A villain’s perspective

Alternate view of the Mon and Moness’s origins

A city of hero’s / city of villain’s story
by Sean Keller

Ever since the beginning of time there has been evil there also has been...good. Once there lived a beast of terrible evil. It walked the earth in the time of the demons. In the time of monsters, time wares there were no hero’s. It was a small kind of demon that if looked at once few feared. That changed for this demon took the evil from around it and feed on it growing stronger until it was the most powerful demon that walked this earth. Few mortals walked the earth, drowning with the ever presence of hope, love, and the need to survive. I should have wiped out the species of man before it was able to expel my brothers and sisters. They ripped them from this plane of existence. They were weak, but I was strong. My fellow demons deserved to be destroyed if they were not able to crush the insects which call themselves humans.

After the first attack on the demon kind there were few of us left. We were taken unawares for humans are but playthings to one’s as us. We did not see them being able to use the power of magic. Nor did we foresee them being able to make weapons out of steel and wood. I do not know what happed to the rest of my kind. Weather they wear killed or if they fled. I held my own till the end of the day of the demon. The days ware we ruled over all. I, yes I was the most powerful of them all. The scum of humanity was going to get there day. They yet needed to take care of there biggest threat. Me.

I was not concerned with what they had. No mortal had been able to kill me, to banish me, or to even hurt me. But they came at us with powerful magic that no one man was able to handle. They came at me with the 5 greatest mages of there time to harness the power of the hattion stones. For this attack I was unprepared. With little evil to recharge my energy and health quickly I was able to be cornered in a cave ware they set a trap. They believed they had me and I did not like that. I controlled the darkness and the evil all around. They surly could not trap such a being like me. I showed them that they were nothing to me. Even corned in a cave no one could tare me from my power! I ripped at them tearing there flesh from there bones. Blasting them with dark magic that left nothing of them, not even there soul, left. There 5 mages lay dead in floor in front of me. That is what I had thought. But they had used trickery and illusion for when I looked around there mages were surrounding me with the hattion stones! Bright flashes shined from the stones surrounding me ripping at me, tearing my flesh, eating away my body until it was no more.

No man can kill me. Let that be known for even with out a body I remain, a dark essence. I was weakened by this, so the mages took there shot and intrepid me into an orb blessed by good magic. That was not enough to hold me, so they sealed the orb into a pedestal, coved it with a sacred cloth, and placed the hatten stone on top keeping me trapped for all eternity. That’s what they wanted. For the mages set many traps and magic warriors in the cave to keep all out. I was able to hold on to life by feeding on the power of the orb and stones above but I could never remove them. Never get free. So here I laid trapped for many millennia.

Much has happed in the world of man. It sickens me. Good rules over evil, heroes have come forth. Now there is a city full of them, a city…of hero’s. I was to believe that I may never get out of my prison. For no one of today remembers the story of me. Few know of the time of the demons. But one fool dared hear what little was known about the cave in ware I was hidden in. A young descendent of one of the mages that had entrapped me in my prison. He had little power of his own, but great potential. I believe they call him…The Mon. He entered the cave, one other followed. A…sibling…a…sister. He and she could be much use to me. He was seeking more power, so he could be a hero. Such a thing should come to an end. Yet he was able to defeat all that stood between him and I. As he came closer I could since him. I could…see him. He green hair and a 50’s stile hat. His sister snuck behind him out of his notice. She did not want to be known she was watching his back. I don’t know why, perhaps she had a bad feeling about the cave and what might be inside it. She had untapped power.

The Mon came to absorb the power of the hatten stones. What a fool he had been. He was not able to absorb it all, but it was enough for me to sneak out, to crack that prison orb that I was trapped in. He did not notice, man rarely see what is around them. A flaw that could have been deadly to him and his sister. I saw my time to strike. I needed a new body, even if it sickens me to lower myself to a human form I had little to choose from. I would not have the same amount of power, the same fear, the greatness that I once had in a mortal form. But I would not be able to last long with out a body of my own. I shot a beam at him, a power that would enter him so I could take over his body. His sister saw me, and pushed him out of the way. She was fair skinned with silver hair. I’m sure a wonder to behold by any man that could see her. I, a demon, have no flaw such as gender.

My beam hit her instead of my intended target. This was of no consequence. A body is a body, even if it is human. Her screams of pain and agony were music to me. I felt my power merging with hers I had the power to kill her. For she would be dead in a matter of moments, at least she would have if her idiot of a brother didn’t stop me before I was able to completely take over. He blasted me with the mind powers he absorbed from that hatten stones. I was forced away out of the cave. Unable to fight back it was my only way to go on. I did leave Moness in a bad state. My evil was running though her veins. I could feel her, know her every thought. Her fair skin turned black as I made my lingering power inside her grow. I would have her body and the rest of me would rejoin with her quickly. Unfortunately her brother tossed the cloth around her head suppressing my power. I did not win the day.

I was forced to feed on the darkness of bums and low level minions. This could not sustain my spirit for long. And I was being sought after by the brother and sister in hopes that they could remove me from her. I know ware she is at all times, but that is of little joy when I am growing weaker as time goes by. That was until I felt a great evil growing outside the city ware I hide. It is growing and I feel it. Hate, anger, and the need for revenge. I can feed of this to sustain me. It is over whelming at time for it has been so long since any type of evil has been this strong. He and his growing hate of the States man is giving me the power I need to form my own body. It may not be the same as before but I will have my power back. For when I grow strong I will rip my presence from the Moness making me complete. Then all I will have to do is grow in power, until I can wipe this world clean of the human race and all that is…good.
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