proper respect he had worked so hard to achieve. Dr. Zeus and I formed a quick friendship and I was asked to be his new assistant.

Doc had been working on a new power harnessing technology for the past four years. You could tell the passion he poured into this project had some personal issues behind it. When there was a break through, he would celebrate like he had won the Paragon Lottery, but when there was a setback it was like someone had died or was going to die from this dilemma. The doc always complained that the harness needed to be tested properly, but the fear of what it would do to someone was too great.

Six years had passed since the awakening in the Garment District in Kings Row, and the words that I heard in my head still haunted me. I had not had another episode like I did that day, until one evening.

I was on a date with a girl who had moved in down the hall of the coed dorm at PCU. She is a science engineer major, so I figured I could easily get to second base by showing her the labs a Crey Inc. Sneaking her in was not a problem seeing how my old friend Tony worked as a security guard at Crey. Started out showing Tina the armor engineering department and she start to kiss all over my neck, next we made our way to power enhancement testing area, thought she was going to rip my cloths off right there on the spot. At this junction of our tour I decided to show her the janitor’s closet that was just across the hall from Dr. Zeus’s lab. Tina was crazed with excitement, thought she was going to eat me alive, she ripped my forty dollar shirt like it was tissue paper and proceeded remove my belt, I closed my eyes to prepare for the ride. We lay in a bed of lab coats I had made, drenched in our own sweat, I thought to myself “Thanks mom for that science kit on my tenth birthday.”

Light shined from underneath the door of the closet, it cast a light aura on Tina, as her hair covered her face, her breathing still heavy from the events a few moments earlier. My eyes closed I took in a heavy breath I noticed the smell of iron and sulfur. I opened my eyes to find us engulfed in a dark mist. I arose quickly putting my boxers on as quickly as they came off, yelling quietly, and trying desperately to get Tina to wake up. I slowly cracked the door open trying to look out in the hall. I finished putting my shirt on and went to awaken Tina, I touched her shoulder and a cold chill ran up my spine, her arm was freezing and her skin felt lifeless. I reached down to pull back the hair that was covering her face. I let out a gasp as I stumbled backwards, looking for my footing. Her face was skinny and dark, the life completely drained from her. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth gaped open in terror. I closed my eyes, trying to hide from the horror in front of me. I squeezed my eyes tighter, when I heard “This is your destiny”, a warm rush of energy surged through my body as I opened my eyes I could see a green aura form around my hands as they rose from my sides pointed directly at Tina’s body. The warmth slowly increased to a burn, as a pulse of power radiated from my hands lifting and spinning Tina’s lifeless body into the air. Then burn was replaced by a soothing calm, with one last pulse from my hands, Tina’s head snapped back, her back arched, her arms opened up like she was spreading her wings to take flight. The green aura started to disappear as Tina was slowly lowered to the ground, naked, shivering and crying.

I grabbed a lab coat and tried to cover her up, as I reached around her to drape the coat on her shoulders when she let out a scream and started swinging her arms wildly. I put my hand on her mouth to try and her quite, not wanting to be detected by whatever was causing this strange mist. I finally got Tina to focus on my eyes and held her tight enough to let her know it was going to be alright. As Tina was getting dressed I noticed the black mist starting to pull back, I peeked out the door to see where it was pulling back to. To my horror it was drawing back to Dr. Zeus’s office.

Chapter 3 (cont)
If you stare into a mirror long enough you may not like what you see. You start to notice all your flaws, your imperfections, and you may find what scares you the most.

Tina was having a hard time getting her cloths back on; fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, while she kept mumbling to herself, “I don’t feel good, something is wrong”. I tried to help her button her blouse, but when I started to advance towards her, she fumbled over boxes as though she was trying to keep her distance from me. She looked at me in horror as though I was the thing that took her life instead of the person who gave it back to her. I pleaded with her to hurry, and then made my way back to the door to see if the coast was clear. As I was opening the door I heard the faint voice, desperately begging for help. A moment had passed; as I began to close the door I heard the voice again. This time the voice sounded weaker and even more desperate then before. I opened the door more to obtain the bearings of where the voice was coming from. I slowly stuck my head out the door frantically looking around to make sure no one was there. I opened the door up enough so I can step out into the hall, turning towards Tina I held my hands up to signal for her to stay in the closet, you could see the anger in her face turn to fear as I began to close the door.

Dr. Zeus’s office was just a few feet away, but it seemed as if it was mile away. I could still see small amounts of dark mist retracting under the door. As I approached the frosted glass window of the office door I started to make out a shape of someone or something on the ground. Common sense gave way to the fear that the Doc was in trouble. I tried to turn the door knob, but it felt as if someone was holding it from the other side. Fear gave way to desperation as a struggled to save the life of a friend who was under god knows what distress. I was able to pry the door open a few inches only to have it slam shut again. Desperation turned to anger when I heard the voice again, this time I could hear them pleading for their life. I pushed on the door with every ounce of strength in my body. The door was open about a foot and I could see under the mist the outline of someone on the floor. The door was slammed back with such force I was thrown backwards into the wall adjacent to the office. “Now I’m pissed” I uttered under my breath as I made my way to my feet.

When I had reached a standing position I felt something strange start happening to me, not like before in the closet, but the sensation I had felt once before in Kings Row right before I opened my eyes. I started for the door when I heard the voice in my head, “Focus, fulfill your destiny”. I closed my eyes, and concentrated on the body I had seen on the floor in Docs office. A force of energy started in my chest and started to spread out towards my arms, after it reached my upper arms the energy raced to the palm of my hands, my palms faced downward I could feel a force like someone was pushing upwards on them. In one motion like I had done this a thousand times my arms waved and my left hand made a grabbing motion in the air as if to just reach out and snatch something out of thin air. With the sound as if someone had sucked all the air out of the room, I fell on both knees to the ground, trying to catch my breath. When I opened my eyes I was startled by the site of a raven haired woman in a lab coat laid out on the ground in front of me.

I pulled myself up and stumbled for the door. I grabbed the door knob and prepared to give it an earth moving push, when I noticed that the tension on the knob was not there I slowly pushed the door open. To my amazement the office looked as if it was not touched, not a paper or a decoration out of place, the only thing that was out of the ordinary was a broken vile and a black file marked the Zeus Project laid about the same location the raven haired lady was.

I focused my attention back towards the woman now in the hallway. You could tell by her hand that was thin, darkened, and lifeless that the situation needed immediate attention. As I bent over to pull her hair back to check her pulse I noticed her clearance badge was a level nine, “Level nine clearance is higher then Docs clearance.” I thought to myself, “What would someone with level nine be doing in the Docs office?” I picked up the badge to study it closer and to obtain a name. The badge read Dr. Jamenson, she is assigned to the Crino lab. As I was going over her badge, her thinned hand reached up and clasped my wrist causing me to fall backwards. Her frightened eyes was glazed over as she stared at me, arm outreached as if she was begging for help. She took in a deep gasp of air and then collapsed on the floor.

I pulled myself up my eyes fixed on the lifeless body lying at my feet. “Fulfill your destiny, free another”, with these words the warmth rushed through my body as the green aura returned to my hands, the warmth turned to a burning sensation as her body was lifted, spinning in the air. The burn slowly decreased as it became a soothing calm, her head jolted back, her back arched, as her arms opened. The aura started to dissipate as the Doctor was lowered to the ground sleeping.

I regain control of my senses and reached into Dr. Zeus office and grabbed the black folder and the empty vile, then dashed to the janitor’s closet where I had left Tina. When I opened the door Tina was no where to be found, the closet was empty. “I was no more then five feet away I know I would have seen her if she walked out” I thought to myself. I whispered loudly, “TINA, TINA WHERE ARE YOU” but there was no answer. I quickly made my way to the elevator and down to the lobby. “Tony, did you see the girl I came in here with come by here”, Tony looked at me in complete shock. “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, YOU LOST THE GIRL YOU SNUCK IN HERE WITH.” Tony started messing with the cameras scanning every office and hallway; he scanned the labs and the parking garage. “I’M SO DAMN FIRED AT THIS MOMENT, HOW AM I GOING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO MY MOM AND DAD, CRAP!” As Tony scanned the garage I noticed my car was missing, I let out a sigh of relief and pointed out to Tony that my car was gone. “She must have decided to make me walk back to the dorm without me” I grinned.

The dorm wasn’t that far away and I arrived a little after one thirty in the morning, as I was passing by Tina’s dorm room door I could hear sobbing and Tina mumbling to herself. I slowly opened the door to make sure everything was alright. Tina was in her bed with a blanket drawn up over her head. As I made my way to her bed I could hear Tina saying “What has happened to me.” I reached out to touch her shoulder and whispered “Tina are you alright”, the blanket flew off and I could feel my blood freeze at the sight I was witness to. Tina was invisible.

Chapter 4
Never Forget

Destiny is a predetermined destination in ones life, change your destination, you change your destiny.

Tina finally fell asleep in my arms after several hours of crying. Shortly after falling asleep I noticed something was changing. It started first with the visibility of her skeleton structure, then slowly her muscle mass started to emerge, and finally her skin started to reappear, starting from her feet and working its way up. It would seem that once Tina had fully calmed down by sleeping that the affect seemed to wear off. An early evaluation would suggest that her emotions triggered the effect of invisibility. The question that was still bothering me, why this was happening, and was what happened in the closet the cause of this transformation? These questions would have to wait; I was unable to keep my eyes open. As I drifted off to sleep the words in my head still haunted me “Fulfill your destiny”

I could feel the ground under my feet, the wet grass, and soft dirt, but when I looked down I was standing hundreds of feet above the city, as if I was watching over it. A scream is released from below, and I start falling. The ground is approaching faster and faster, I can feel my heart beating harder, like it is trying to beat out of my chest. The beating is not from fear though it is from something else, maybe from the excitement of what awaits me. As I approach the ground the screams are louder and now the screams are joined by the crying of a baby. As the ground approaches, my decent starts to slow, and I can make out the area is Perez Park. The approach has almost completely stopped, and I can now make out a man and a woman leaving a picnic and heading towards the woods. I look towards the wooded area and noticed a green glow coming from just inside, and that the screams are coming from that direction as well. In a flash I am just inside the woods, the couple just a few feet away from me, yet I’m still unable to see them. My attention is quickly drawn towards the wooded area; two figures dressed in ancient and mystical garbs are chanting and waving their arms. In the middle of the two figures, floating in a green fog is a woman holding onto a small child who is crying. I begin to hear the woman just on the outskirts of the woods begin to cry. My attention is quickly drawn back to the woods with a flash and the screams from the woman and the child. The woman hugged the child closer to her and said “Hold onto mommy baby Tina, mommy loves you.” I quickly tried to focus on the baby in the woman arms, could it be?
The next words I heard felt as if someone had kicked me in the groin, causing all the air to propel from my lungs. “I love you both” I had heard the story a thousand times and I would always imagine I could hear him saying the words to me. Before I could recover, the man was running into the wooded area yelling it seemed to distract the figures causing them to lose focus on the young woman and the child. The fog dissipated and the woman and child were dropped to the ground. The man started yelling at the women to run, the woman picked herself up, holding onto her child and made her way out of the wooded area.

As I regained my senses, my attention was once again on the man inside the woods, I tried to move, but it felt as if my legs were sunk in wet cement. The first blow was landed by the man on what seemed like the high priest, the priest fell to the ground, cowering away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shimmering flash, which quickly drew my attention towards the second figure whose head and face was covered by a tattered cloak. As the figure’s left arm raised up in the air I could clearly see the jagged dagger in his hand. With every ounce of energy I began to run towards the figure, yelling at the man to look out. The man turned to look at me I could see in his eyes that he knew, what was going to happen next. The arm came down with such a flash. When I looked back at the man, he had stopped, closed his eyes and opened his arms as if to welcome death. The dagger sunk deep into the man's chest as he fell to his knees, his eyes opened up and looked directly at me “Never forget” he gasped before he fell forward onto the handle of the dagger, sinking it deeper into his chest.

I could feel the anger building inside me, the purest of hatred, dark and ugly. My hatred was for the figure in the cloak, nothing would stop me from extracting pain upon him Years of pain that has festered inside me for twenty two years, the pain of growing up without your father to play catch with, go to a game with, or just being father and son with. I could feel a tingling sensation in my hands as I looked down to see an electrical current race around my body. The first blast was quick as my left arm shot up, hitting the cloaked figure directly in the stomach causing him to double over. The next comes as swiftly as the first but this time both my arms shot up sending an enormous surge from my hands directly into the head of the figure. The blast sent the figure backwards ten feet before it hit a tree and slid down. I quickly moved to ready myself above the figure arm raised in the air, with my other hand I reach down and pull the hood back to see who has ruined my life. “No, no this can’t be” I stammered as I fell backwards hitting the ground with a solid thud. It was as if I was staring into a mirror, the face of the man was my own, but cold and empty, no expression, and no remorse. The man pulled himself up from the ground reaching behind him to produce a second dagger. He made his way towards me as he was raising his arm into the air. His mouth opened and the sound of thousand lost souls screaming to be freed came flooding out “FULFIL YOUR DESTINY” he screamed as his arm came crashing downward.

I awoke arms up in a defensive position; my breathing short and desperate, trying to tell if what happened was real. I looked down to find Tina head still resting in my lap, “I was just dreaming” I thought to myself. I slowly moved Tina’s head from my lap onto her pillow. Made my way to the bathroom to take a leak and splash some water on my face to wake up, had a long day ahead of me, a long day full of questions that wasn’t going to be easy to find answers to. I turned the cold water on and let it run for a second before cupping my hands underneath the cold stream. The first splash sent chills down my spine causing me to shiver; the second was not so harsh and I let out a nice and slow sigh. I grabbed the towel from the rack by the sink to dry off my face. As I opened my eyes the reflection in the mirror caused me to stop breathing. The word Destiny
The Story of Urabob (The Beginning)
by Urabob
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