Static Mark:
The Beginning

Ever since I was a baby my parents would say I was special, their gift from above. They also said I would do great things so far, nothing great has happened. I try to recollect these thoughts as much as possible, thoughts containing anything to do with my parents. My parents were brilliant, world-known scientists who recently died from a haywire lab accident.When they died I was sent to an orphanage in Paragon City, to wait for nothing, to wait for death. I hate Green Willows orphanage, for one it was a clear sign that I was parentless. For two the cell they stuck me in smells like an ass.Now that I think back on that memory, my parents were right. Ever since my sixteenth birthday strange things have happened. For instance, I’ve noticed that I can cause power outages without there having to be a storm and I can even shoot small bolts of lightning from my fingertips. But now I have learned to control my so called powers, and after seven years in this smelly orphanage I was ready to break out.I formulated my plan two years ago during lunch, but never found the right time to put it into action. Since I have developed my powers to be more powerful, I can cause longer power outages, I plan to use that to my advantage. The perfect time came on a cold, misty, Friday night. While the rest of the orphanage prepared to go to dinner in the mess hall I stayed behind, once the entire corridor was empty I would put my plan into effect. Once the corridor was empty I pushed aside my fold out bed to reveal a rusty electric socket. I stuck my finger in the socket and concentrated with all my might. Within seconds I was rewarded with the usual tingling sensation that meant that electricity was traveling through my body. A minute later the lights flickered, and went out, causing multiple screams from the mess hall area.Wasting no time, I bolted to the door and pulled it open stepping out into pitch darkness. Luckily, no staff member had come back to investigate, leaving me free to run to the exit. I had memorized the corridor by heart, so even without light I could still navigate my way around.I walked blindly to where the exit was and pushed hard on the door, willing it to open. To my relief, it was not locked and swung open to reveal the world outside of Green Willows orphanage. I smiled and took a deep breath of the fresh, outdoor air.Several gangsters emerged from an alley to my right, I tried to duck out of sight hoping that they would not see me, but there was nothing to hide behind. The gangsters walked in my direction, laughing. The first gangster froze in his tracks when he saw me, and reached slowly to his back pocked where the handle of a sleek, black gun could be seen. The man pulled the gun from his back pocket and pointed it at me, trying to decide what to do. The other two gangsters stopped and looked at me, also reaching for their guns. They were going to shoot me before I could live my freedom to the fullest, I wasn’t about to let that happen.Before they could pull the trigger I turned on my heel and booked it, running as fast as my scrawny legs would allow. Behind me I could hear shouts, I had no doubt that they were chasing me. I turned into a narrow alley and stopped, ahead of me was a dead end. The three gangsters caught up with me and said, “That’s it! You’re going to die!” The man pointed the gun at me again and I did the only thing I could think of: I raised my hand toward him and concentrated.A blast of lightning shot from my fingertips and into the man’s body causing him to retch in pain. At the sight of their friend on the ground, they dropped their guns and ran. An on looking citizen ran up to me and squealed, “Are you a hero?”I paused for a minute and answered, “Yeah, I am.”Later that day I went to city hall to register myself. The man behind the counter said, “What is your hero name?” I paused for a minute and finally said, “Static Mark.” “Alright” The man said, as he typed furiously on his keyboard. “Let me just add that to the database” He handed me a small, laminated card. “Welcome to Paragon City.”
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